KoF 14 - Discussion thread



On Xbox one too.


Yeah, not interested.


Predictable. This DLC. Is Not.


Dude trust me, KOF14 is gonna be THE real 2D fighting game of this generation.

Predictable… :smirk:

1 more month baby ! SNK and KOF are back !!!

and they funking kept the KOF themes like they used to do omg too good :heart_eyes:


I prefer his new threads, to be honest.


That nightmare geese character kind of makes me want to try the game lol he actually looks pretty sick


I just preordered the game today, 59€ for EU.

You mad brah ? :joy:


Why am i getting huge gargos vibes from geese lol
Human gargos

That stage is awesome!


Why did nobody post the last trailer of Team South Town ?

sh*t is hype AF :open_mouth:


Can’t find the actual thread but YOOOOOOOO


There’s a demo being released with 7 characters tomorrow


This is probably the most boring boss character KOF ever had.


I completely disagree lol


What boss has been more boring, in your opinion?


That’s wasnt my point lol but the most nothing boss in my opinion was nightmare from soul calibur.


Then what was your point?
Also, I said “most boring boss in KOF”. :wink:


Oh my bad! Then yeah I agree with you lol but I don’t think he’s that bad. We just don’t know him yet.


In design, I think he looks boring. He’s just a big dude with a golden watch, chain and wrestler belt.


I’m biased to pro wrestlers lol


Does anyone have pics/screenshots of the characters different colour options?