Let's talk about Capcom playing dirty with us!

PC release is the same day as the PS4… Already preordered it on steam:)

In some ways I agree with you, but it is just to clean to purely be a coincidence. I mean, I’m no tin foil hat guy, it is just weird.

Ultimately though, I’m not really convinced that the Beta will take anything away from the KIWC. There are plenty of people that just have a PS4 and are looking to play SFV, not KI. I think the KIWC event will be epic, and those who really want to watch, will.

KI was always intended to disrupt the “norm” of how fighting games were created and released.

Mission accomplished.

Even if it’s just coincidental, we’re flattered if we inspired others in the genre to re-think their approach.

…but we’re not done.


This sentence…

Just this alone, let’s me know that Season 3 is going to blow everything about the “norm” of fighting games out of the water. We are probably going to see some stuff that not everyone will like, or maybe even change the way future fighting games may play. However, the things that go outside the “norm” and never give up while innovating, are the ones that create history.

Can’t wait until Season 3. :smile:


I really don’t find it weird, as Capcom has been hosting Betas for a long time and their game is scheduled to release in Feb.

Now, if Capcom conveniently held their own contest at the same time is KIWC, then there might be cause of concern, but I don’t know of anybody who would miss a crazy awesome contest for an open beta. No KI fan is going to skip a contest to play a beta game. :slightly_smiling:

Ki already did effect SF. That’s why they’ve got the Instinct mo- I mean V-trigger and combo trai- I mean V Skills. That’s why they’re doing the seasonal approach and not releasing a different version of the game every year.

And as much as they deny it, KI is why SF5 is a PS4 console exclusive.

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It is weird.

  • SFV was originally suppose to drop in March, but after KI announced that it too would drop in March, SFV moved to Feb.

  • The KIWC announced early last year when it was going to be held. Sure SFV betas have been going on for months, but on the week/end of the big KIWC / MS event (I know this is a UA driven event, I’m just saying from a perception standpoint), Sony / Capcom drop a trailer and announce final beta.

All those moves were planned; whether they “coincidentally” coincided with what was going on the MS side of things is whatever, but it is weird…and suspicious.

Eh, I used to be in the same boat on this one. I’d still say that it looks like a bunch of relatively minor decisions around the periphery of the game look like leafs from KI’s book.

But in terms of the meat of the two games, they’re pretty far apart. KI gives characters safe unreactable specials that cover half the screen, high-low mixups that can connect from half a screen away, command grabs that reach half a scr- look, being half a screen length away from your opponent is truly dangerous in KI, and that’s mostly because of a lot of very relevant specials. That’s not the case in SF. The neutral game in SF is dominated by normals, and fireballs in some SF games but probably mostly normals in SFV. You press buttons to control a small region of space in front of you and to edge into your opponent’s said small region of space, it involves a lot of baiting and counter-baiting over mostly small volumes of life and not everything confirms into a combo like it can seem to in KI.

KI also has a more emphasised pressure game (and I’d expect deeper, but who am I to say?), characters get to frame trap for longer and/or have dirtier mixups which again tend to lead to combos more often on hit (which also happens more often, but then we have the breaker system).

I get the sense that SFV is a little more rushy than previous SF games, but it’s still a very different animal from KI.

That out of the way,

Ya, this is pretty close to how I feel about SF these days.

I can get into watching competitive SF, but I think that’s more about the players doing interesting things than the game itself inherently appealing to me. It’s just not scary enough, I guess – I’m more intrigued by the decision-making that goes on amidst some really oppressive dirt.

You know, I preorderd SF, just cuz I’m a fan of the franchise. Honestly though, SF5 is a pretty unhype game to watch. I’m still gonna play it, I think it could be a good training ground for my FG fundamentals and my KI game will probably get better because of it:)

But I agree, even Max, the King of Hype can’t manage to make SF5 look intense.

I think they’re probably coinciding their next beta test (beta tests that have been going on for months) to coincide with PAX. It’d make a lot of sense to me that the SF devs would be in attendance at a big convention like that, so they probably have stuff to show off. Something along the lines of a “this will be in our new beta/full release, check it out” sort of thing.

Now of course SF and KI are technically competing, but it would probably boil down to more of a Microsoft vs Sony sort of situation since they’re on 2 different consoles and only intermingle on PC. As much as they’re competing, though, it looks to me that they’re vastly different as far as gameplay is concerned. Their respective styles will attract different sorts of crowds. SFV will be a lot slower paced and a lot less combo heavy than KI, just based on gameplay I’ve seen. Lots of individual hits and 2-3 hit combos broken up by the occasional super. Killer Instinct is a lot more offensive focused rather than defensive focused like SF. The combos are huge, the damage is crazy, but the bigger and better your combo the bigger the risk you take to lose it all in a single C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER.
To some, the SF way is more appealing. To others, the KI way is best. To others still, MKX or MvC or Blazblue or Skullgirls may be more their style. While they’re all competing for popularity, even those that aren’t AAA Mainstream titles hold an important place in the world of Fighting Games. I may like KI, you may like Tekken, that guy over there is really into Terrordrome. Theres a game for everyone, and there are people who may ignore the FGC until the right game comes along. What game that is is up to the individual.


I don’t think anyone will argue that SFV and KI are that similar in play-style. Though I whole heartedly believe that SFV developed some ideas after looking at KI, from GP standpoint they kept it in the Realm of Street Fighter.

Honestly the same types of arguments can be made AGAINST KI. Double Helix took hella ideas from SF in terms of feel and general GP, but they ultimately made it KI by keeping with the philosophies.

Honestly, I feel the same way too. SF in general can get tense and insane at times, but sometimes the game gets to slow for its own good. That being said, I say that just generally about SF4 and the OG SF games, but with SFV I sort of like the way it is progressing. As of right now, the game is still pretty bland, but that is because people are playing it like it is SF4. I can’t wait for character specialist to get dirty with this game and start using V-skills like they are meant to be used.

Think about the first time Wulf’s feral cancels were introduced…and then think about the first time you saw Paulb, or MyGod, or Cupcake really go in and use them to there fullest. That is what I’m expecting from a great Ryu main in SFV, or a just generally all the characters in that game. I think Capcom has really put some thought into there systems this time around, and with the diversity in play-styles in the cast, I’m hopeful that as the game, and the game’s meta, develops, what we will see some pretty ridiculous stuff.

Boom! Take that Capcom, with your 8 Betas - three days before launch and your Ultra Extreme Street Fighter 5 Super Turbo Arcade HD-2 Shadaloo Edition.


Its not weird, Capcom has been struggling financially and Sony is at constant ends Microsoft for anything. It may not seem true because KI isn’t that big, but believe me because of the PC port, Capcom will feel slightly threatened now that they have gone exclusive to Sony. I wouldn’t doubt if it was a sales/promotion strategy in favor of Street Fighter.

That is my point. I only say it is “weird” because I don’t know the truth and am just going off a feeling.

Yeah. And therein is the clear sign that KI is a thing of significance. It is funny that some people (in and outside of the community) just don’t see it, but KI indirectly gets bigger as Sony / Capcom do their thing. Just the fact that SF is so huge…yet they are taking notice of something that is “so small,” should be all the proof needed that this “feud” is a real thing.

I’m eager for S3 to come out and show us some stuff. Lol! I’m trying to keep a lid on it, but this conversation is getting my hyped.

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Hype?! We are so close to KIWC, where we will get a taste of Season 3 and have a character demo…

Kim!? :open_mouth:

Tusk!? :astonished:

Guest character?! :scream:

More Rash?! :frog:


Or at PAX South for the debut/premiere of Kim Wu’s official trailer :wink: :smile: :sunglasses:

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Eh, I doubt many Street Fighter fans would have even tuned into watch the KI world cup. It’s the same as KI fans on here watching MK streams, all fandoms don’t tend to cross often unless it’s a big event like EVO where people watch most of the games for fun.

As for KI and its influence on the fighting game genre, KI itself isn’t exactly the ones who created the pricing model and a lot of the mechanics. I mean mobas have done the KI model for years. What KI does well is integrate the best of other games and add it to the fold. The model of mobas made it to KI, not as good as most moba pricing models but it’s decent I guess. The combo traits are pretty much passives from League of Legends. The Instinct mode I believe isn’t original to KI but I can’t recall who did it first. The combo assist, still don’t think it leads to people learning more of the game, is inspired by the assist mode in MvC. Adam saying they aren’t done makes me believe they will be looking at other similar features from games they can add to improve KI.

Hopefully some things are also revamped like Exchange enders and wall splats being useless. I’d also make quick stands more noticeable and maybe give the user a speed boost or something. Also hoping they add some more hype inducing mechanics. The game needs more excitement.

I agree and have said it all along. SF5 not being on Xbox was the best thing that could happen for KI. It means less competition for the KI franchise on the console and a lot of new fighting game players will grow up playing KI and not SF for the next 6 years. That’s why the season approach all the way until the end of Xbox’s console life is important. It will grow a huge audience by the end of the console cycle and SF would have lost some of its potential fans by not being on Xbox.

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KI’s Instinct Mode is similar to Dark Force, from Vampire Savior (1997, 1998). Press the same strength P + K buttons when you have meter for it.

That’s what I tell everyone that’s not into KI yet. SF might be slightly more technical in some regards, but it’s not more fun. Nothing gets me as hype or keeps me on the edge of my seat every match as KI does.

As for the beta, I think competition is great. It’s fun to watch two companies duke it out, and in the end the consumer benefits. Now I’m waiting to see what MS does to try to one-up SF!

Their next move should be making KI available on all Windows machines and not just 10. But, I’m dreaming…