Let's talk about Capcom playing dirty with us!

So, Yesterday Capcom announced the new SF5 beta to the january 30th and 31th… no kiddin… The same freaking days of the KI world cup. In my opinion this was intentional. It looks like they want to steal the spotlight from the first Season 3 public showing. They know that people will play the beta and ditch the KI stream. What are they afraid of? SF5 is going to lauch sooner than KI S3, I don’t see why they needed to play dirty.

As much as I love Street Fighter I’m really really mad for this move. Even if they were unaware of the KI event, and I doubt it, they should at least apologize if not move the beta all together!

What do you think guys?


As a fan of KI, I can agree as to how much I don’t like it either, but there is a particular phrase I want you to keep in mind: “competition breeds innovation.” You see, Because Capcom is competing for the spotlight, in a way it forces the devs over at IG to want to do better and work harder to succeed. Besides, it’s not all bad - it will still bring more people into the FG community, which can then have a sort of trickle-down effect, where some of those new SF players may want to try KI. :wink:


Sure, I agree that the fact they may feel in competition with KI is a win by itself. Still I’m worried about KIWC viewership. The SF5 beta could very well cause viewers to be less than expected. I don’t want MS to think KI is not Worth investing on based on the interest shown for these events. Hopefully I’m wrong and we get 15k viewers all the time!

99% sure it had nothing to do with the world cup. I highly doubt they view KI as enough cocompetition to be worth undermining.

Are you trying to make him feel worse about this? How does telling him that KI isn’t even worth being considered competition going to help? :unamused:

In any case, Capcom isn’t the only 1 making moves. Isn’t Netherrealm Studios supposed to be releasing their new netcode and Kombat Pack 2 soon for Mortal Kombat X? It’s going to be a free-for-all that benefits everyone involved in some way no matter how you look at it, and I’m proud of the fact that regardless of whether Killer Instinct is actually considered competition by the competition or not, it’s still definitely a competitor no matter how you slice it - and that there? That’s a fact…

Another way to look at it is if Capcom doesn’t even view Iron Galaxy as competition, then that’s even better. It’ll allow us to fly under the radar, so to speak, and scoop up some of their larger fanbase over the course of time. :wink:

Geez… now SquarEnix has annouced the FFXV stream on the 30th… is this some kind of evil plot or something? LOL just kiddin


Well, it is pax south. And durring this torrent of news all going down this weekend, I’ll be stuck in a cabin.

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Here’s another thought: the beta is happening all over the world at the same time. People in EU and Asia will get to both play SF and watch KI if they stay up or get up early, it’s only the Americas that’s a little screwed - but only a little, since the demo will be something like three hours long, so you still get the rest of the day to play. I strongly doubt this is intentional.

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Personally, I’m Ready For KIWC. SFV Will Be Out In A Couple Of Weeks So I’ll Deal With That Then. I’m Excited To See Something Pertaining To Season 3.


You are probably right… still I feel somehow like KI doesn’t get enough showtime:(


I don’t think it is anything to worry about. Season 3 is pretty hype.

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Especially if the beta is like last time (I think) Where you can’t find a match for 5 hours and they have to fix it later :wink:

Im sorry but the SF5 beta is so boring…why would anyone want to drop watching the stream and play the beta? you have 48 hours to play the beta and 3 hours to watch the stream. Im pretty sure people can divide up thee time accordingly. Also the game comes out 2 weeks later so why spend 2 whole days playing the beta?

I dont see it as an issue…I see it more as a desperate attempt to bring back fans they may be loosing because the beta is really boring.


@Akudesyn I agree with you, at the same though…I don’t.

When I heard that the SFV beta was the same weekend as the KIWC, I thought the same thing that you did. I mean it can be argued that these things are planned months in advance, but the KIWC has been sitting on the weekend for a long time now. Why would they plan for this to happen then? But if you look at SFV, and the moves / plans Capcom and Sony have been making from the start, you can see that they look at KI as direct competition.

I’ve been saying from the start that Sony was positioning SFV to go head-to-head with KI…get that, Sony took notice of KI, as did Capcom, and acted accordingly. I mean Sure SF is a bigger name than KI, so sure SFV is going to do more than KI in terms of revenue, but there is no denying that the SFV devs are/were biting hard off KI and learning from what the KI devs did first.

From the Online, to the character diversity, to the payment model, Capcom and Sony looked at KI, and decided to take them on directly.

Ultimately though, I agree with @GalacticGeek that what Capcom/Sony is doing will only serve to push the IG and MS more. As you can see, NRS pushed Capcom to create a real story-mode for SFV, just as KI is pushing them both to have better online, character diversity, and not do the yearly update thing (though I’d say that last one was a long time gripe with many SF fans, casual and hardcore). There will always be a push and pull in these things.

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Don’t worry about that! KI World Cup will get many viewership than SF5 beta because they would reveal Kim Wu’s trailer at KI WC!


I know I"ll probably get crucified for this, but yesterday when I was watching Flash’s stream, he had to go take care of something so he put on a video of Max playing SFV, and my god was it boring by comparison. I’ve enjoyed Street Fighter in my day for sure, and I’m thankful for what it has and will continue to do for the FGC. However, I just have to say that KI is so hype and intense by comparison. I couldn’t wait for him to get back and play KI again.


Yeah, after playing Street Fighter 4 yesterday, I was LONGING to play KI, because KI is so much more hyoe in comparison. Sure, Street Fighter fills a niche I have, but ultimately, KI is more hype than any fighting game I’ve played as of right now.


I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The KI fans are likely going to tune it, like somebody said the beta is 2 days long, people can find a way to do both. I doubt the people that are/were planning on watching KWC are now going to ditch it completely just to play SFV beta, I sure wont be lol I have been in the beta since launch and played it like twice.

yep, I agree. SF5 new mechanics are clearly inspired by KI. V-trigger is very similar to Instinct mode and v-reversal it’s almost like a shadow counter (although Alpha counter came first). Anyway I feel the 2 games are now more alike than ever before, with SF5 ditching extreme exection in favor of decision making.

Hopefully the PC release will bring more SF players over. I play both, I don’t see why anybody else can do the same:)

I don’t think there is an evil plot going on, or that they purposely planned this event to coincide with KIWC. Capcom has been having open betas for months now. Their game is about to be released in Mid February, so it makes since that they’d have one last beta at the end of Jan.

Secondly, SFV is a PS4 only game, so unless you have both an Xbox One and a PS4 you’re not going to care about SFV until the PC port is released.

At the end of the day, I think it is just coincidental.