Level 4 Ender Opinion Poll

I’m just curious to see how many likes and dislikes the new Level 4 Ender style, so let’s make a poll!

What do you think of the new Level 4 Ender effects?

  • I like it
  • I don’t like it
  • I am indifferent on the matter

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Example of the new level 4 ender effect:

Compared to camera angles from promotional video (not actually in-game):

Feel free to comment below. ^^

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Awesome, thank you! Will add poll now, so you guys can vote away. ^^

“I am indifferent” is not the best wording; “I’m on the fence”, “I haven’t decided” or “I see pros and cons” would work better, at least in my case. Certainly not indifferent. :slightly_smiling:

Well, it just means you’re not really for or against it. But this is what the comments are for, so you can explain your opinion further! ^^

I’m in favor, just needs to be polished. Can become an annoyance after the long-term.


Can we get a video clip on this thread of the animation to help with the poll?

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I couldn’t really tell from what I was able to watch of the stream yesterday, but are there still different level 4 enders? I ask because I only ever saw the same animation for the level 4 enders and I wasn’t sure if that was because the players kept performing the same level 4 ender or if there is only one level 4 ender animation per character.

They just did the same ones repeatedly. You will be able to get the animation of any level 4 ender with any character.

And so why did they add this animation? What si the purpose? Is it due to new zoom in angle and they don’t work with the regular stage back ground? There for it goes “black” like Shago’s ultimate?

Maybe this is a sign of Ultimate’s coming soon? This is the way of testing it out?? Ultimate’s are “Enders” so maybe that’s what they are working towards?

I voted indifferent, as I’m fine with it. It does strike me as odd though that Ultras are the same while these are made to be more cinematic.

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@developers what happens when there is a breakable level 4 ender? what happens to the animations?

Cinder uses inferno to build white life on his opponent --> opener --> LVL4 Fire flash ender --> opponent breaks (on like hit 5)


I wanna see what else they’re going to do to it because they said it wasn’t finished just yet it was a WIP

Basically you’re asking what happens in an opener > ender situation where a previous combo has already built some white life enough to form a lvl4 ender (Fulgore’s Devastation Beam, your example…).

My guess is that opener > ender won’t trigger the animation. They already don’t cash in white life so in theory you could even do an unpunished opener > ender into juggle into ender.

Which takes me to my question. Is there a character with a regular (non-shadow) ender that can be used from a juggle state and cashes in white life? If yes, does it trigger the animation when on lvl4?

Good question. Would Sadiras Shadow flip kick get the new animation if it is used at level 4? (While the opponent is in the air being juggled, i mean)

I say evolve, or die.


There are a lot of questions still floating around. I wonder why they put this stream out there with no context? They didn’t explain anything.

Good night sweet prince. I will always love you :sob:


No. Only normal level 4 Enders get the animation - shadow cashouts/enders look the same.

@Dancovich - there are no non-shadow enders that can be triggered on a juggle. The opponent must always be brought back down to the ground to get a “standard” ender.

EDIT: Aganos putting someone through a wall might actually qualify, but in this instance ruin is always just the single punch anyway, and it’d be pretty difficult for Aganos to have a situation where he had enough potential damage built up on a juggle-state enemy to trigger the effect. Shadow payload assault combos are the only things I can think of that would even give you a shot at this.

lol, They havent explained anything or answered any questions and when they do, the answers arent that in depth or are generic.

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