Looks worse now(too much black!)

I was under the impression, that the new lighting was adding detail. Even from the videos I watched, but playing it, everything has this ugly crushed black. Looked much better before.

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In some cases yes it is way too dark like in kan-ra’s and Spinal’s stages which did not need it but the rest looks pretty good

Somehow I think this will go to off topic (just a heads up)

“KI S1 had a ‘deep black’ look that many fans really loved, and we’ve gone back to it (with a ton of upgrades!), so you’ll see deeper darks and more “mood” throughout all the stages.” its a feature, but also they are using a better way of lighing rather than prebaked and set lighting where nothing would interact with each other.

Ugly crushed black? Can you post some pictures to compare or something? I’ve played on every stage and they all look vastly improved to me. If anything, most of them are brighter and more vibrant, so I can make out details I didn’t see before plus see things I could much more clearly.

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https://www.vg247.com/2016/02/23/killer-instinct-season-3-graphics-lighting-upgrades/ this shows the comparison, you can see that the lighting is more accurate in terms of how shadows should look, rather than everything just being lit

Yeah I think the relighting looks perfect, though if I had just one gripe, and I mentioned it before, Sadira’s skin look gray now in her stage.

I agree with @Iago407, the colors seem more brighter and vibrant then before. I will add that on Agano’s stage the lighting is off and can be a bit of an eyesore after a while, same goes for a couple others like Jago’s. Otherwise a lot of stages are well-done. Especially Thunder’s, my favorite stage now and Sabrewulf 's is great too.

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It’s purely the dynamic lighting GI, it depends on the stage, while everyone is “darker” its because of not just being prebaked lightmaps into the characters, notice in this image that shes fairly well lit and not grey because shes in a bright environment, but shadowed by overhanging canopy and what ever is in the foreground, i guess more trees and stuff.

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Spinals stage looks worse now :frowning: doesnt have that ghostly green glow anymore

also I never see the skeleton guys popup anymore?

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Ah good call. I haven’t seen her a lot in other stages. The way she’s lighted in her own stage would make sense if not for the fact that other characters don’t seem to have quite as much of that effect on them, though I could be wrong given that the character I was using was Rash and he was bright blue. :slight_smile:

I agree though, she looks great in that picture, and man does Maya’s level look awesome now! I liked it before, but just the shadowing from the plants, the way the different colors of green pop… Very well done.

Ghostly green glow? I never really thought his stage had that. Maybe it’s because his skulls are purple now? I tend to think they shouldn’t have made that change. The purple in his shadow moves doesn’t have quite the same wow factor as they did under the old shadow moves.

As for the skeleton guys, I specifically remember seeing a few when I was fighting on that stage. Maybe it’s just not as frequent? I noticed that the wood from the pillars in Jago’s stage don’t really splinter off like they used to.

Maybe the cost of the relighting is that the stages aren’t quite as interactive as they were before? I don’t know that for certain so I’m definitely not asserting this to be the case, but it’s just something I’ve noticed on a few stages.

i thought it was my half-baked pc settings causing characters on that stage to look all shadowed out and nasty. And for some reason my random stage select sent me there like 5 times in a row I now I just manually wiggle the controller stick a few times and pick something, lol

The Aria stage is like super dark. So is Saberwolf’s too.

I also feel like the random stage select its broken

Did you play for long enough untill the shutters open? Xbox vs pc comparison pictures I made a comparison thread (scroll down you cant miss her stage its the cinder / shago)and it shows the difference between them closed and open on that level, and yes there is a difference, because well… there would be when theres only LED lighting or what ever aria uses in her house lol maybe OLED lighting

When I first started up Season 3 -Xbox One Ver- I also thought the new default was too dark and the characters had a weird flat nature to them over how they appeared in S2. I messed around a little bit with the brightness option in settings and if you notch it up a little to 2 or 3 instead of the default 0 it brings a lot more life to the lighting of the character models and makes the game look stunning.

It’s such a drastic change I can’t help wondering if it’s a bug? as the default 0 brightness for season 3 looks terrible on my calibrated setup.


will have to try this out first thing when i log in

I’ll get use to it, just forgot that they said they were going back to black. Do not like all teh black. I feel like Mark Fuhrman. On another note, check out how awesome Retro Blue Orchid looks on the Kim Wu stage

God, on Xbox one, KI got every here and there worse presentation, the game looks like it’s struggling every time you are at a menu.

It’s like a hiccup per second and a near crash every menu selected. Why this bad, so much laginess?

yeah the retro orchid looks like a yummy popsicle in-game. was that always the case?