Evolve or Die

I am unique

Oh god, she’s one of THOSE people
Love the format on this one.
A diary. Adorable :heart_eyes:

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I really love these entries. When fighting games care about the lore put into it, it hits a special part of my heart. <3


Well that was a plot twist I didn’t see coming :frog:


Huh–so she captured Glacius, huh? Interesting–I’m curious about the timeline in that regard, especially since there was no mention of that whatsoever in his backstory. Is that just a reference to his confinement in the original games, did it happen between Seasons 1 and 2 (after Sadira opened the portal, maybe), or does it occur somewhere “behind the scenes” in Seasons 2 and 3?

You guys are moving full steam ahead !!!

Thanks so much!!!

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You sneaky goose! This only proves my past crazy suspicions!


Are we going to get backstories for the canonical season 3 fighters? Not right now, obviously, but when the season is over?

Are we gonna hear season 3 stories next? I hope Kim Wu and Tusk are the first!

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OMG, that IMO, was the best character story by far!

I loved her evolution!
I loved the evolution of the company name!
I loved the amount of science, art, and other references that abound within!
I loved that she kept a journal!
I loved the bloodbourne pathogen that might reference a vampire character (or was it referencing AIDS/HIV?)!

I hated the 2 grammar errors within the story. A “me” is missing as is a “we” as well.


I’d say this backstory probably has the most character development of all the other’s. Good work here.


I can’t help but laugh at that.


THIS WAS SO LONG but still so entertaining.

“He accomplished the first, but failed at the second. RIP.”-ARIA

This line made me laugh.

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The 1st mention of Roswell gave me goosebumps. :slight_smile:


That was a tasty writeup. Might be the best yet.


I feel bad for Aria now. Ryat is sad that Aria couldn’t get feelings. Good story.

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It’s amazing how you read her going from essentially a child to a full blown HAL 9000 villain. I also love how you guys worked in the info from the trailer, the first initial backstory, the season 2 story modes, and even (What I assume) is some of the story from KI1.

I agree this was the best story so far. And I hope the characters get wiki pages of some sort so we can read an organized page of all the characters backstories combined with all the info we we’ve been given through the years.


This is a great way to end the expanded backstories. Really well done. A very compelling and interesting read - it takes a bit of skill to make you care about the villain. It’s hard to read this and not be at least a little bit on ARIA’s side, even when every other entry gives you the chills.


Incredible. Really well done. Probably my favorite. It reminded me of those creepy/fascinating diaries you read in the first Resident Evil. Where the guy is slowly turning into a zombie. Awesome work on these for every character. We as a community truly appreciate this. Thank you very much! <3


Best back story yet. So interesting I wish there was more. She’s shaping up to be one of my favorites


Man that was deep I almost founf her to be amusing in that way for awhile.

She started from this innocent and curious being to this figure who will force human evolution, even if it kills us.

Wow what a heavy contrast

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The Stephen Hawking reference was kinda interesting…what with him actually speaking up about AI recently.

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