List of KI streamers who are generally positive!

KI fam,

Negativity weighs and distracts from the fun and hype that’s in fighting games. There are some great players (not naming names of course) whose streams I’ll personally either have to watch on mute, watch but not around patch changes lol, or maybe not at all.

Who are some streamers that that you all would consider positive? For those that care let’s make a list.

The streamers don’t have to be rated G, but simply positive (at least most of the times). No b!#ching, being unnecessarily rude to others, this sucks, that sucks, this is stupid, that’s dumb, nerf this, buff that, blah blah blah, and of course the universal FGC statement - “XXXX on wakeup, who does that?” (as they get hit continually in their face lol). No disrespect to streamers like that, yall do you. But, I’m interested in knowing where to go for positive KI content.

As I find more streams, I’ll update this list/post. As of now, this is what I got. Feel free to add more, as long as they’re positive of course! :slight_smile:


Flash (Sabrewulf)

Gutter Magic (Thunder)

Bass (Various)

Max (Various)

Nicky (Fulgore)


There is such a thing as negativity for comedic effect. In Cross Counter Excellent Adventures they do the “who wakes up XYZ?” but I can only laugh because I see in their faces they’re really saying “wth is this working, I’m trash?!”.

I don’t mind when I feel it’s for comedic effect, but the comedy needs to be good of course.

I like @INDIxion and @ItzTymeToDul’s streams. I’ll let them give you the URL, since I’m on my phone and don’t know it off the top of my head.


I should stream again lel. @INDIxion is really good.


UA Bass is a tbagger and taunter, lost a lot of respect for him recently.

I didn’t know @ItzTymeToDul streams. I need to know his channel to learn that Omen tech!

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I like Charlieboy’s stream, he plays with Orchid, Aria, Maya,Kim and also with different characters lately.

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Umm… No, he is not tbagger and taunter. :confused:

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Yiffy shonryu

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I got the video…

Show me.

twitch - blazingdragon

twitch - febgarcia11

twitch - raidercrane

A random KI stream appears!

✧ KI Revival Series pt. 17/26 - CINDER ✧

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I’ll try to upload today or tomorrow.

He teabagging you because you stop play match…


Well you weren’t even playing so it was justified.


@KevBones10 @Sasuke99I Here’s our first match:

I was trying to let him know that I was giving up, how does that justify taunting or tbagging?

You shouldn’t give up. Bass don’t like anyone who give up and stop playing matches. I won’t give up until lose or win than let him win.

Why did you giving up?

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