KoF 14 - Discussion thread


New trailer today Team China :



I’m wondering what happened to the Demo… it was in the PS store at 2pm today, but when I tried to download it it said there was a error and to try again later… so I just went to look again at 6pm and now it’s been removed from the PS store entirely. Nothing but blank placeholders where it used to be. :confused:


It probably needs to be fixed.


Yeah I just googled that guy and he does not look like a very intimidating bad guy lol maybe his actions make up for it? I have never played a KOF before (DLing the free demo now) so idk much about it. Him in that nightmare costume is amazing though, I want it and will main it if I get this game lol


I played the demo last night. It’s fun. Visuals are OK. Stages are nice.
I might get it when it’s released


Why am I the only person who can’t download the Demo??? It’s not to be found anywhere… I search King Of Fighters and only the pre-order for 14 and older versions come up. I go to Free > Demo’s (sort by release date) and the last demo released is RE7… I cannot find this Demo ANYWHERE on PSN.


Have u manually typed in kof14 in the search bar? I found the demo and a free theme.


OH BOY ! You never played KOF before ? You’re gonna fall in love like a virgin haha :grinning:


Lmaooo I am about to try it for the first time in about an hour or two. I’m excited. I have no idea what to expect!


I honestly can’t wait for Nightmare Geese! He and Shadow Jago are my favorite clone characters (at least they have a reason for it).


Is the only way to get that by pre-ordering from PSN? Or can I get it by pre-ordering a physical copy as well?


Don’t expect too much, cause it’s just a demo with no big game modes…

Only 7 characters, 4 stages, no online, it can be boring very fast !

It’s just to have a feeling with the game and the gameplay.

i’ll recommand you to do the tutorial first to know KOF a little bit, it’s very well done.



I don’t know.


Terry isn’t playable in the demo. Where’s my pitchfork?


I played the demo and…

I don’t know. Maybe it wasn’t my cup of tea? Is this game an advanced or somewhat simple fighter?
It felt like there were so few attackopportunities with just 1 combo(rush) and 4 attackbuttons(reminded me of old MK games)

But then again, Sylvie was very entertaining indeed :smiley:



You should try the tutorial to know how to play KOF, or go watch the top 8 at EVO 2016…

You can do a lot of things in KOF.


I did.
I should.

Good to hear :slight_smile:


Alright so I played it for a good while today and in short I really liked it.

I started off with the tutorial and made it to near the end with no problems, but the moves where you have to do qfc qfc lp hp qcbqcb lp hp kind of stumped me. I have been trying to relearn my fighters on dpad so that was kind of hard. I was also not used to the game being a 4 button fighter. I should be since MK is too, but for the past months I have been mainly playing KI and SF witch is 6.

I am getting the hang of it I think though. Throws are also done a bit different than what I am used to but still, I think its something I could get down easy with some practice.

Overall I really like the game so far and think I am going to get it, now I just need to find out if Nightmare Geese is exclusive to PSN or if I can get it with a physical copy somehow, once I figure that out ill probably go ahead and pre-order :slight_smile:

Oh and for the KOF experts, is Geese a charge character or motion?


The quarter moves are fine and easy when you’re used to, it’s KOF i like that a lot.

Also the throws and the jumps take more skill, anti airs and DPs are great, and cancels are so good.

KOF is fast, you need a good hit confirm and reaction but i found the execution pretty easy in 14.

Can’t wait for the full game !


Don’t know for Geese Nightmare DLC, and if i remember Geese wasn’t a charge character but you give me doubt now for his DP, and sometimes the character moves change a littlte bit with a new KOF like Kyo who got projectile in some past KOF for example…