Learning More About The Fight – Game HUD Updates! (Discussion Thread)

Discuss the Game HUD Updates in this thread!

Frontpage post: http://www.ultra-combo.com/learning-more-about-the-fight-game-hud-updates/



Graphical representation of the lockout timer - YES

Reversal and punish displays - SO MUCH YES

Expansion of cause of lockout display - SWEET


These all look like nice updates that will help players get better within the combo system. Good job guys.

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These are very smart additions. Not only will they help new players learn the systems, they’ll enhance our enjoyment of streamed tournaments!

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Lol @Marbledecker Hype.

I like it, but It’s gonna take me a while not to stare at the new things instead of focusing on the gameplay. LOL :laughing:

But having all those things will make streams hype, and better players! Now, there is not a reason to “Guess Break” all the time. LOL

@TheKeits When does Update 2.12 come out? Or is that the update with Shadow Jago, therefore you are unable to tell us?


interesting… I wonder if the new ui will create more clutter or distractions while playing…I am all for them tho. I see everyone leveling up with these additions. Nice feature :grinning:

I’m a little worried about the clutter as well. Since I might start streaming, I’ve been looking for the best places to put face cams. I hope they leave the bottom center of the screen as is so I won’t have to cover any useful ui elements.


These are some great ideas! Love having more information like that in-fight.

Lockout Strength is an awesome idea. For those of us that aren’t particularly great at memorizing autos or manuals, having a visual representation telling us what we just saw is definitely helpful both in the current match (in case we see that animation again and can recognize it more easily the second or third go around) and it’ll hopefully train people for future encounters as well. Sounds like something that could make players better and I’m all for it.

Also love the lockout timer. I have a pretty decent feel for when a lockout’s going to end, but having an actual timer is a much better option, as it takes some of the guesswork out. I’ll be curious to see if this leads to more counter breakers or less given that both players will now know the exact time the lockout ends. That could lead to some interesting mind games.

Great job, guys!

I like that, that will help people to understand the game faster (I’m thinking about Pc gamer especially)

Not a big fan of that clock counter breaker though, but that’s not a big deal.

Very smart design decisions I’ve been hoping for things like this for a while. I approve.

“Soon” TM

We are just as excited as you guys are :smile:


Very smart update And a good way to counter guess breaking, to teach players what locked them out instead. Good stuff I dropped the game for a while, but that’s enough to make me play again I approve of this.

dont kid yourself. guessbreaking is not going anywere, just because of a few hud changes.

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He never said it was disappearing; he simply noted the possibility of some curtailment, which I think is the best we can ask for. Players will always press panic buttons.

I don’t think the interesting idea of showing the strength of buttons, because the minimum that each player has to know are the movements of the characters. :sweat:

People guess break because they don’t know what strength to break.

Being informed what locked them out makes them learn so they won’t be guessingif they see that animation again, guessing will allways exist to some extent.

Due to some linkers giving no visual clues. Like kan ra or orchids flick flack.

But it does address the problem

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How about we learn like we have over the past two years lol.

Can we have a toggle off for this stuff? I hated the ! Symbols and now we have MUCH more.

I love the fact this helps new people playing but some thing are learnt best from just playing the game… i know how long your going to be locked out for from experience im not sure i need the timer.

The reversals and punishment logo UGH why dont we just fill the whole screen with txt as to what to do next lol. Maybe put the moves list under the combo.

The less on the screen visually the better for me.

Fingers crossed ill be able to toggle these off.

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I think this is a good addition, but this is geared towards Stream Commentators and new players IMO. I think for us OG players, it will be a nice addition too. Think about it. When S3 comes out, we will have a better understanding of it, and characters will be a bit easier to break, as we will be looking for more animations.

Give it time guys, It hasn’t even come out yet! :slight_smile:



Thanks for letting us know about these updates, they all sound rather interesting/helpful, to those with sight. There’s my sticking point, but I’ll phrase it in the form of a question. How will this benefit players who can’t see the game at all/might not be looking at the screen for whatever reason during the match? This information is certainly useful, but if it can’t be used/assimilated in any way other than visually, we’re still in patch 2.11 gameplay-wise as far as I can see at the moment if we have no sight.

I’m not saying that every single feature has to benefit blind/low vision players of KI, but that I am a firm believer in having a more equal gaming experience between those who can break via animations and those who can’t for example. That’s why I felt it best to raise this point now, so that if any ideas needed to be worked out to compliment these new UI changes, they could be sorted out and polished ready for a future update at the very least.

Looking forward to Season 3 and the various improvements it’ll bring, hopefully.

Thanks again for the update.

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So after us asking for a year now for the fonts to change to match the rest of the game you guys still insist on using the season 1 font? I hope its not final and we get a new style for season 3 otherwise im going to be disappointed