KoF 14 - Discussion thread

  1. The KOF series have alot of various ways of movement, such as both dash and running function, small jump, normal jump and super jump, evade rolls back and forward, for example. You can also cancel special moves into super moves, guard break, deadlock etc.

  2. The posterboys are Kyo, Iori and K’ (pronounced K-dash). Ash was a posterboy for a series of games as well, but he’s not in KOFXIV.

And though Mai and Athena are popular, they’re not really postergirls.


I figured Mai wasn’t one. But she was the only one from kof I knew from before.
I saw an E3 interview a couple of minutes ago and they mentioned lori a bunch and the interviewer himself was pretty excited about Athena.

No ways to break combos then?


Not from what I know, but you can’t make super-long combos like you can in KI.


They definitely hurt. Especially in combos.


Yeah, played a bunch with @BHswordsman09. They definitely hurt. Lol


I’m definitely getting this one!


About KoF14 design philosophy and balancing.



Really loving the looks of this game. Quite excited to play in August! :smiley:


I like this Ramon guy. I think he looks pretty cool.


Let’s say that Angel’s climax is huh, what’s the word… “Yummy”?


I’ve been waiting so long for the Ramon trailer, one of my fav KOF characters of all time.




is customization.


I bet blue Riptor and his brother like that lizard thing

I’m pre-ordering!!


Wonder if it’s PS4 -only or maybe PC too? Anyone



We’re also getting DLC costumes of Yuri, Hinako, and Kasumi. For who, I don’t know but I can guess.


Omg one more month can’t wait for KOF14 !!!

If the netcode is good, this game is gonna be the best 2D fighting game of the gen !

Looks so cool, fun, smooth, and Japan Arcade style…the characters, stages, musics… :heart_eyes:

KOF gameplay is G O D L I K E, but in KOF14 it seems even better :scream:


I hope this team comes back in DLC alongside Rock and Freeman, other than that, the game looks fantastic to play.




I kinda wonder if this was SNK’s attempt to compete with Akuma’s inclusion in Tekken 7, which is ANOTHER 3D FIGHTER…

And with Mai’s inclusion, this game is officially named Tecmo x Sega x SNK: Last Round featuring Attack on Titan


I don’t think so. It would have taken a while to plan for her inclusion. Besides, this had to happen at some point.

I actually think they’re gonna be putting in some more characters to balance out the character select screen again. I’ll be expecting Lu Bu to be appearing this season.