How to win with/against Hisako! Advice post

This is for those who have a tough time fighting against Hisako or winning with Hisako. This post will go in depth to Hisako’s play style, her origins, and even how the heck you beat a walking Japanese demon of vengeance (which is what Hisako is)!

Have fun! Hisako might be watching!

As per the rules of this forum we’re allowed to critcize ideas not people! I want people to have fun with the conversation as well as learn something along the way. That’s all.

Hisako is a tough nut to crack - I’d be going on for dozens of paragraphs if I were to speak generally, but I’d be happy to field any specific questions anyone might have!

Also - @xSkeletalx - should this thread be in the Hisako section?

just push forward and mash buttons, shes not that difficult other than learning when to counter at the correct time

I’ve adjusted it now, I hadn’t even seen the thread yet!


That’s pretty hilarious.

It’s not just the counters you have to worry about. It is Hisako’s combat trait, her new mechanic of Decent Cancelling, and the amount of frame advantages she has on counter hit. She also has a Vengeance gauge to point out.

ive not had many issues against her, shes fairly predictable, but then again i’ve had her since day one, i guess new comers would have some issues, arganos on the other hand, jeeeeze i hate that guy

Depends on exactly whom you are playing :wink:


That’s true.:slight_smile:

I prefer to just bait out her counters with empty jump-ins. Then once she’s afraid to throw em out, start actually poking at her.

I find her pretty simple to play against. Although… I am a Thunder main so that may have something to do with it.

That’s a great idea! Though her Shadow Onryozon can recapture if someone caught on to that.

Don’t het hit,thrown,or countered at all. You should be good.

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As a Hisako main one big thing I’ve noticed about other Hisakos is that they all rely too much on countering. For me I usually counter from a wrath cancel or jump attacks. So use that to your advantage. Jump at them but don’t attack or whiff a heavy attack right before they get up from a knocmdown.
Expect some Influence resets. Those are nasty, especially when Hisako has full wrath as she can begin a new combo. To counter those just hold up when being combo’d as then it won’t connect. Be on a look out for her light linkers as those are the best and fastest ways to start her influence reset.
Now that her Descent skill is so much better try and keep max distance from her as people will descent to get to you, when that happens just go at her.

That’s about it as far as gameplay goes. When I fight other Hisakos I never play as my Hisako as I HATE mirror matches, so I go with Maya. Maya is really freaking good against Hisako too. Hisako can’t counter daggers and Maya’s forward heavy fake out is so good against Hisako.


Glacius is also a good example as well! Now that he’s now become a Premier zoning type character his attacks (mostly his Shatter and Hail attacks) can give Hisako a hard time to close the distance!

Also that’s great advice!

Funny you say he’s good against Hisako. I feel like he is one of the easier characters to beat with Hisako. His air projectile is easily punishable with descent and most glacius players like to play footsie in the air and those are easily counterable. Before S3 the only problem I had with him was when he armored up but now that heavies break armor and Hisakos heavy punch has crazy reach its now easier for me.


I agree; I’m definitely more confident in the Glacius matchup than in many others.

And nice 101 on Hisako up there! That’s a good gist of the first layer. Now when a Hisako notices that you’re hip to all that stuff… :smiling_imp:

Wow. So this is just wrong. :neutral_face:

Oh snap! I can has resets now? :hushed:

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Yeah you’re right honestly. I did notice that sometime ago.

How they do that is the real question.