Lost Stages...By RDM

I would like to propose some interesting ideas for the missing stages, there is the possibility that in the future we get?

Rash stage:
Toads City

A coastal village populated by frogmen, spaceships, futuristic machines take to the air in the background, strange electric shocks and experiments are seen in the distance, a very futuristic city!
During Ultra, spaceship attacking the city, is the time of superheroes!
(the background is taken from guild of wars 2).

Mira stage:
Undergound Prison.

It could be the secret of a castle, prison room,
where Mira holds human behind bars for their blood. hands of the detainees come from the bars during the match, desperate people who pray to escape.
Flocks of bats coming in from the windows at the top and go through the room.
screams are heard.
during Ultra, a cell opens and inmates escape, but are eaten by bats
( the background is taken from castlevania mirror of fate).

Omen bonus stage:
Space platform

Sucked into the portal in the archives, we find ourselves in a new stage with the same characteristics of the flying platform stage from KI/2. You can always fall down from this stage, and you sucked from deep space into a black hole. The platform is a piece of a city in ruins, and orbits around flying city.

Gargos Stage:

I think a Gothic bridge, in a place like Minas Morgul, the gargos castle could adapt well to the character, he has a hostile combat reminiscent of the creatures he creates resistance, then he will try to defend his castle creating a resistance to the deck .
During the battle, the castle glows green light, but becomes purple with large beams of light into the sky when it happens Ultra Combo, The castle opens the portals to other worlds.
Eyedol stage:
Ancient Shrine

a large and majestic temple, which brings together the atmospheres of the two historic sites of the first KI: the bridge over the lava, and the coliseum abandoned. A great temple built on the lava that collapses during the battle.

Raam Stage:
Raven down

the arena is located at a road junction abandoned and full of war rubble during the battle a Raven falls on the way destroying everything and enveloping everything in the flames.


Awesome! But what about Gargos’s stage?


What about [redacted] stage?

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You are the best Rizza!! I agree!


I do not know … we must first see it.

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How about this?

It would perfect for Gargos!


I do not think gargos is doing all this way to face us in space …
He wants the earthly throne, so its placement is to be contrasted with the stage ARIA. I imagine a medieval tower just like in KI2. but similar to Sauron tower… with a black portal that spray flying demons like omen, gargos opened the gates!

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Since Gargos is a gargoyle, how about his stage be somewhere in deep space or another dimension with a Notre Dame castle floating.

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Really good ideas. I hope we do get more stages.

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Where did he come from? In space! That’s why I want to see Gargos’s space stage…

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I think for gargos it should be a destroyed part of the city where arias penthouse is at with a portal in the background spewing out demons with fulgures and stalkers(riptors) fighting them off.


Rash’s Stage Ultra should be Zitz doing his drill and Pimple doing his weight Smash Hits, literally should never be another option


well not technically space. its the afterlife or the astral plane. its where hisako came from, where her father resides, where the power to create aganos came from.

Rash’s stage should really be a Battletoads level. Like the Turbo Tunnel or Karnath’s Lair (the snake level). Or even an amalgamation of several levels. The stage ultra would have the giant snake come out, chomp on the victim, and retreat back into his hole with them sticking out like in the Battletoads arcade game.

Gargos stage


Fantastic idea’s. I really hope they make it happen.🖒

Gargos Stage added.

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I would’ve imagined Gargos’ stage to be Notre Dame.

You are much like me rizza, we both know and want what’s best for KI.

@TempusChaoti @developers make these stages happen.

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Gargos has his stage now. Ive just seen the stream for Shadow Lords that confirms this. YES!!! Now for the rest of the Characters, Iron Galaxy Im lokking at you!