Looking for advice against hisako

So the more I play against her the more and more I realize that sako pretty much makes u guess all game long. Not to mention she has every tool in the game except a dp and a projectile. And don’t even get me started on parry cancels which make he incredibly difficult to punish. So what do u do against a good sako player? I mean sure sometimes things go ur way and u get the win but I can’t find any stradegy what so ever to help increase my odds of winning the match. Any advice is appreciated


Which character are you using?

My advice against Hisako:
-Don’t be predictable, so is harder for her to counter you
-Once you are unpredictable, disrespect her. If you are afraid from her counter and you begin to respect her, she will have advantage. Her counter is not perfect, has flaws, and you have to take advantage of them. A good Hisako will try to read you to land her counter, but if you are unpredictable and disrespect her, she will have to think about using it


Because Hisako is 50-50 among other things…:angry:
It’s not that I can not beat her with Wulf, it’s just I hate that MU and upsets me to the level I dispise the character. Maybe because is not that easy to break as other characters too.
By the way, she has easy shadows to break, practice them! (that’s my advise). Neutral jump may help in some cases she, but beware of parry. Watch out for neutral game, her normals are really long. Also, check if your character has any normals to stop her in the air to air or even anti air (to fight agaisnt those jumping wal climbing recapture hisakos).

if you use Combo (I’m pressuming this from your avatar) you will have to work a lot on baiting her. Cancelling powerline and maybe tremor. I don’t think that’s a good match up but at least you can bait parrys. No idea vs mashing Hisakos with that character…

See these threads.

Basic takeaway is to disrespect and abuse her wakeup. Alternate between meaty high/low/throw mixups and neutral jumps. Disrespect her, but be smart about how you do it. And don’t do anything with enough start-up (to include shadows) that Hisako can parry on reaction. Keep track of her wrath, and only shadow counter her if it’s low.


@TheUnsaidLlama @STORM179 . The post above me by Storm explains it perfectly. I will also say that from persona experience, something I actually recommend to everyone is to play Hisako a bit for yourself. Just hit the practice mode with hitboxes and attack data on. I’m not sure if Hisako’s attack data is still correct but its there. Anyways, just mess around with her. I used to lose the Kan Ra Fulgore MU EVERY time in ranked. got Fulgore to 35, ( IMO thats the halfway point for levels) and was able to smack him around. Big Dumbo loveable robot.

Empty jump into throw. they love to counter your jump in attacks…just dont attack…land and throw

bait the teleport and do an opener that catches her on the way up behind you.

shadow counter the rekkas

If you do attack, attack low so she most likely will do HIGH counter.

DONT break too often and get locked out.

An advanced Hisako player would parry a shadow counter if they are aware of wrath bar =( , which they may be most of the time since they are aware of their timing-wrath consuming
Watch out for that, because in the heat of the batlle (as expected) the player is not always looking at wrath/instinct/shadows.

Because OP stipulated “good” Hisako’s, I will say that I’m not really a fan of this advice. As a general rule, if you shadow counter one of my rekkas, you are about to eat a counter to the face.

Again, only shadow counter Hisako if you are specifically watching her wrath. Otherwise, just block it out and punish when you can.

I challenge you to fisticuffs!

Sure. When you thinking?

Anytime this weekend when you’re free

Ok. Can try to figure something out then. I should be around on Sunday.

If you’re going to bait a parry with a jumpin, might as well do some empty jump lows as well. Or just wait, confirm the parry attempt, and big damage opener. Lets you get more damage potentially, and it’ll force Hisako to consider parrying low and blocking low as well as parrying high and blocking high, or even command grabbing as you land. Then she’ll be the scared one.

Sounds good

Right…i said that didnt i? Use lows since most use the high/mid parry the most often.

Guys, help me!

What is the best option against Light Air On-Ryo-Zan (the move that she executes very near to the ground)?

There is a guy in ranked that approaches me super fast uses this move a lot and I can barely do anything!

Sometimes I can block it but half times is crosses-me up and hit me in the back.

Dp’s don’t work. Low punches don’t work (only if I manage to block but the hit window is very short).

lol that’s her best opener rekka city the key is checking the auto doubles/ manuals that follow

The infil ki online guide should give some tips

Here is a video:

That was a few different air-ORZ’s. The one that hits cross-up is heavy, the quick ones were lights. Basically, you just need to block. You got caught hitting buttons on wakeup for the most part.

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I think maybe I noticed a pattern: when he sees me in hard knockdown state he tries heavy to cross me up, and lights during soft knockdowns. Another problem is this guy is super reactive! When I block the air orz he manages to block my light punches very fast and he also grabs 100% of my throw attempts.