New level 4 ender animation

its nothing wrong with me - tested multiple times.

If you are red/green colorblind the doctor cant do much. Since i have a few more colors that are hard to separate its hard for me to handle the darkening when concentrated. Movies and stuff doesnt matter cause i dont have to concentrate.

So im physically fine except for the color blindness.

KEITS is colour blind like he has said numerous times. if he has no problems you should have no problems!!! SMDH!!

Yeah, I’m colourblind too, so I know how it is.
However, I don’t get headaches from such. I can imagine it has something to do with sudden flashes and such, but if you say you’ve already had your eyes checked, I wonder what it could be then. Because that’s just unfortunate. :confused:

There a link showing this new animation? I wanna see this. :astonished:

There are already Cinematic enders in the game, Thunders Call of the earth lv4 ender is very cinematic along with TJ’s Vortex lv4, IG just needs to expand the lv of depth from these enders to the rest of the characters. The screen should only darken off of lv4 Shadow enders.


Hey guys, I have made an opinion poll thread about the new Level 4 Ender effect.
I’m just curious to see how many actually likes it or dislikes it.
So it’d be awesome if you threw in your votes! ^^

really? you people nuts. In a real match it won’t happen more than twice…

That’s not true

after watching the stream and thinking over I came to the conclusion that what IG showed us DEFINITELY isn’t perfect. And I think by now they know that. So going forth from now I think we should start giving ideas how to make this new VX better

This is a very good idea. I always loved how thunder crunches the persons head, especially in the lvl4. If they changed the camera for other Enders of that level(a closer zoom in), make it a small slomo with a brief pause before the final attack(instead of hit because it will look weird seeing jago uppercut someone and have them pause in mid-air for the final 3 hits). Increase the hit sparks as well or add more unique hit sparks like golden flames hit sparks on jago’ a lvl4 uppercut and etc.

Extra bonus points if there is a unique scream in pain from lvl 4 Ender/shadow enders.

Now on to shadow Enders. I feel like a guilty fear esq. shadow jago esq. feel should be used. In GG a short barely1.5 cinematic close up is shown, usually focusing on the fighters face as they shout their move and stuff before zooming back and the match resumes. Shadow jago’ a ultimate also has this property kinda as when he activates the ultimate the camera pans in a special way that shows his trajectory while zooming in. I also love how it feels like the shadow is coming from Shago so adding that onto this would be cool.

I also really like that smoke effect that happens in the current new VFX but I think it would be better if it was fire instead of smoke/fog. With that change to fire unique color variations could then be made for each character. The one we have now looks cool with sabrewolf but not as cool with cinder. A red/orange fire in the black background would be better


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Took out ‘for the worse’ it was a little excessive

Good thing we have you on the case and you actually know what’s good for this game unlike us, lowly plebs and ignoramuses.


I´m rewatching the stream and yeah, not a big fan of these new enders in their current state.

I get what they were going for: play up the impact and distinctiveness of level 4 enders. But right now I don´t think it’s working. They look different alright, but they just don´t look good.

Orchid’s damage ender, for example, makes it look like we have transitioned from a fast paced game to a slideshow. It just looks bad.

Other look more fluid, but still feel stiff and unnatural. Tusk´s hard knockdown ender looks fine, but the transition from the normal background to the black smoke isn´t smooth. It just appears out of nowhere and suddenly vanishes, which creates a feeling of non-sequitur, or discontinuation. Other enders, like Aganos switch ender, seem to lose impact, rather than gaining.

More than anything, there’s a general feeling of awkwardness that emanate from them, as if they were a feature that hasn´t been integrated to the flow of the game well enough so that it felt like a natural part of it (I know it’s literally a work in progress, but still).

They are also non-sensical when you take Shadow Enders into account. You see, Shadow Enders function as though they add a level to the combo you are finishing, meaning that when you perform a Level 4 Shadow Ender, the damage is akin to a sort of Level 5 ender. That´s the most damage an ender can deal. However, since the shadow enders do not trigger the new Level 4 animations, it seems like they are less powerful, less special than a regular, non-shadow Level 4 Ender.

I think there were some other ways to play up the Level fours that they could play with. Things like increasing the impact of the shockwaves generated by each hit, add some kind of spark or particles to each hit, maybe some kind of explosion to the last hit. Anything to make level 4 enders feel more special while not feeling too silly or disrupting the flow of the game.

Anyway, the new character select screen is fantastic.


Remember guys, Level 4 Ender Animation only works if it is a regular Level 4, NOT a Shadow Ender. Shadow Enders are used to cash out Juggles.

Also, the timing does not change. So if you have the timing down for Juggles after a level 4 now, it’s the same, so you should be OK. :slight_smile:

As far as I remember, during yesterday’s stream Adam Isgreen only said that they wanted to “play up” Level 4 enders.

It’s starting to sound like every single new thing and change IG wants to put in the game has to be me made an optional setting to prevent one of these threads.

Can’t say I’m fond of the look of them, but some of the shots for the level 4 ender animations looked better then others (specifically when we could more clearly see green/purple smoke in the background as opposed to static black backgrounds. It’s sill a bit jarring to have that transition mid-gameplay though. I like the idea of making level 4 enders/Shadow Enders more noticeable from regular enders.

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Can we get this effect for Ultras? I think it would look sick.

And loose the background animations that happens durian ultra? Sasira spider? Thunder tornado

Maybe just the ultra Enders…maybe


Maybe not the background part but the camera part. Then again,the ability to zoom in/out and rotate the camera a little bit during the ultra can also work.

im total ok with u for the impact effect thats total nosense .