KoF 14 - Discussion thread


I don’t know why people hating on KoF… It’s going back to it’s roots which is something another game needs to do


What game is this?


It’s a Japanese fighting game called King of Fighters created by the game developer SNK.
This is the 14th in the main series.


No I know that game. I mean the other one @SafarianLion was alluding to lol


Oh. XD
Sorry about that, didn’t realize it.


@SafarianLion is obviously talking about Call of Duty. It’s not that hard…



I dunno COD, so it wasn’t obvious to me at all. XD


Lol No, I have no idea what he was referencing. XD





A little something to tide us over until Thursday :stuck_out_tongue:


Geese is my new main


New Trailer.


Mai = Buy


Mai Shuranui has always been my favorite SNK character. Terry is second. Really makes me want to play SvCChaos.


Nice & great


Crazy good!!

You would laugh at how they portrayed us foreigners. The verbal interaction in Japanese between Mai and the new guy is spot on.


Great to see Mai return and this new guy looks awesome


So Mai is finally in a trailer. Sweet. Instant buy :smiley:
That arena looked really nice too except for the ground they were fighting on.


My new main is in this trailer lol


Hmmm… I’m still waiting for Rugal…