Let's talk about Capcom playing dirty with us!

Thanks for the post. Funny how people are in that thread complaining about playing people of different ranks in SFIV. And people on here act like KI is the only game where you ever get matched against someone if a disparate skill level.

I think it’s hilarious some of the comments are, “Thanks, KI!”


After watching the Ultra Chen show with Sajam and reading the above article…I realize there are many, many players that have absolutely NO CLUE about Killer Instinct! None…never heard of it…never played it…think combo breakers are stupid… they havent got a clue. Which is so strange to me. I like Fighting games and I keep up with pretty much all of them to a certain degree. Even if I dont play them.

Even the few Mk players I converted to KI…they talked as if they never even heard of the game and didnt know any of the characters…how it worked ,… notta. How can you play MK on Xbox and not know about KI??

that tell me that MS is not pushing this game hard enough…how hard is it to do a small advertisement? There are advertisements for Thief… and a ton of other small games…but none for KI.


People like what they like.

I’m a big FG fan, but I know little to nothing about the anime games, KOF’s systems, even the ins and outs of how SF works! SF is the “biggest” FG, but there are plenty of people who aren’t into it, let alone know everything about it.

KI is a fairly niche title. I can see how there are many FG players / fans aren’t paying any attention to the game, let alone learning how it plays. That being said, I’m glad KI was able to get on shows like ‘UltraChenTV’ and ‘The Best of III’. I have a good feeling that MANY people will see KI in a new light after this weekend (good or bad).

Ki is has been advertised on the home page all month.

No it has not…maybe on the games with gold…but it has not been on the main home page of the Xbox. Im on that ■■■■■ all night and all weekend. Its never on the front page when you sign in. The last time is was on the “games page” was when Aria came out or a new character. It would only be a pic of that character and nothing more. It would link you to a killer as KI HUD with tracks from S1 and all kind of other cool stuff…then it would disappear.
You cant tell me its been advertised enough… not enough IMO anyways

Hell, Ive advertised KI more on the Xbox community, Facebook, online matches and other chances than MS has.

That’s fair. I don’t expect everyone to know all about how KI works if they aren’t really interested in the game.

There’s no question that MS is not putting much muscle behind KI’s advertising. I don’t know why this is - neglect or analysis showing it’s not worth it. But in either case, we have to do our part because more players are in our interest. Keep up the good work!

On topic, I’ve been playing the SFV beta. I’m relieved that it works on my PC again since the last beta had a fatal error in it that really gummed up my PC. But I’m finding the game to be a bit boring. It really encourages conservative play. Everything can be punished - including a blocked c.HK. Clearly that’s by design and I’m sure there will be lots of people loving it. But it leads to a lot of standing around waiting for your opponent to do something unsafe.

I haven’t given up on it yet. A guy showed up playing Dhalsim last night and he was great. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out his zoning, and I was making progress even though I lost. Almost everyone online is playing Ken, Ryu, or Karen in my experience. I fought one Zangief who didn’t have a clue what he was doing. Anyway, we will see how the game develops. Right now I don’t see it pulling me away from the KI World Cup broadcast, let alone S3.

Yeah, def not playing it while anything interesting at the KI World Cup is on. And though I’ll definitely be on SFV when it comes out, I really can’t see it taking KI’s spot as my #1 game. It’s great for what it is, but KI just has so much more depth in terms of what you have to look out for in the neutral and in how the act of offense actually plays out. SFV is pretty much about spacing, spacing, spacing. I’m enjoying SFV, but KI’s got my heart :slightly_smiling: