Let's settle this once and for all, Which one do you want the most?

Which one of these are you all interested in the most?

  • KI Season 4
  • Killer Instinct 4
  • Original KI: HD remake with the current gameplay/combo system of KI3

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Season 4 pretty please, thank you. :sunglasses:


Either S4 or KI4 is fine with me. I would be happy with either one of those 2 options.

Season 4. I enjoy the graphics now and the more fighters there are, the more interesting it gets.

KI4 or S4. Both would be nice.

I’m somewhat torn. Primary want is Season 4, but it’d be awesome to have a remaster of the classic games using the new engine included in that. Re-Done FOV, updated Classic Stages, and Classic arcade ladders? Sign me up!

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Season 4, of course.

Let’s see how many voters we can get.

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But which one would interest you the most?

Honestly I’d like to see that too but its something that could be done now, making a game with the updated engine and graphics but only with retro assets would basically be like cutting out the new characters and just playing this game as is. If they added in retro stages and some more costumes, the same product could be achieved with a “classic” ladder mode that only uses some of the cast in retro outfits on retro stages.

I do want a sequel but it doesn’t have to happen any time soon, season 4 is my priority.

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Question, how exactly do you mean remake of KI1? Do you mean like SF2 HD remake? Like just update the artwork, and then keep the core gameplay the same only tweak the moves so that they flow more smoothly like KI3 does (any button AD, hit P+K for breaker/counter breaker)? Sounds like a neat idea, but it would likely take a lot of work, and IMHO it might be better to just do something like a classic/retro arcade ladder for KI3.


Yep. Except the core gameplay would be more like it is in KI3. Either that or make the classic’s core gameplay more accessible while including a training mode similar to dojo mode to teach people how to play it. And of course, enhanced graphics for the game overall.

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Don’t get me wrong on this, it sounds like a neat idea, but essentially that’s pretty much is what KI3 is. Not that it couldn’t be done, I mean SF2HD & SF4 both co-existed, but aside from the original movesets, like…well…ok honestly pretty much Thunder, Glacius, and Eyedol would be the only ones that would play too terribly differently, and good luck getting MS to restore Thunder to his OG self, but you wouldn’t be gaining much from making an old/new hybrid what couldn’t be acomplished better by simply adding some more classic-ish goodies (accessories, game modes,stages) to the current KI.


I agree. Also I would love to see classic stages in KI3 but by the looks of it, they’re too expensive. Although I wonder if retro stages would be less expensive than new ones.

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Wow nobody wants KI4? I understand. KI4 would mean potential new developer, new engine, missing characters and whatnot. Season 4 might be a better choice.

Here’s how I see a potential fourth KI:

Developer - Iron Galaxy, Playtonic Games or someone else
Music by - Mick Gordon
Engine - Unreal 4, Frostbite 3 or something else

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My 1st choice: Killer Instinct Season 4
My 2nd choice: Killer Instinct 4


Ki2 or 4.

don’t want huge new batch of characters
don’t want a sequel until next gen (let everybody get hungry for a sequel, let everybody master KI)

would like real cutscenes in story mode, more costumes and stages, good KI movie
would like Microsoft to reward IG with a few years to dream up an original IP


It depends on how they go about adding them. At bare minimum they could do something similar to the training stage where they plaster the image onto a wall and the floor, but not transparent so as to give it a projector-like look. If they did fully flesh them out pretty much all of the classic stages wouldn’t be nearly as detailed as the current ones. And I don’t know how they would handle the rotating stages such as Orchid’s building top unless they treated them in the same way the SNES version did and just make them not rotate, but then it’d just be a boring flat surface with a background and a knock-off on either side.

Season 4, but with a MASSIVE POLISH PASS.

Make it a 4-character season if they have to, but

  1. MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS A STAGE (including any S3 character still missing a stage)

  2. have a XBox Neo version that has good resolution, textures and AA (some textures in KI are really bad, anyone can see that in character intros)

  3. Fix the Stage Ultra animations

  4. Fix the Retro skins (rat Sabrewulf, Orchid, Jago, Fulgore, etc)

  5. Fix ALL FUR and HAIR