Limited Edition Shadow Jago Figure Pre-Order with Color 10 Bonus

See this is what I’m talking about


It kinda sucks that color 10 will be locked behind a wall like this, but c’mon, let’s not start with the “color 10 is $35 per character” stuff like we had with Shago back when he first came out.

I’m just as much of a completionist as the next guy, but the in game item is a little bonus. It’s not a make or break kind of a deal. I could see being upset about a whole exclusive character being done this way, but one color? Nah, I’ll get this one and if there’s maybe one more that I absolutely love and have to have (either the figure or the color 10) I miiiiight buy another.

It’s a cool thing that they’re doing with these though. They look very nice. Very high quality.

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Your card will be charged immediately.
PayPal will be added in a few days apparently, though personally I wouldn’t wait. Not worth the headache - let alone if Scalpers catch wind.

Really only 5000 get color 10 you cant unlock it just buy playing him alot?

There should be other ways of getting this besides buying figures. If it’s there to provide something extra, it should be in the Ultra pack or for people who get the Ultra edition of every season. I could see it being like the BO2 Diamond camos for earning every color 9 for a Season of Characters.
As it stands, seeing someone with a color 9 I don’t have means they have more skill and/or dedication than I do, while seeing someone with a color 10 just means they have more money and shelf space than I do.
I’m not gonna lie guys. I’m salty. I’m really ■■■■■■■ salty. :\

Edit: Looking at it, still salty, but I will probably I can get over it with time. I can understand people who go the extra mile to put money into KI getting something in return… But I’m going to remain salty about the paywall for a while.


This is sort of how I look at this. Thunder is an immediate must-buy for me. I want to get two or three altogether for display purposes, so once I know who my top 3 characters are I will aim to buy them. Sabrewulf is probably my current second but I’m curious to see what Season 3 has to offer.

The colors are a bonus for me, but not the make-or-break. I want the statues for what they are.

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This color 10 is so disco… …Disco Jago …Djago.


I gotta say this is pretty stupid to have locked content behind a paywall, I already spent $20 on shago alone now an extra $30 for a skin and a small statue ■■■■■ that I’ll support KI by buying season 3 but not a damn statue.


I feel compelled to ask again.

Why do you even come back to the forums? You never have anything positive or constructive to say about the game, the developers or the community. Go away and let the people who are actually fans of the game enjoy it, and the forums.

How about the upcoming KI spinoff movie, Djago Unchained? I suspect it will do well at the box office!

There are way too many people taking the exclusive color part of the figures way too seriously. It’s a bonus, and colors are such a small thing. If you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE EVERY COLOR, it’s not because it’s a true necessity, but a mental obsession. If you like the figure, buy it and get the special color - if not, remember that you have 9 other colors to pick from, and that colors are tiny tiny pieces of content.

Playing devil’s advocate, someone who hasn’t put any more money into KI except for buying a single character or Combo Breaker edition could say the same thing about someone using a character’s Retro costume or premium accessories, which are much larger blocks of content than a single color is.


Yeah, I agree that there should be some way to get them in-game. Like buying the figure unlocks it immediately, but in order to get it in game, you have to get to level 50 and then grind another ten level’s worth to get the 10th color or something like that.

Because otherwise, yeah… It’s basically hiding in-game content behind a gigantic pay wall. I mean, I can personally do without having all of the color 10’s, but as somewhat of a completionist, I still want them. I just don’t want to have to pay $35 per character for 20 some odd characters or however many of these will get exclusive skins.

But people DO want this kind of stuff, even if they don’t want to pay a massive premium to get it. So it does seem like some sort of compromise like the one I mentioned above or even timed exclusivity would be a good balance. Maybe all the color 10’s don’t become available for everyone without the figures until after season 3 is done with or something like that.

Either way, I reeeeeeeeeeally hope this doesn’t become a Shadow Jago thing all over again, where people that couldn’t get him or didn’t want to pay $50 for him were livid, even if the point was to buy the one year of XBL and Shago was a bonus.

The reality is that some people will look at it the other way. Some will be psyched for the figure and the color 10, but there will be people that will only want the color 10’s and I can see those people being very unhappy about this situation. I personally don’t love it, as I don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollors for these, but I also want the color 10’s.

I dunno, I love the look of the one I’m getting, but I’ll be curious what the reaction to this will be in the coming weeks and months.

Here we go again, just like when the Shago skin was available as a BONUS for a Live subscription. This is another one of those bonuses for those who jump on the statues at launch. I really don’t mind, shut up and take my money.


yeah, you know what I mean… revealed.

It would be nice if everything these days isn’t “revealed” so early… there is little surprise anymore…we all want want want…not a lot of patience anymore.

Its 48.59 total with shipping…at least to me anyways

Welcome to the KI Community! Where we want every bit of information ever, and why haven’t you told us yet?!?!?!?

It’s the same with both the forums and the reveal streams, tons of people clamoring for views of accessories, the next character, information about Ultras or such…


…thinking about it like that, I can see what you mean. I mean, I did drop money for the Ultra editions of S1 and S2. Granted, an extra $40 for 2 additional games, 16 retro sets, and 16 premium accessories definitely comes across as a much better deal for someone focused on gameplay. I was totally on board for maybe buying some figures before, and having more colors as a bonus sounds really nice, but making it limited to 5000 people world wide… I still don’t like that. I wouldn’t mind them getting Early Exclusive Access ala Shadow Jago ownership or Halo 3 Recon Armor, of course.
Which brings me to my next point.
@Iago407 raises the excellent idea of the timed exclusive. Let the people with the cash and the will to spend it have the special skins for a year or so. Maybe keep it special and keep people included with code giveaways for the color 10 of their choice or a specific one. After a while though, I say that they (color 10s) should be released into the wild to be earned through the in game grind. Maybe extend that to retro costumes and premium accessory packs as the price drops on the game over time. I’d be more than content with just waiting for an opportunity to earn it, or making it a non-limited quantity to anyone willing to buy a figure or other merchandise from the store.

I’m still on the fence about buying a figure. The price is good compared to most other figures, but since I’m not much of a collector outside of the game itself, it’s harder to justify. That being said, I’d gladly grab up all the figures and colors if money weren’t an issue. But it is, so I can’t, and since there’s no other option currently in place…
I’m still kinda butthurt. Not nearly as salty as before. But still kinda miffed. :neutral_face:
I’ll probably get over it.

Edit: @FallofSeraphs76 …$48.59?! :scream:

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Welp, 18 bucks of shipping, that’s too much for me :cry:

And now its " I don’t want to have to pay for it…I should have it because I own the game".

This color was created for this figure release…its a marketing scheme to get people to buy the figure…not for people to buy the color.

If anyone is complaining about not getting the color…then buy the figure…its simple…dont blame MS


To me, this is a frustrating thing, and hard to reflect on without coming off like the biggest douche while doing so, but bear with me.

The idea that every single thing that gets added to the game can’t ever just be unique or limited in any way, in my opinion, is an entitlement issue. If the additional color was created specifically for the purpose of being sold as a unique collectible for people who buy the statue, why do they have to also give the opportunity to anyone else? What we’re talking about is a color, a skin - very similar to how people wanted access to the Shadow Jago skin without having bought the day one system or Live card.

For the record, I’m not buying the Shago statue, and I didn’t own an Xbox One or KI until somewhere around March or April 2014. I didn’t have access to the Shago skin, but also didn’t care about it being exclusive until there was serious discussion about making him his own character - because at that point locking down access to an entire character IS a problem.

I’m pretty sure you’re supporting my point, and not trying to correct me (because I’m definitely trying to make the same point you are) so yay! It’s kind of like the old saying; “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” But in this case it’s “You can’t have Color 10 without buying the figure,” outside of a black market for those who don’t care about the color but are looking to recoup the figure costs…


Yeah but it’s every character. People want a fundraiser for ultimates. At which point do we stop tho. I bought both ultra seasons, the book, the soundtracks. I’ll buy ultra season 3 but I have to stop. Besides that shipping costs are ridiculous.
Yeah I’m salty, yeah angry as hell but congrats on the model line

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yes, Im totally with you on this… not against you. Im all about you get what you pay for… if you dont pay you dont play. period.

Same with those wanting shago early because they didnt pay for the community fund…uh NO you cant have him early and to me Dec 18th is still too early to buy him for cheaper than those u=of us that actually paid for him to be created. I say they should wait till march…but hats just me.