Paranormal Detective-type Character

So with season 3 rapidly approaching us, let’s discuss one of the unusually over-looked tropes that have yet to make an appearance in the world of KI. In a world where a rabid werewolf and animated skeleton corpse can duke it out against each other on the war-torn streets of Chicago, otherwordly beings seem to fit into the world of KI seamlessly. But nothing would be more fitting than a paranormal detective investigating these strange occurrences, with a mysterious past of his own. Season 3 seems to be placing a lot of emphasis on the split between the astral plane and the mundane plane, interdimensional entities traveling between the two. It would be amazing to fit a character like this into the story, possibly inspired by John Constantine, fused with similar powers of Neo from the Matrix.


Dude, this would be sick!!! :heart_eyes:

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You’re basically decribing Harry Dresden from the Dresden files books, which sound cool to me to have in the game :sunglasses:

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The idea in concept-form is really cool, but I have to ask: how would he fight?

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I would say a gunslinger, but he could incorporate some form of telekinesis. Or even placing hexes on the ground similar to Kan-Ra except that each hex corresponds with a specific effect. On a more extreme end perhaps he would have a move that mitigated projectiles. Basically being an anti-zoner zoner. Maybe even incorporating some sort of portal technology.

This is just one trope we have yet to see fully realized in the world of KI yet it is so popular and just generally relevant to the lore. For every supernatural, interdimensional, demonic force that exists in KI, a natural balance to that would be someone who is investigating all of these strange occurrences. Also he could very well be a narrator of season 3 similar to Rorschach from Watchmen. Doing extensive background research on these strange events.

THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! If they were to do a sequel instead of a season.

A mix of John Constantine, Batman, Rorschach, Neo & Sherlock Holmes!

By the way, after reading your character, I thought of a mad scientist.

Look here.

This detective can go up against this guy who’ll be KI’s James Moriarty.

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