Level 50 club


Tusk Thunder and Jago at 50. Orchid and Fulgore in the 40’s


I’ve got jago, saber, and riptor. Funny I listed them in backwards order of acquisition


Anyone wanting quick levels on characters, go into local multiplayer. You’ll need 2 controllers.

There are a few things you’ll want to do to increase your exp. This is my order of doing things and almost works unanimously.

First Life Bar

  1. Start all combos with a jump normal preferably a heavy one.
  2. Land a heavy manual into a linker into a heavy auto double
  3. Counter break that auto double and fall for it with player 2
  4. Do 2 heavy auto doubles with a light linker in between into damage ender.
  5. End the first life bar with a wall splat into throw if possible.

That’s your combo formula for the first life bar, it counts towards manuals, overheads, autos and enders for trials.

Second Life Bar

  1. Like the first start all combo’s the same way Jump in into manual into linker heavy auto counter break.
  2. This is where it changes, you should have a stock of shadow, use it as an ender or linker.
  3. You should earn another shadow stock before ultra, use it.
  4. Recap double ultra if you can, and land 2 shadow juggles after the ultra. (This can mean the difference in 1,000-1,500 exp per match)

If you land all 4 shadows and all 4 counter breakers, it’ll give you 100% breaker ratio and 100% shadow efficiency on top of a perfect victory bonus. All which get multiplied.

If done correctly, with pre order bonus on exp weekend you should see 7000-8000 sometimes 9000 exp per match. With a booster on top of that you’d have 14k+.

Have fun leveling out there :grin::+1:


Hit Shin Hisako to 50 today. Back to having everyone at 50 :slight_smile:


I have all characters to level 50. I’m playing this since the beginning. Finally i made it :blush::blush:.
Soon i will upload pictures of it.
I am from belgium.


Only one more character left for me to get to 50… I just need to wait for our mysterious 3rd entry to be released.
Then it’s on to waiting for Season 4/the sequel/more Ultimates


Working on getting Omen up there through Shadow Lords. And this is not relevant, but while doing that, I unlocked Omen’s color 6, a Trial popped and when I reached the Vs screen for the next fight, the Ultra Trials achievement finally popped! So I finally have all the achievements currently available in the game, yay. Just the Shadow and Mimic skins and some 12-14 level 50s left now until the next character and/or season comes along.



Finally added Spinal to my level 50 club last night along with being number one 500 pt Kim Wu shadow


In the order I got them to 50…

Shadow Jago

…RAAM and Tusk are next at 48 & 42 respectively!


And Eagle is done. Not a fan of the character to be honest but I had to do it, especially this 4th of July (even though I’m not an american so it’s already the fifth in my country but still)

By the way, Happy 4th of July to you guys.


I like playing as Eagle for fun…but I cant stand playing ppl online against him. OMG he is so broken right now.
Safe counter breakers on basically every combo, safe everything really. You cant close the distance and then when you do he does that shadow electro bird. ughh

Im curious as to what the hot fix next patch when the charge bug gets fixed


Well I just got Eagle to L50 :tada::smiley::thumbsup::tada:
I’m really enjoying his play style. Setting subtle traps is fun.
And that leaves 9 more characters to go: Rash, Thunder, Spinal, Orchid, RAAM, Kim, Shisako, Cinder, and Arby.


Update: All characters on lvl. 50 except for shin hisako which I’ll leave as a npc forever.
Talking about shin hisako, I hope there will be a mod which make her ghost body invisible. With its sword visible only it would turn into a guardian sword character lol.


My level 50’s are Orchid, Hisako, Maya, Glacius, and Kim Wu


Man… I should really get to grinding out Eagle to 50. Don’t want to get left behind and lose my status in the Everyone to Lvl50 Club
Then again… Dark Souls 3 is really good…


You know there’s no rule about doing both…


I really haven’t got back on the lvl 50 grind in a while. I made this thread and it was important tome then but now the remaining characters I dont really care for so…its just not as fun as it was back when I created this.

I still have Eagle and SHinsako close to 50. And then the dreaded 3… Rash, Saidra and Arbiter. Cant stand em… prob never get them to 50. I just dont want to waste my precious KI time on characters Im not going to ever use. The more time i spend playing them…the less time I have gettin gud with my mains.

Plus, like you said there is Dark Souls and THe Surge and Horizon Zero Dawn LOL


Funny…I’ve actually been doing just the opposite. I had a lot of fun getting Eagle to L50, and now I’ve moved on to Cinder…and has totally changed my outlook on him. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten a lot better since his release so now I can understand what I’m doing with him, but I’m having a lot of fun with him…too much fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll go ahead and do the rest while I’m at it.


Update: Cinder’s at L50. :yum: