Leaks = Community Distrust?

As you all may know, the forums have been exploding with rumors about potential unreleased content, and the devs are taking quick action to keep it classified. I personally am worried that this could lead to some negative situations in the future.

Leaks are everywhere, whether it be on a video game or on a TV show that’s taking a really long hiatus. IG on the other hand has done a very good job at keeping their content hidden during season 2, so it came to a suprise to me that there were leaks on S3. The issue that I have is that, because IG and the community work so closely together when it comes to KI, the community leaking unreleaced content could cause the devs to loose trust in us. This would make sence if leaks start getting pushed out more frequently, and from what I heard, some very big stuff for leaked. I can imagine that the devs are both angry and disappointed about this, since they’ve been working so hard on the game and itching to reveal more content, only for the community to spoil it.

Please don’t think that I’m criticizing the KI community. I love KI and its community may be one of the best fighting game community’s out there. But I feel that the leaked content could badly effect the trust between IG and the KI community.


I hope they catch the prick that started all this.


I feel the same, bro XD

They already know the person who leaked it, his Neogaf name at the very least.

Oh god, I can only imagine what IG has planned for that guy XD

If this thread stays up, i would like to talk about why i think it is fake.

But for now, ill just say that i think its fake.

It could be anything, really. I’m restraining myself to look at it in respect for IG, but there is a possibility that it could be fake and just some trick. Only time can tell, though.

people forget one thing. Leaks can cause excitement.

The best reaction to a leak ever.
Oct 2014 - Age of Ultron trailer was supposed to show with Agents of Shield, but a lower quality version got leaked.

Within a few hours, Disney tweeted out “Damn Hydra…” and released the full 1080P version (they dont want people making an opinion based on a low quality version).

Then, they cut a different trailer with new footage to show with Agents of Shield.

The reactions on other forums seem to be positive for KI so that’s good. It still gives an idea as to what gamers who use forums are thinking.

Now they just have to decide how they want damage control.

Ie. a smart one would be to announce some more stuff; it stops confusion and clarifies things, like what disney did.




Fake? I don’t even think so at this point. Especially when threads are getting locked.


Can someone tell me what happens at the end of Maya’s Story? I need to know before i talk about why i think it is fake.

I hate to tell you this, but while you are trying to do a noble thing and discuss the ramifications of a single community member’s actions, as well as try to instill faith in IG towards us, in the end this does nothing but further draw attention to the individual and their actions and acknowledges them and what they did.

I’m pretty sure IG knows who this community is as a whole, and knows we supported them through a very rough season 2, where they received a much harsher reception from a lot of people who may not have been pleased with every little detail because their character wasn’t pitch perfect from what they remember, or just trolls in general. There were many unbelievers out there who didn’t think the game could survive a transition in developer and with good reason. Iron Galaxy knows who their audience is, how critical they are, and who actually loves and supports this game, enough to even crowd fund extra content.

I don’t believe they would be so petty as to let the actions of one person affect their judgement of this community as a whole. They know we care, and also know from past experience that you are bound to have some like this who don’t play fair.

What this constant thread opening and discussion of these events isn’t showing our support for IG, it’s drawing attention to this person’s actions and giving his empty words credence.

If you truly care about IG and the community, do this instead:

Instead of tempting @rukizzel @TempusChaoti @CStyles45 , and the other community leader’s patience by giving them endless threads about the incident to close, how about we do what we’ve been doing all along, hyping season 3 and discussing what we look forward to the most, without paying any credit to empty unfounded rumors.

What do we know: Arbiter, Tusk, Kim Wu, Rash, 3 stages, 1 stage ultra, new mechanics, an awesome new interface is in the works with the purple and green color and they keep showing us a placeholder every time they stream and its killing me as to what it is, new lighting, and a whole new PC community chapter to play against. I’d say between everything they have shown us, there is plenty to discuss to avoid giving credit to these rumors.

So let’s enjoy what’s coming, and as tempting as it is, let’s not try and peak at the presents Santa is bringing when Season 3 launches, have faith, and believe. Talking about it with thousands of threads WILL NOT help anything. I’m sure IG knows the true fans, US, we care about this game, and they aren’t going to hold us as a whole accountable for the actions of an individual. Let’s stop making topics we know are just going to end up getting locked.


Whoever leaked that stuff isn’t a regular member of the community like us. This guy has a screen shot of a new character, a screen shot of another unannounced character’s name, a screen shot of the character select, and one more thing. He has to be on the inside.


Whoever leaked that stuff isn’t a regular member of the community like us. This guy has a screen shot of a new character, a screen shot of another unannounced character’s name, a screen shot of the character select, and one more thing. He has to be on the inside.

This should be acceptable enough to help you realize these leaks are real. No amount of photoshop is going to change that.


Playing the game is one option, or the fastest of all. Youtube it.

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Doubt its fake

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Thinking the same thing

i woke up to the leaks posted up on a facebook group im in this morning. this really sucks for the devs, every textual stream, tender moments events they throw at us they wanna surprise us with info and get the hype train rolling. the stuff that was spoiled, probably has them banging their heads on their desks right now. man that sucks!

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well… First thing i can say without spoiling anything is that Rash’s colors in the screenshot do not line up with the screenshots that got released a little while ago. You can see multiple places where the color is different. I think it was photoshopped. Because the model in the leaked screenshot does NOT match the model from the news post.

IG might manage the boards but the info came into the only logical place that it could. From the bowls of the Internet, it worked its way up to its main target. which is the very heart of the KI community.
(aka, here)

MS is kinda hit or miss with things of this nature. Are they gonna send the Men In Black after this dude? probably not.

Honestly tho I’m kinda glad it happened. while it certainly has its downside. the upside is that this 1 month tease schedule is stupid. this is a retail game. it’s not Hanukkah, or my kids birthday, where I drop hints for a month.

The entrance curve to KI is harsh. it’s frustrating to new players. tell them what their getting for SE3, so they can start learning with the rest of the established player base as soon as it drops.

I still dont know. But I do hope your someway right because i personally can do away with what I saw.[quote=“MrxFlutterShy, post:18, topic:5933”]
I think it was photoshopped.

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