Limited Edition Shadow Jago Figure Pre-Order with Color 10 Bonus

While their Wave One line is still set to release in March, Ultimate Source surprised us all by releasing this incredible collectible to the KI Community a few months early. The Limited Edition Shadow Jago figure is up for sale now and should ship before 12/28. (by the end of the year).

Check out the full blog here: Limited Edition Shadow Jago Figure Pre-Order with Color 10 Bonus - Killer Instinct


Ordered :slight_smile:

I hope the other figures are not limited edition cause I think I want to eventually grab em all.

I will literally Ultra anybody who tries to prevent me getting my hands on a hypothetical Limited Edition Thunder…


So let me get this straight we’ll only get colour 10 for these characters by buying more stuff??!!
I think we’re starting to milk the community dry.
The models look class but I’m not flogging out even more money on the game


Just ordered mine. CAN’T WAIT!!! :joy:

If they were locking characters, accessories, or entire costumes this way, I’d be upset.

A single color for a character is NOT a big deal whatsoever. You can only use one color at a time, and I guarantee you ignore more colors than you use, across all your characters!

Besides, who says anything except for this first one will have something special like that anyway?

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Got one, love this kinda stuff.

I checked out the website. Each character has in game unlockables. I love using all the colours and accessories.
Listen the product is well done but I’m more than a tad salty bout it

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Color 10 so far is looking unimpressive

What? Is there a preview anywhere?

Ordered :smiley:

maybe the quality of the picture is just off, but so far, to me, its Color 2 with purple pants :confused:


Huh. I was interested in buying this exclusively for the color, thinking it would be something cool like 9. If this is it, then this is an easy pass for me :smiley:


Even with overseas shipping it was still cheap! better Quality of Color 10, looks much better

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I got mine ordered!!! Yeah!! Kind of disappointing the color 10 was spoiled…would have been cool if that was not leaked out.

the 9 inch electronic Jago sounds really cool! Activates while you play the game according to in game scenarios! hell yeah!

I believe your definition of leaked is a little skewed. I think you mean announced.


I’m thrilled! Ordered mine immediately upon seeing this. Thus begins the slippery slope of spending; one far more enjoyable (read: expensive) than the Pinultimate Edition!

If i click buy right now will i be charged 35 bucks right away or when it ships?

Now I’m torn. I want the figure(s), and I REALLY want the extra colors… But the money…
I know they’re cheap as far as figures go but holy crap I could wind up spending $30 on one color.
There has to be another way to get this. I might buy it anyway but it would make my collection of All Character Colors/Accessories seem a bit hollow knowing I couldn’t get them all without forking out for 18 figures at $30 a piece.