Leaks = Community Distrust?

Most likely they will sack him/her or something.
I don’t think they will banish them from the country or phone the police… Lol

exactly what i think too cause thats nope normal to silent the fake informations but more sense to silent the true.

That’s the only thing I can think of. How else would somebody have access to that stuff? It’s not like there are physical copies of the game to leak from, and I don’t think they have any of this stuff uploaded anywhere online yet if things are still unfinished, so whoever this person is would likley have to have some sort of access to an unfinished build of S3.


or photoshop.

Anyway, it is now 10:30amCentral time and no devs have locked these newer leak threads.

I wonder if that means something?

I love me some surprises as much as the next guy but if the game is dropping in less than 3 weeks maybe it’s time to spill all the beans and let everyone know what we’re getting and when and how much. Time for the deets!

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Microsoft has always had a kind of ‘dev’ version of xbox live and likely windows store. If you have access to it you can download unfinished games. That’s how they distribute stuff for testing etc before release.

Also, the leaker kind of made it sound like A) What he had was on pc and B) that he assumed he had a pretty old build.


It all looks way too real to be photoshop IMO. The colors of Rash not matching is an interesting idea, but we know things change, and w.e build the leaks came from could have been from an earlier build before they finalized his exact colors.

@Thrustbucket: I see, that makes a lot more sense than somebody at IG/MS leaking the stuff lol

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if you read everything you would see that the guy said it was an older build of the game. And that none should reflect what will be int eh final release. Read everything from that guys posts on Neogaf
this guy is paying attention…

People are exciting you know, hell there is even an article at Shoryuken.com about this!


IG knows they have to address this now. I am sure they are meeting right now trying to figure out how. I really do feel bad for them. I’ve been in game development and I have a pretty good idea how they feel right now. It sucks ■■■.

On the bright side, the leaks have me far more pumped for season 3. I don’t think I’m alone.

What got me was the post on Shoryuken’s Facebook page. It made it sound like on of those wink wink kind of leaks but it seemed out of place for IG to drop a tease of TWO characters.

Keep in mind we did get hints like this back in the first two seasons with the next character, stuff like Maya’s leg, omen on vine etc. This is what I thought before coming here and seeing no talk about it.

From what I did see I can say without a doubt despite only having 3 stages, season 3 is still going to be a treat.

At this point, I think we’re way beyond the realm of acting like we don’t know anything. I reject IG enough not to talk about the topic at hand, however there’s strong indication that this recent news holds up. Having talks about season 3 in this forum will be tampered by the looming thought of recent info while tip toeing over the topic.

I don’t feel that it spoiled anything for me. In fact one of the things I saw got me pretty hyped. But admittedly I am a bit disappointed in the way things have been handled so far. They seem to ignore that it happened and delete all the evidence here on the forums. Maybe they have an emergency meeting right now and we’ll get an official statement later today. But as of now it’s a shame that we can’t discuss the elephant in the room on the official forums when it’s all over the internet anyway.


This is exactly where I’m at now. At first I wasn’t going to look as I wanted to be surprised, but then I was just like ■■■■ it.

IG and MS are dragging their feet on releasing info on this IMO. The leak really wasn’t that big of a deal (if you ask me), but there is no denying that it did serve to get the KI name out there for a bit outside of any official announcements. The funny thing is that I see a lot of positive comments regarding KI around this leak…like it’s almost like people are looking forward to the game! Wow. Who’d of thunk that if new news gets out there, people get excited.

Come on IG/MS, spill the beans. Holding on to content now just makes me more worried in a sense, like they aren’t confident in what they have. They should be blowing the ■■■■ out, raising hype levels everyday, not actively NOT talking about it until some arbitrary date.

Sorry to drag this on, but the way they are doing this just baffles me.

So many games blow their advertising out there, but with they KI just don’t. I was thinking about this the other day, that KI:S3 was announced 9 months ago with a big splash, and after that we had 7 months of silence. Sure within the last 2 months we’ve only got balance changes (this was awesome and in depth, so no complaints with that specifically), and a few trailers and character breakdowns for the 4 launch characters, but why is that it?

Don’t get me wrong, it is all great content, but the game releases in only a few weeks, and while we are all chomping at the bit, we still don’t really know what we are getting (lol). It is kind of sad.

I know I’m rambling, but don’t take my frustration as hate for the devs. I’m grateful for everything: the back stories, the blogs, the streams, etc. And even though there was a 7 month drought of info, I think it says a lot that I’m still here. But all that said, the frustration is real, and I feel they are just playing this to close to the chest.


We live in the age of technology where social media is a force to be reckoned with as it represents a vast collection of data and information. We are 3 weeks away from the launch of the game and we don’t even know the pricing details. So a leak as massive as this one I see as more of a transparency that should’ve been there in the month of March to begin with. 3 seasons in and we are still kept in the dark about crucial elements of our purchases.

Discovering the whole “only 3 stages” fiasco created a massive pool of disappointment because a lot of people expected that thus far things followed the same business model as the first two seasons, so why would it change now? But then another part of me thinks this wasn’t truly a “leak” and now we enter into the realm of conspiracy…

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Wait! What if this leak was on purpose? That has certainly happened before (though I can’t remember any specific scenarios). Look at all the hype and attention it generated. Look at all the articles that are being written.
I don’t recall Tusk’s reveal getting as much attention from media outlets.



Dont ever post a leak again pls

Man those guys are the worst

To be honest, the leak did not provide any information that I desperately needed to know before launch. I also bought season two without knowing every single character. This was a nice unexpected present from someone who wanted a bit of internet fame and certainly got it. But many other burning questions still remain unanswered.

More like a some sort of graphical error.