New level 4 ender animation

So yeah, there is a new animation for all level 4 enders. The screen turns black, like in Shadow Jagos’ ultimate.


And they zoom in on the characters too!
It’s so awesome!


I love it! Definitely adds more badass-ness to the shadow enders!


I’ve always said that Ultimates in the game look terrible and cheap(low quality) now they add that to the regular combos. I cringe hard just looking at them. Not only do I think they look poor but they look no where near as vicious and impactful as the old level 4 enders which had shockwaves. Just watched Orchids lvl 4 ender and it looked like freeze frames. Why?

Not a fan of Ultimates but if I were why would enders look that similar to Ultimates? It literally makes Ultimates less special.

Visually it just looks so amateur and painful to my soul. It’s just a game I don’t want to watch anymore.

Edit: If they really wanted to show impact instead of making the background go black and zooming in on the character making it so you can’t see any of the attack it would have been better to keep it like before and instead pan the camera out showing the impact of the attack like the old games.

Edit 2: Another reason why the enders look poor is because the moves don’t connect naturally. It works for MKX to have a zoom in and place focus on an attack because you get to see the punches and kicks connect naturally on mark and you see jaws get impacted. Enders in KI don’t have that precesion. When Orchid or Jago do their enders you don’t see the punch or knee connect with their jaws so their is no realistic impact. That’s where the shockwaves disguised the lack of a Buster move hitting the opponent directly on the jaw. If you’re going to do a slow mo/freeze frame/focus on a single attack show the attack connect on a specific body part. Don’t show me a close up of my own character, show me how hard the attack is hitting.

Final Edit: I can ignore Kim Wu’s face, I can forgive Tusk’s face, I can look the other way to no extra stages, I can shut my ears to hearing TJ’s Theme on Cinders Stage, I can even grow to accept no after images in Shadow moves but this. This! There is a meme out there of an old man grabbing his chest in pain. That’s me right now. My heart. Anyone who is into Graphic Design can notice a lot of small imperfections in the game and they keep stacking up. I mean the font they use for “Vs” looks bad but I can just ignore it because it’s a small thing just at the loading screen but this new ender is like a huge imperfection you just can’t ignore.


Yea, it looks bad and it’s unnecessary. It also distrupts the match’s momentum.


If its one thing I notice here on the board its that everytime something new is announced its always the same people loving it and the same people hating. I’m just wondering why everyone who doesnt like just about everything about season three and a lot of the previous seasons continue to even play this game…

That said, I love the lvl 4 enders :grin:



I’m not very fond of that addition. The new UI looks cool but that thing is useless.


I guess the animation cost for ultimates was to much. They TRIED to give it the same speak however by first view the level 4 shadow enders look choppy and the editing didn’t make what’s going on look impactful. Hopefully they can fine tune that.

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I heard crazylcd say that timings have changed I think it was for jago. that stream was the one about 4 days ago.

if these stylish level 4 Enders mess with my juggles then I don’t like them

doubtful, they got too much going on and only 14 days to go

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I like the ender, but I can see why some may not. Probably make it happen if you end of the match with it.

I will admit, I am not a fan of the new enders IN THERE CURRENT STATE. I know this is a work in progress and we should all understand that these will be cleaned up a bit before launch. I will say that they are headed in the right direction.

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Maybe some of the faster ones could be slowed down a little bit, like Orchids buster ender.

as for timing, maybe they tried to get all those level 4 Enders finish in a certain amount in of frames that’s consistent across the cast

agree. I can’t help but notice a little MK x-Ray influence here

I would rather they kept it, but polished it. I think it looks awesome and I really like the concept of it, but it’s true that it needs a bit of polishing.

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I will elaborate. The absence of the shockwaves and the screen not shaking makes the hits themselves seem like they don’t hit quite as hard. The angles are a little choppy, but we all know that.

In other words, the effect has some real potential & it will be improved before launch.

Im not a fan of the level 4 enders at this point in time… the black screen stuff gets kind of obnoxious. However if at launch they are updated to look more interesting I wouldnt mind it

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It’s a tiny bit too intrusive. Finding a better way to go into the animation would probably rectify the problem but right now having everything pause and there be a big “WAOWW” sound effect throws it off.


People have been begging for cinematic combos since season one, I personally like it. Sure it could be better but its cool.