Level 50 club


The climb for Lvl50 Shinsako…




Wow wow wow wow wow wow :0


How long did that take you?


Not as long as I thought. With a bit of KI Gold for the XP Boost combined with the double/triple XP going on (I’m not sure if it’s the pre-order thing from Season 3 but whenever I finish a match, it tells me x3 XP bonus). After the stacked on x2 XP bonus from the store and gaining roughly 8000 - 9000 xp per match (Beginner), it was about 4 matches per level though it varies since I only noticed that on 40+.

I think she came out 11:30 am or so here (Pacific) so I’d wager a good amount of hours of straight playing. I only finished about an hour or so ago but I can confirm it’ll take more than 100 matches. If you want to go for higher difficulties for the extra bonus, fight against Aganos since he always leaves himself open due to unsafe pressure. SHisako’s Heavy punch is really good at punishing the AI to an unbreakable Rekka opening for decent damage.


Got ShinSako level 50 quite a while ago, which means now I have everyone level 50 again :slight_smile:


My goal is to get Shinsako to 40 by the end of the night, just so I can round out the Green Kitsune outfit. I’m at 37 now, so it shouldn’t take too long!

For the record, though, I’ve never used a booster pack. I just make due with the Double XP Weekends. I only ever have one character to Grond for since I’ve consistently gotten everyone to 50 since the end of Season 2, so it’s never worth spending the gold on.


Nice! By that alone, you did it a lot more efficiently than I!

I do have a question though, if that’s appropriate to ask here.
I recall you saying that SHisako convinced you to play Ranked once again. I could’ve remembered wrong and if I did, forgive me but is playing online good for grinding levels? I only play Single Player in fighters since I’m not a fan of being made fun of by a random. I know it gives a boost but is the boost alone significant in any way or does it not go passed 1.50x?


Ahhh, that’s too rich for my blood. I’ve got a family and NCLEX coming up. Impressive work though.


Oh my leveling prowess doesn’t come from Ranked. I just really wanted to get those achievements while no one knew how to deal with her shenanigans. :joy:

While it is a nice per match bonus, you can get allot more done in a much shorter amount of time fighting low level AI and concentrating on Fight Challenges.

My advice: Start with survival. Get the 50 wins for those fight titles out of the way. Then plow through it with VS AI and set it to beginner. This way, you can complete each match quickly and convincingly, meaning you can complete a lot of games each with about the same score as a ranked match a piece. Why wait for 1 or 2 matches when you can just hit the replay button?

While you’re doing the VS AI, try to work on the other fight titles that can be done passively if you try. Supreme victories, ultras, total combo hits/doubles/manuals/enders, throws, certain specials, etc. Works like a charm!


@WonderRed101 As a sign of how effective the technique is: Remember that goal I set at the beginning of the conversation? Done.


I’d be more inclined to grind her to 50 this weekend if she actually had some cool stuff to unlock, I think I’ll work on Gargos or someone else instead.


The fastest way is 2 player local. 4 counter breakers, use shadows when available, a wall splat into throw and double ultra with shadows if a recap is there otherwise shadow juggles. Gives perfect victory, 100% breaker 100% shadow around 8k exp for every 40-60 seconds or so.


And I’m done with Shin Hisako. Ranked + Double Xp make wonders.


It feels good to be king.

Or shogun in this case.

I return to my place atop Mt Everyonetofifty


So now:
Aganos, Aria, Kilgore, Fulgore, Gargos, Kan-Ra, Glacius. Hisako, Jago, Mira, Omen, Eyedol, Riptor, Sabrewulf, Sadira, Shago, Combo, Tusk…

…and now Maya is added to the list as well.

9 more to go.


Glacius to 50 over the weekend and ShinSako not far behind.

So back 4 left…



All characters level 50 except for Omen (I stopped around lvl 36 cause all his parts are unlocked), and Shin Hisako cause I’ve not bought her yet.


my only characters that are level 50 is Glacius and Kilgore! :smile:
Fulgore and Riptor are in their 20’s though, I’m trying to work with them, because I want to unlock some stuff with them. :slight_smile: and get better at em of course!

everyone else I need to level up, though lol! ~


I’ve got Shago and Arbiter to level 50 and I’m still working on getting my Jago to 50 (he’s a level 34 I believe).