Level 50 club


You should at least try Sadira… although I hear she can be quite addictive. :smiley:


Ive used her before, but overall those 3 are just my least favorites and I despise fighting against them so naturally I just hate them on both sides.


Rash is L50 now. :grin:


Alright!!! Shin Hisako is now at level 50! Love the Color #9!
Eagle is damn near 50 so I should have him done by Sunday…so…

Only 3 left!

SO who should I do next?
I cant stand any of them so… yeah its a tough decision for me. The only enjoyment I expect to get out of them is learning what they can do for match up knowledge in the future.


I’m not far behind you. I’m currently working on Orchid (L42) and after her I’ve got

and Arby


Everyone has been at 50 except for for Eagle. I only got him to 25, and I’m out of town this weekend so he’ll stay there for a while. He’s turning out to be hard for me to get into. I had the same problem with Mira and RAAM at first. I’ll see if I can get him to click soon.


Orchid’s at L50 now. I think I’m gonna take a break. My hands are sore from the Shadow Survival marathon I’ve been doing the last couple of days. Ice for sore muscles, right? :sweat_smile:




She is at the highest level out of the 3. I believe she is 21? Ok… Ill go with her! I def need the MU knowledge.


I’m currently working on Shin Hisako, and it feels like this is going to be a long one…honestly I guess I can’t figure out how to get her into a good flow. Her play style isn’t very fun for me. Anyway I’ve got her at L24 right now.


rekka 1, or 2 cancel into jumpy sword… straight into jumpy sword linker. Keep a ghost on the screen for teleportation. Keep ghost on them if you can.

Thats about it… she has a great 50/50 game on their wake up that I like to use.


Well, Shin Hisako is L50, leaving only RAAM, Arby, and Kim left to go.
The goal line is getting closer!!

On a side note I’ve been running through Shadow Survival in order to level every one up as well as unlock everyone’s Shadow skins, and dang did they make those expensive…I’ve got 7 left and it’ll take a combined total of 360,000 shadow points to unlock them all!! Considering at best in SS if you go with the 1,000 point tier you get 500 pts per match, so that’s roughly 720 more matches to unlock them all. :unamused:


Its much easier to get shadow points from SL daily trials and the main menu trials. I had enough banked up when the skins dropped i was able to grab the all!


Made some progress the last few days. Eagle is to level 34 and I may get him higher by the end of the night. I look forward to reclaiming my title


In this order. Orchid, Hisako, Maya, Glacius, Kim Wu, Sadira, Shin Hisako, and Mira.


Hit Level 50 with Eagle. Guess I’m all done, for now.


At time of writing, I have Eagle to Lvl42. I’ll try to get him to 45 by the end of the day, but I can’t make promises.

It’s been very hard for me to keep playing this character. He just isn’t my style cosmetically or gameplay wise. Kinda puts a damper on my efforts to unlock all his colors and outfits if I don’t like most of them :sweat_smile: But I’m determined to get every single character to max level, as I have consistently tried to do with everyone.


Sadly all Level 50s were recently lost due to a game breaking bug that would cause my inputs to randomly get reversed as well as not being able to use the Left Trigger.

Wiping my profile solved the problems, BUT I lost all progress again… and all the colors I paid for. :frowning:


Status in the Lvl50 Club: RESTORED!

Once more I have every character in the game to max level. All I need to do now is mimic, shadow, and a few gold/figure skins and I’ll have everything!


I was I had every character back to level 50… :disappointed_relieved: