LCD Drops the Gauntlet on Thompson

The problem I have is that he spends way too much time complaining about trivial things, trolling, or promoting a toxic environment.

In the “call out” video he complains that (paraphrasing) he hasn’t received the same level of attention that Thompson has, which is ridiculous; how can he seriously expect to get the same kind of praise (for not attending/not winning tournaments) as someone who has been consistently attending, placing well, and even winning them?

I’m not knocking his skill at the game, I just personally think his attitude and mindset about KI is woefully misguided.


Thanks for posting that. I deleted my post. It said the same things, but in a more blunt way.

People might talk about him more, and shown him respect if he showed other players respect.

These guys dont know lcd. Dont mind them

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In the “call out” video he complains that (paraphrasing) he hasn’t received the same level of attention that Thompson has

But isn’t that part of the show? I mean,aren’t that kind of things not strange to the FGC? I’m new to salty suites or money matches but I guess it’s something to put more hype on it, right?. That’s what I’m understanding.

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I think what you guys don’t see is that regardless of how you feel about the guy, this guy is a fearsome KI player. The way his “attitude” is on the forums doesn’t equal his level of skill. I think there’s a strong chance he can beat him.

Besides, you guys make it sound like he trolls the community. He has always given his opinion in a very constructive manner regardless of if you agree with it or not. He is not the type to make a troll post and then continue to say Blasphemous things,


Like I said, I’m not questioning his ability to play KI well, or that this would make an interesting set to watch. I couldn’t even tell you who I think will win.

From my experience with how he acts here and on his Twitch streams, I simply think his attitude is wrong for both the community and the game; I think that it’s unrealistic to believe that a team who hasn’t made the playoffs in a long time deserves as much credit as the team who won the last Superbowl.

But that’s just my personal opinion - I’m not a dev, not a tournament player or organizer, not someone looking to start a movement with regards to KI; I’m simply someone who likes the game and wants to see the game and community thrive. My opinion means very little, but it’s mine.


“I’ve always felt like the neglected step child.”

Anyone have a spare Participation Trophy lying around?

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Shots fired!

More than once he has bashed Kiets on his stream, then a few hours later he is here on the fourms saying that we should respect Keits, because he knows what he is doing.

So he is a good KI player, but so are alot of other people here on the fourm. I have yet to see him post something that helps another player “something a good player would do”, but there are quite a few great KI players that do help others here on the fourm.

Now tournament wins would mean more to me if more people went. Not all of us live with parents and can afford to spend $100’s on a trip to play a video game.

If he wants more respect from others, than he needs to start showing more respect to more than just a few players that he thinks are worthy.

Jesus, if u feel that way about a guy like lcd, who I consider tame, I’d hate to know how u feel about everyone else on these forums. people who love the game are emotional. some passionate emotions are controversial. that’s just how human beings in general operate. that’s why we use foul language to convey our feelings towards certain subject matter.

if people had a politically correct attitude about everything I doubt people would never correlate between words and emotion in written form.

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It’s all in good fun. He’s just playing the bad guy. That’s why I said in the title I love me some good WWE drama. Thompson even responded back with his own WWE taunt call out.


I’m aware. This is good stuff.

“Just have that money ready for me.” Wow., well, kids confidence at least. I’ll give him that.

I mean why would he? Lol if your name is @F3Sleep @UABass or @BHThompxson then you have the right to be confident in KI.

I dunno. I’m not thompson.

Yeah, it’s hilarious!

This guy genuinely has a gentle soul lol

@ItzTymeToDul Look at it this way, people are picking favorites here. It’s nothing against the matchup persay which is why it’s one sided.

I still think it goes 10-8 in Thompxson favor because Jago beats Orchid, at least in pre 3.6 he did.

Look LCD is a great competitor, he has great footsies, fundamentals and experience against Jago. But he relies a lot on grenade setups and the same vortex. Granted, I know he will change it and if he settles down and meets Thompxson in the battle of better fundamentals, he will take it. But I don’t think he will, Thompxson dominates footsies and fundamentals. He doesn’t need gimmicks or crazy setups, he uses pure grade-A fundamentals and incorporates some slight of hand magic to dominate his opponents.

I still think it will be close, but character-wise and dominance of solid fundementals will mean Thompxson will take this very close set 10-8.

On paper I think Thompson wins. He has the talent and hardwork that deserves an EVO medal but my trolling heart wants LCD to win and do the morph sequence on stage after beating Thompson.


I’m fan of LCD. But I’m little worry about him because I don’t want to see him lose… :confused:

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This will probably kill the hype but me and Thompson agreed to a MM at world cup weeks before I posted this video. It was more of an attention grab if anything just to officially announce it for the community. But thanks for your input on my attitude.

Same. win or lose, money matches are always hype and bring excitement to the community. If I don’t cause drama (good drama) then everything is boring so I’m willing to take heat for the greater good. Hey someone gotta do it, I don’t see anyone else stepping up. :slight_smile: Sometimes I feel people forget that it’s much easier to sit back spectate, and criticize everything a player does than it is to actually get up and play for yourself. People can talk bad about me all they want which I’m sure most of them have never even been to a KI major to support or know what it’s like to play good players.

Just think of me as the FChamp of KI.