Kombat Pack 2 (Mortal Kombat X)

I just think they wanted to go with the hype of the Horror Icons duking it out. As much as I love Alien, LeatherFace just seems weird. I wish now, that they could have released someone else that might have needed it, like Sindel or Sareena, even Fujin. Oh well.


What if they really replace Fujin? I mean there no leatherface in Kombat Pack 2 teaser pic. I notice only Bo Rai Cho, Tri Borg and Alien… Leatherface is fat but there’s no fat person in Kombat Pack 2 teaser pic.

It might have been to throw people off. You know, Like in KI S2, when the silhouette we thought was originally Shadow Jago, was used as a place holder for Omen.

Well, you’re 100% right. But I still have faith in Fujin become playable like I was hope for cyber smoke’s return. It’s happening! Fujin didn’t make it in KP2, I’m still wonder why NRS ignore Fujin.

He’s not that fat. I’m pretty sure he’s the second from the left in the original teaser pic. He’s just not holding up the chainsaw. That would’ve easily given him away too early.

For those of you who are questioning whether Tri-Borg’s 3rd form is Cyber-Smoke, you can rest easy - it was confirmed on Ed Boon’s own Twitter days ago… :wink:

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Leatherface is the only character in Kombat Pack 2 that I don’t care very much about but I’m willing as well as quite looking forward to see what variations he will have in Mortal Kombat X overall. Also FINALLY Alien vs. Predator :sunglasses:

Leatherface nooooo…

I get what they’re trying to do with Tri-borg, but I personally think it would’ve been cooler if it were Cyrax who gained control of himself again just like in his MK4 ending and just had variations for each bot like Tri-borg does now.

I’m probably the most hype for Bo Rai Cho honestly. I see a lot of potential in his drunken style looking really cool. Apparently Ed Boon feels the same way which is why they chose him.

I feel like they’re using the Alien as a cop out just so they don’t have to use Baraka. That could be just me. I don’t care about the whole “Alien VS Predator in a fighting game” thing at all. Just doesn’t really strike me as something worth taking interest of, same with “Freddy VS Jason in a fighting game” if that ever happens (actually that might be kinda cool).

If it’s just a drunken style, and not him farting and vomiting everywhere, then I’m on board. (On board regardless, one of my fav. characters)

Now that you said that, I kinda see it too. Maybe people really wanted Baraka, but Baraka Died. Like D E D. So I’m sure this is the only way to satiate justifying Alien and Predator in the same game, and without having to create a WHOLE new character moveset to fit the Alien. (Because he hardly attacks with anything but his tail and stuff.)

[quote=“TheNinjaOstrich, post:34, topic:3087, full:true”]
Now that you said that, I kinda see it too. Maybe people really wanted Baraka, but Baraka Died. Like D E D. [/quote]

Well to be fair, so did Mileena.

This is true. I don’t know. This KP2 is just weird with LeatherFace. ANY OTHER character would have been ok. Man, I would have even settled for Stryker! (My main, But he’s dead too. Lol Nobody at NRS liked him anyways…

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