LCD Drops the Gauntlet on Thompson


Hmmmmmmm…I dunno. You really want that title? Kinda sounds…eh.


Doesn’t bother me, I play video games for fun. What people think of me or how I choose to play is their problem lol.


True…but, then why ask for the title in the first place then? Sounds just like a useless burden. Dead weight so to speak.

Don’t do it, LCD, for the love of hype dammit don’t do it.

…Dammit, LCD, you did it. You wanna know why I’m proud of you?

…because I’m not proud of you.

(I kid, I kid. If you’re our FChamp, we’re in good shape. I’ll take it!)

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Title of what? Being the best?
I don’t want it lol.

No the title of Fchamp.

lol it’s just fun.
my personality is hard to understand which is why I’m hated so much haha

Well it is the internet.

Does this mean I fail the turing test?

Just promise to do the morphing sequence after you beat him, or better yet in between the match.

Meanwhile, at Combo Breaker


Exactly what I thought, and I think it’s a great approach. Sure it’s cliche, silly and easily dismissible. But, it gathers attention and win or lose, in the end KI wins in publicity.

Glad you guys are doing this though, I don’t think you should easily dismiss the hype though and say the true meaning to keep “those” people from going, “oh it’s fake everyone look it’s fake!”.

Anyway, props for doing this dude :clap:t3:

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This is fun to see unfold. I like LCD’s promo, but I liked Thompson’s response more :joy:
I may or may not agree with LCD in general, but I believe he’s a solid player. I hope to see a great fight between the two, 10-5 to Thompson for my money, but it definitely won’t be one-sided.

Thank you :slight_smile:


You guys killed all the hype for me :unamused: now I don’t believe in it. Thank you.

Bruh, I challenge you to a $12.68 money match… my bank account is tapped out as a college student but lets go!



Get hyped!






…I’m bad at these :laughing:


I’m actually one of the few “top players” that’s actually tries to help other learn and get better. These forums are small simple and single point of communication and obviously don’t represent everything that takes place or happens. I have people on the daily asking me to help them though you wouldn’t know that because they don’t do it on the forums publicly. People need guidance and not just pointing them to a YouTube video and telling them “get good” which is mostly what I see.

Secondly, up until this point the only way I was able to go to tournaments is because people believed in me and helped me afford to get to them. HKSmash sponsored me and send me to SCR and clearly his investment paid off. I’ve been broke up until now streaming and now I work a full time 55 hour a week job and still find it tough to save money and travel while also still finding the time to help others…so how dare you.

Also shout outs to Keits coming into my streams on the regular and having a good time :slight_smile:


HYPE Killed.

Boo! Hiss! :thumbsdown:

Even if it’s fake, make us believe it’s real.

-10/10 Thumbs Down :thumbsdown:



I promise it’s not fake. My will to prove I can beat Thompson definitely real and I will prove it. Being a money match makes it even that much more important.