Level 4 Ender Opinion Poll


it’s looking good so far!



you guys forget. on a dropped combo the player keeps a certain level ender for a small amount of time. A dropped level 4 combo into a reset put the player at opener ender rules. Opener ender are breakable and these effects mixed with a combo breaker into flip out is gonna be seizure inducing. mark my words. lol

I would post one if there were one, but I haven’t been able to find one. :confused:
They show it on their twitch channel in the archive, where you can find yesterday’s stream. ^^


lol> choose the part of the video when aganos whiffed 2 hits of his “Stylized Super Special Shadow Ender”. It looked absolutely dreadful.

Hence my guess that opener into ender won’t trigger the animations. They don’t cache white damage either.

Really not sure what this has to do with anything that I wrote, and fairly certain I saw this exact same post from you yesterday. :confused:

Going assumption is that opener->ender won’t trigger the level 4 animation. Until we see it though, no confirmation one way or the other.

Well, the results at this point:

55% likes it.
28% dislikes it.
17% are indifferent.

Guess it was indeed a loud minority who wasn’t in favour of it after all.
It’s nice to get some numbers on the perspective. ^^


I think it’s that people LIKE the idea and the direction, but DISLIKE it in it’s current state & know it will improve.


To put it extremely politely: I’m not a big fan of these.

I don’t think I should post the less polite version.


Maya can cash out white damage with mantis if there is a breakable point. Will Mantis trigger it?

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Do it, bruh. If the devs would listen to anyone, it’s you.


Damn I take my answer back.


Another question: can Glacius’ ranged shatter trigger from fullscreen? How it will look?

Yeah. I said this in another post, but they are just playing this to close to the vest I feel. Instead of being open and transparent, they are just playing on people hype for S3, more so than they have for season 2.

IDK. Am I looking at the rollout of S1 and S2 info from a skewed perspective? At this point before S2 did we know more about what was coming? Less? Same?

Could you at least post a polite version of the less polite answer? I’d like to hear at least your reasoning for not liking these as I value your opinion very much.

Is it something to do with balancing? Presentation?

I’ll just say this. If I was on the fence about playing KI and I saw these on a video, I would close the stream and walk away and go play something else instead. They’re among the most jarring, janky effects I have ever seen in any fighting game.

This is still the polite version.


I see, then it’s about the presentation.

Good to know, presentation can be easily improved. Also I don’t think we have material to judge this yet since it’s a WIP and we’ve seen it through a video stream (a very laggy very janky stream).

@Infilament , since you used the “on the fence customer” example, did you consider that a possible new customer probably doesn’t know anything about the game and how the mechanics work and to them this is just some animation that happens a few times in a match much like Critical Arts animations in SFV?

I say this because I get the feeling part of your dislike for the feature is because you don’t believe it fits the context it is inserted in - an arbitrary animation that happens at the end of a few combos for whatever reason instead of something deliberate like the activation of a super or critical art. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, maybe you just dislike how they look like and animate like right now.

I guess my personal question to you is: do you think there are things that can be done to this so your opinion changes? Or your opinion is just “I would not have put special ender animations in the game under any circumstances”?

Am going to save Infilament the need to post a real raunchy opinion and just flat out say what needs to be said. Anyone who feels anything I’ve said up to this point about how the new level 4 enders are terrible or just the voice of a crazy local small minority of KI fans should just stop reading.

The new enders look bad, period. No, am confident at this point to just flat out say it, it’s not an opinion it’s fact. Visually the new ender is very poor in design. Present this to any real artist, to any of the guys who work at NetherRealm, Capcom, or any fighting game and they will flat out laugh at your face.

I am actually very curious to see what 343i thinks of their beloved Arbiter doing something so low quality. You’re going to have huge Halo fans who are used to the Halo budget suddenly get thrown into this. You know what they should do. Send these new enders to every studio MS has and hear the opinion of the artists working on games. Send the new ender and the old ender to their precious testing stations they have at MS and have a survey of which enders look better you won’t get a real non biased opinion on this forum.

I do not believe any fighting game in the history of fighting games have had something as intrusive and badly presented as this new ender.

Like Infil said, anyone watching this at EVO would flat out be turned away at even looking at the stream when they look at all the other fighting games and how beautifully presented they are. KI is going to be up against games like Tekken, Guilty Gear, Pokken, Smash, MK and SF. This new ender clearly shows how far away KI has to catch up to any of those other games yes that includes both Pokken and Smash. Because the presentation for combat in those games at least does not make you look away at how terribly low quality the combat looks.

The reason why I feel so strongly about this is because personally to me the combat was perhaps the only real thing KI shined best at. I literally can’t tell anyone why they should play KI anymore. Bill Gates once said that if you’re program performs terrible at least make it look good, well that’s not the case with KI.

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While I do believe there are very competent artists at those companies that have the right to laugh at this, I wouldn’t say “any”. Specially for Capcom, some models and animations in SFV and ALL THE ENTIRETY of SF4 and it’s revisions is a testament that not all artists working there know what they’re doing. I would give examples but I think this now famous article does a better job explaining why SF4 art is just bad (and SFV has some of the same problems but it isn’t mentioned in the article).

As for the presentation of the ender animations, I agree it’s really rough around the edges. I think it’s good that some of you that don’t like them have a problem with the presentation and not the concept of having them in the first place - as I said earlier presentation can be improved.

I myself like the idea and will wait for the final version. I’ve changed my mind a few times about KI presentation to know a badly encoded and laggy stream isn’t the place to form opinions on presentation aspects of the game.

yup, copy and paste why reword it. it fits the context of the thread. just be warned, there are multiple bug reports that report that certain combos don’t cash out. I’m talking about the ones other than projectile openers. If these effects need a cash out to initialize they might wanna fix the cash out issues first. of course I guess it Dosent matter anyways. but if your expectations are quality driven it should matter.

isn’t that really the point here? it’s cool. it just needs more time in the oven. cause as of right now it looks cheap.