KoF 14 - Discussion thread


Banderas seems to be a grappler ninja. Not alot of those around. Sure, most ninja-characters have a grapple of sorts, but this guy appears to have multiple. Kinda neat. Plus he looks cute and I quite like his design. ;3


As usual, a new trailer is incoming early next week with some more news apparently…


Can’t wait :3


Can’t wait for Mira :smile:


Can’t wait for half life 3! Wait… Oh yes, they never release half life 3…


Why you gotta make me feel sad :frowning:


So yeah… I’m pretty excited for this game :smiley:


Need Rugal!!!



Seriously, we really need them bring Rugal back!


I need to get a PS4, so I can play this… :frowning:

I love KOF.


2007 bought ps3 for VF5
2014 bought an xbox one for KI
2016 buy a PS4 for KoF?


2050 buy PS20 for new fighting game!


Do it!


Can’t wait for that KOF XIV man…

But the most wanted is a Virtua Fighter 6 next gen, and my fighter life would be complete !


Three new trailers:



Omg it looks so good to play !! :smiley:


I just don’t understand how level 4 Enders or instinct activation can’t look like this.

(Trailer 1 US )

Can’t wait!


I’m pre-ordering this game…


Not sure what there is to not understand.

Iron Galaxy isn’t making this game. KOFXIV is being made by other people. And IG decided L4 Enders and Instinct Activation look the way they do.


Yeah, - I think knew all of those facts, but thanks-
I guess it comes down to say how one artist’s work looks compared to say, another one’s :kissing_closed_eyes:

I happen to like KI level 4 Enders.

But looking forward to the game!

This has to be the most captivating release so far!