Let's talk about Capcom playing dirty with us!

It also means more people buying Playstations, especially in Japan where MS can’t break through.

Just to clarify, SFV’s V-reversals are much closer to Alpha Counters or Cross Counters (SF x Tekken) than they are KI’s shadow counters. It is a mechanic built heavily on SF roots.

I do have a bit of apprehension about SFV’s game pace. I don’t think offense is scary enough, and I think most stuff is too unsafe for people to take risks. I watched the Madcatz Cup matches last week, though, and they were pretty entertaining… definitely the best SFV has looked so far. I’m pretty skeptical the type of offense we saw in these matches will work long term though (lots of unsafe stuff went unpunished just because of unfamiliarity, and people panicked and got counter hit in situations where there was no threat, which they will realize later), but if somehow SFV does end up looking like this, it will be okay.

As for Capcom intentionally doing this to insult KI players, that’s a pretty big leap. They’re also doing this during the PAX South weekend, and a ton of other worldwide events. I doubt the Capcom brass that made this decision even knows that there is a big KI event this weekend.

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I actually ranted about this last night on my stream.
There is absolutely no way Capcom didn’t know about the World Cup. They are just scared of competition. Allk previous betas started on either a Thursday or Friday and were planned a month out in advance. This one just came out of nowhere and on the same days 30th and 31st as the Cup.

Gimme a break Capcom…


PAX South is this weekend, and The Division is doing its first ever public beta this weekend too.

Should the people attending PAX and fans of The Division feel snubbed too?

Besides, not everybody is going to be playing the SFV beta every waking hour its available. The game is coming out in 2-3 weeks, people will take breaks, people interested in KI will probably watch the stream more anyway, or do both at the same time on two monitors.

I dunno, thinking Capcom has it out for KI players is pretty conspiracy theory to me. They’re probably thinking “what’s the best date to do this so we have data early enough to give a better product at launch?” and then whatever date that is, they just do it, because they’re focused on their own game.

It’s funny how people shat on KI’s business model (and STILL don’t know how it actually works), while going up and down about how awesome SFV’s model is.

I know people will point to things like Dark Force in Darkstalker being a precursor to Instinct Mode (and plenty have done so when V-trigger vs. Instinct Mode comparisons have been brought up), a priority normal system already being implemented in 3rd Strike and Alpha 3, as well as Alpha Counters predating Shadow Counters, but even though some things might not have originated in KI, isn’t almost a little bit too coincidental how SFV has a whole bunch of similar concepts all in one game?

You know what the depressing thing is?

There’s a lot of things both KI and Skullgirls, especially Skullgirls, have implemented that SFV is actually going to get credit for and get treated as a novel idea just because Capcom did it (dojo mode/tutorials and rollback netcode being a couple of examples), even though Capcom should have put those things in their games years ago and other fighting franchises such as Guilty Gear and Mortal Kombat have long since implemented them for a good while now.


I don’t think they would have ever broke through even if SF was on Xbox. They needed a lot more Japanese games. That aside, new kids will grow up on KI which is worth it if it means SF won’t be the most popular fighter on Xbox. The only real competition KI has is MKX to the Xbox install base. The other fighting games are too anime which don’t appeal to many Xbox users hence the Japan problem.

I have to play at least a little of the SFV beta because the last beta kept rebooting my PC. I need to make sure the problem is solved otherwise I will have to start the process of asking Steam for my money back. Something I’m not looking forward to.

As far as the “who was the first fighting game who…” discussion, I don’t think these things are really worth talking about. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and there is nothing new under the sun. SFV is not KI, nor should it be. I don’t really feel the need to argue that SF is ripping of KI to try and validate KI. I think KI is the better game, quite frankly, based on what I have played of SF V.

While an argument could be made about the exchange ender thing, wall splat enders are nowhere near useless. They’re the base of one of the game’s simplest and most potent resets - wall splat->throw or neutral jump is still one of the best mixups in the game. And many characters get additional unique opportunities after performing a wall splat.


I don’t know if it was intentional or not… but that’s exactly how I felt when I heard the news.
I’m just pissed and I can’t help it:P

who cares it on max’s stream james chen is in there ultra david wants to watch a whole bunch of ppl like daily dot redbull etc are watching its not going to hinder the audience in max stream or the ppl who follow james chen ur lucky hes commentating he has a large following

Capcom announces SFV beta this weekend last minute.



I’m not really sure what that argument is. The exchange ender is a positional tool: you want the corner, so I’ll do an exchange ender to put me there. I guess maybe they don’t hurt enough to justify over damage/resource/whatever enders, so could use some damage tuning? On the other hand, I might be mistaken, but don’t some combo into sweeps?

Kind of hit or miss. Orchid’s can be combo’d after, ditto Sadira’s. Aganos’, not so much.

And yeah, while an argument could be made about exchanges being “useless”, I don’t think it would be a particularly strong argument. It gives you the side you want, full stop. It’s a bit situational, but it does exactly what it purports to do.


Plus the “situational” term is the main point - you use it when it’s really beneficial to do so, not as an all-the-time consideration.

I agree with you on an intellectual level, regardless though, I still get the feeling that they are going head-to-head with KI. At the end of the day though, it isn’t about Capcom slighting KI players, it is about Sony/Capcom, competing with MS / IG. KI is a major component of why SFV is a Sony exclusive, just like SFV is a major reason KI is getting a PC port. Both “sides” are looking at the other and making move accordingly. Just look at the release dates for these games too.

  • SFV’s original release date was March 2016.

  • Following that announcement, both MKX and KI S3 announced the same date (Pokken was announced for this time frame too).

  • Soon after, Capcom announced a date change to Feb 2016

These companies are all jockeying for supremacy, but it is clear that Sony sees KI as a direct competitor since in this day and age, SFV = Sony, and KI = Microsoft.

Still though, I didn’t think about SFV being at PAX South (Capcom will have a booth there), but yeah, I find hard to believe that they don’t know that KIWC is happening since they are pretty in tune with the FGC these days.

This is one of the most annoying things. I’ve seen many a thread talking about the SFV hack that displayed hit/hurt boxes, not realizing that KI and SG both do that already. Then there is the new SFV story mode…though most everybody acknowledges that MK did it first / best. Then you get to the online, where KI didn’t do it first, just best / most high profile, and now both SF and MK are following suit (though it is worth stating that SFxT was going in that direction too).

The list goes on and on (Dojo mode, unique character design, business model, etc.), and honestly it goes back and forth too as KI clearly bit off SF4 in some respects, as well as other games. But the point still stands, since Capcom is the “big dog,” fans place credit with the biggest / most high profile, and don’t acknowledge the roots.

Let’s Go! S3 Character tease gonna be like:


There he is, I know that map and I know that foot… Tusk confirmed.


My Hype meter.

MKXL Kombat Pack 2 March 1st 10!!!
Killer Instinct Season Three ??? 9 because we don’t have a release date
Tekken 7 4 just to see what the Unreal Engine 4 can do
SFV 2 yawn looks like the same game but maybe even more cartoony looking


It March for KI S3.

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Surprise, surprise:

And take note of all the comments acting like this is a new thing.