Kombat Pack 2 (Mortal Kombat X)

So the Kombat Pack 2 characters have officially been shown by Nether-realm studios and is made up of 4 character who are as follows

Leather-face (Texas Chainsaw massacrer franchise)

Tribot (A.K.A Cyrax, Sektor and Default or Cyber smoke)

Bo Rai Cho (Liu Kangs drunken master)

Xenomorph (Alien w/Baraka blades)

The Kombat pack 2 will be coming in 2016

What are your thoughts?

(Quick summary of mine…Leatherface is disappointing and not someone I would want personally, Tribot is who I want to play the most since I LOVE the MK cyborgs, Bo Rai Cho I am quite happy with but not crazy and the Xenomorph is really cool and the Baraka blades are pretty neat)

Official Image:

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d7f14a1f05fcc186c1504bbc4bc35c046b7a5fe9.png" width=“500” height=“250”



Honestly, the only character in this pack that I don’t care for is Leatherface, mostly because I have never heard of him till now. Though after doing some research it appears that the actor that played him passed recently so this might be a tribute to him.

Aside from that, I am super stoked for all the other characters! And Alien having the armblades? Who saw that coming?!? The guy that thought of that deserves a huge raise!

Shago launched today

MK trailer today

just a coincidence :sunglasses:

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While the other three are cool ideas, especially to combine the robots into a single character using the Variation system and the Baraka-morph, I am completely baffled why they would leave characters like Rain Frost or even Sindel out (all of whom already had models and moves in the game) to put a bag of $hit like Bo Rai Cho in the game.

I’ve walked away from MKX because I just don’t understand the combo system and struggled to even have fun in single player, but I enjoy seeing the new characters, skins, fatalities etc. I guess 3/4 of the pack is cool.

As much as everyone want him to be cyber Smoke. Yes. Ed Boon will not let us down.

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Bo Rai Cho is a very polarizing character… I must say I’m very surprised to see him on this list.

I’ve always loved how xenomorphs adapt based on the physiology of their victimes, but holy cow, Baraka!? OMFGLMAO!!!


No Oderus but Leatherface?!? I want Vulvatron too

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[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:11, topic:3087, full:true”]
I’ve always loved how xenomorphs adapt based on the physiology of their victimes, but holy cow, Baraka!? OMFGLMAO!!!
[/quote]I can’t tell if this is an incredibly inspired move or just lame…

I’m a bit prone to hyperbole, but whatever, next to MK Special Forces, this is the most disappointed I’ve ever been with MK. We’ll now have four guests in one game and they’re all old horror characters that I honestly couldn’t care less about.

I play MK because I like the story, the characters and the gameplay. These Kombat Packs only check one of those boxes. I liked Tanya and was intrigued by Tremor enough to buy the first pack, but I’ve never enjoyed the cyber ninjas dating back to MK3 so Triborg does nothing for me.

As for Bo Rai Cho, I’ve always hesitantly liked him. On one hand, he’s the “wise sage / master” character in MK, and I’ve always dug that archetype. On the other hand, they made him a “drunk fat guy” joke where he burps and farts and crushes people and pukes etc. Not sure why they went that way with his character, but I always hated it.

So I’ll be curious how he ends up, but I can’t imagine any of it being good enough to make me want to spend my money on freaking Leatherface and an alien character that they’ve merged with my favorite character.

Sorry, I hate being one of the more narrow-minded “core” fans in this regard, but if they want to make a horror character game, great. Go for it. I’m sure it’d sell really well. I might even check that out. But get this shizz out of Mortal Kombat. Give me Fujin, Sareena, Noob, Baraka, Shang Tsung, Reiko, Havik, Hotaru, Shao Khan, etc.

I’d take a pack of Hsu Hao, Dariou, Meat and Blaze over what they’re giving us in KP2. Don’t know if I can justify spending money for a bunch of stuff I don’t want and a few things that I might (skins, arena, possibly Bo Rai Cho).

I don’t mean to sound so butt-hurt about it, but when a company ignores a large part of its core audience (who if twitter and MKO and other sites are to be believed, are largely displeased, if not outright incensed by this announcement) to appease a more casual crowd, it’s hard not to feel bitter about it, even if the logic and reasoning are justifiable.

Though to me, the people that really love this series are more likely to be the ones that are still playing it. I’m guessing many of the more casual players have moved on. So wouldn’t it stand to reason that many of those still playing would want more of what NRS does (ie MK stuff) over other stuff that’s not MK? Who knows. I know guests sell really well, so maybe I’m wrong here.

Ugh… Okay. Rant over, lol. Anyways, I hope all this stuff turns out great. I’m also hoping that we get a third KP that has more MK characters in it as opposed to, I dunno… Michael Myers, Pinhead, Chameleon and Daigon or whatever. :smile:

I know Leatherface and Alien don’t fit into MKX but I’m accept it. I won’t complains about KP2 like “OMG! KP2 is worst, i’ve seen! We want story pack!” Everyone need to calm down and patients. I’m believed NRS would reveal story pack.

Leatherface isn’t charming in the least bit.

As soon as he releases:

The hype will commence.

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The game will likely have been out for a year by the time KP2 is done. They’re not going to support it forever. If I had to guess, I’d assume that Injustice 2 gets announced at E3 2016. I really tend to doubt they’d be able to squeeze a KP3 in between KP2 ending and E3.

I know, they have multiple teams at NRS, but I’d have to think that the team working on KP2 will be brought in to whatever the next project (Injustice 2 or, if the universe is listening, Shaolin Monks 2) is while that team’s already well in to it by now.

So as far as everyone needing to calm down, I agree that there’s a good deal of kneejerk reacting going on, but I personally don’t think that the sentiment regarding guests needs to calm down at all.

Four out of eight DLC characters are guests. If season 3 of KI had 8 characters and four of them were guests, I tend to doubt that most people on this board would greet that news enthusiastically.

So yeah, a lot of fans are letting their feelings be known and while some are more mature about it than others, I don’t think that this is simply a matter of “well, ya can’t please everyone.” To me, it’s different. It’s a company that makes my all time favorite series not giving me anything close to what I want.

Some might think “well, you’re not the only customer they have” and I totally respect that. I do. I absolutely recognize that others like these guests and think it’s a great idea to see if Alien or Predator would win in a Mortal Kombat game. So if you’re happy, that’s great! More power to ya.

But as a fan of the story, the characters, the gameplay and the series as a whole, I couldn’t give two ■■■■■■ less about who would win in that scenario because I don’t play Mortal Kombat to find that out.

If NRS wants to make a horror fighter, then great, go for it. I’d definitely check it out and, in that context, would love to pit Alien versus Predator. But I don’t want that in MK. That’s just my opinion and that’s what I’m responsibly expressing to the devs on twitter. I’m not going to harass them about it, but I said my piece.

Sure, you can’t please everyone, but when a developer goes so far out in to left field with what they want to do with their game (and it’s their game, I totally acknowledge that), I think fans have a right to express themselves without being labeled spazzes or malcontents or entitled or whatever other words I’ve seen thrown around on other forums (not this one, ya’ll are cool :sunglasses:) .

We may get the chance to find out…

I guess my own response to this is that, while I think MK X is a good game, I haven’t bothered to buy the expansion(s). So I don’t really care who they throw in it. The writing was on the wall for this, though, with Freddy showing up in the last one. The guest characters have been pretty well received up until now. I admit, leatherface is a bit of an odd choice, but it’s pretty “MK” to have horror characters. If you have Predator, Alien is likely close behind.

You are obviously entitled to not like their choices. But usually the expansion characters don’t play a big role in the story and lore in any case. And, again, not suggesting that your opinion is invalid, it probably makes sense to you that they would go with another horror franchise over something like Meat, right?

You’re right. NRS should make new game horror fighting like terrordrome. But it’s too many guests for MKX. I know why Leatherface join MKX because Gunnar Hansen is dead, that’s why they put Leatherface in MKX.

He died a month ago. They probably starting working on these four characters long before his death.

I see what you’re saying, but for me, I think it’s pretty MK to have horror in it in terms of the blood and the gore, but to just plunk any horror character in to MK and say “that fits,” for me, doesn’t work because I personally see around the violence and gore. It’s honestly the least appealing part of the series to me.

I like the gameplay, the characters, the story, the secrets, the general aesthetic of the backgrounds and the overall visual style. The gore… I’ll be honest. If they removed fatalities entirely, I’d be indifferent.

So that said, I’m obviously not in the majority when it comes to my opinion on MK. So while I can certainly agree with you from a violence/gore standpoint that they fit, it’s just not why I’d want other characters in the game and because of what I actually like about the game (ie the characers, the story etc), I want to see MK characters, not pointless one-offs.

Oh of course! Definitely. From a sales standpoint, a xenomorph significantly outsells Meat. I also realize that more MK fans would be excited for a xenomorph or predator or whatever than Meat.

I just don’t happen to fall in to that particular MK demographic and that makes me no better or more “hardcore” of a fan or whatever, just different. I’d take Blaze, Meat, Shujinko and Hsu Hao over Jason, Predator, Leatherface and Alien because those are MK characters, so to me, they have potential to affect that world in the story (or be better realized than they were before, which is something I’d be interested in). So drilling down to it, I’d rather have DLC that expands that world rather than goes outside of it.

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