KoF 14 - Discussion thread


Yes, exactly! :smiley:


O⃞c⃞t⃞o⃞b⃞e⃞r⃞ i⃞s⃞ t⃞o⃞o⃞ l⃞o⃞n⃞g⃞ t⃞o⃞ w⃞a⃞i⃞t⃞ t⃞h⃞o⃞-


Huh? You referring to the release date?


What @BblackorchidD meant to say was,

“October is too long to wait tho-”

Bb, I think you should get that Keyboard checked. :slight_smile:


KOF XIV releases are August 23 and 25 for US/Japan.


I feel so salty. SFV exclusivity no one even cares cuz the game sucks. I pity tournament players who have to keep playing the stuff cuz they have no other choice. but having to miss this KOF really hurts. Wish it was on Xbox.So I have this and KI. Why SNK ? WHY ???


Thank you my friend. I also wish KI had a badass boss like Rugal. tired of monster and ■■■■


Whats the point when its an exclusive. This is far sweeter than SFV. :cry:


The point is that Microsoft is garbage this generation.

I also have a PS4, WiiU, 360, PS3…

KOF XIV it’s day one !

But one more thing. Tekken 7, Dead or Alive 6… But the worst that could happen by far is Virtua Fighter 6 omg. If these games (mostly VF6) are not coming for Xbox One too, i don’t know if i will destroy or sell the console.


I think they need to make “Goose Howard” a real character.

It would be absolutely hilarious.




Thanks for the uploads!


I’m gonna try out KOFXIV tomorrow at CEO. Who should I play?

I’m thinking of trying Choi/Nelson/K’ in this one. Any other suggestions of who I might like? I played KOFXIII and used Iori/Kyo/(Had trouble finding a 3rd character). I’m looking to really find my characters this time though.


I think any fighter that uses fire or flames fits you. :slight_smile: just try whoever you like. Hope to hear your impressions.


Played KOF 14 with @BHswordsman09.

It’s very fluid, and easy to play. It seemed fun, and a good game. I’d definitely pick it up!


Can’t afford a Ps4 and if it is being released on it, I refuse to buy a ps3 version. Psn on the 3 is god awful.

Here’s hoping for an XOne or PC release sometime in the future.


Choi is AWESOME. Perfect for me. I like Luong and K’ in this one too but I’ll need to spend some more time with them.

The game itself feels good. It looks like what you’d expect from the YouTube videos. Maybe a little better, but not bt much.


Do the super cancels feel good to pull off? Does it feel like there’s real impact when doing them?


2 questions.

  1. In which ways do this FG franchise differ from say KI,SF,MK? (or smash bros)
    Are there any combobreaking system?

  2. Who is the posterboy/girl? Who is the Ryu, Ken/Scorpion, Sub-Zero/Fulgore, Jago?