Detective vs Mad Scientist

You all know the story of Detective Sherlock Holmes & Professor James Moriarty?

Look at these makes me feel like they can fit into KI somehow.

Think of it this way:

The detective has an ancestor who hunts down and solve mysteries of supernatural forces, John Constantine style.

The mad scientist represents, Mister Sinister, James Moriarty, Victor Frankenstein & Dr Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde. Someone who is obsessed with immortality and godhood.

There was this episode of 1994’s X-Men that revealed the origin of Mister Sinister. Anyone remember that?

The detective was solving the mystery of the mad scientist’s experiments. And he wants to stop his madness from going too far.

Later on, as the detective of the Victorian age died, his descendant takes over when he learns that the mad scientist somehow survived and began working for Ultratech. The mad scientist could possibly be responsible for the creation of reanimating Ben Ferris into Cinder.

What do you all think?