KoF 14 - Discussion thread


I believe Geese has (or had) at least one charge move, the one that looks like a shoulder tackle. And Kyo was originally a projectile character just like Iori, but changed to his gut punches in '96.

I just hope there’s more classic costumes for other characters :slight_smile:


Got around to playing the demo. I really like Nelson now that I got a feel of how he works. So now I have a team of Choi & Nelson so now I need a 3rd character. I hope Alice is to my liking. I like what I saw so far.


Awesome. I want Nightmare Geese and want him to be a part of my team but if he’s an all charge character I don’t think I could do it. I just don’t get them lol

So my team will be Mai, Nightmare Geese and one other person, maybe that Kukri guy, he looks cool lol


Is it 100% confirmed you can only get the Nightmare Geese DLC via pre order? Any chance it will show up on the marketplace?


I’m wondering if any of the KOF fans could give me some perspective. Ive never played any of them in any serious way. In the context of the rabid and extreme discussions about game balance that pop up here regarding KI, how is it handled in a game that is dropping 50 characters all at once? My standing theory is that it’s basically not, and you will have 5-10 that are actually competetive. Am I wrong?


I don’t think that you’re wrong. In KoF strong characters are used to buff teams. You’ll not find ppl using the same team but you will have many teams that often include one particular strong character, IMO.

I would like to give you a more educated answer but SNK has their own vision and thoughts on balancing their games which differs from KI’s dev team. Their approach helped KoF13 a lot IMO, but this next installment looks like it won’t benefit from something like an arcade release. In the past arcade releases provided a way to detect balance issues so that these issues could be addressed before a console release. As far as I know, an arcade release is not the case this time, so I expect problems to be present.

Other ways that SNK kept their games balanced

  • many characters share similar gameplay despite their moves maybe looking different. 50 characters is a lot, but many function in similar ways.
  • taking away tools or changing a character’s archetype in case the rest of the cast doesn’t have the tools to deal with that particular character. This means that if they go overboard with one character then they primarily adjust that character rather than giving new tools to others. Using KI as an example, Jago getting bigger fireballs to deal with characters that shoot multiple projectiles is not what they would do, but actually SNK devs would take an Aria and reduce her 3hit projectile to a normal 1 hit projectile if it turns out that other characters lack defensive tools.
  • game mechanics are decided up front. All characters are implemented with the same mechanics in place (not totally fair to KI with its season approach). Adding things like new meter mechanics midway through the game’s lifecycle would be hell with 50 characters.

Anyway, just a quick ( and dirty) answer.


It’s a great and thoughtful answer, and I really appreciate it. To be clear, I am not disparaging KOF or SNK in any way. It really is a question of curiosity.

I think about this a lot because I am very certain that I would not be able to be as good as I am at KI if I hadn’t jumped into the game when it was possible to learn all 6 characters and build a terrific foundation. I look at the 50 characters in this and I would just have to approach the game completely differently, as a player. I think this has a lot of relevance for discussions about how much more KI there can really be and I think balancing the ever expanding roster is becoming a huge burden. I suspect we will see more adjustments to the individual unbalanced character, rather than modifications of the other cast in the future as well.


Based on watching/brief online interaction with Juicebox, Match Ups aren’t quite as much of a priority in KOF. The game is built around the core mechanics, and most of the characters will not branch out from them in a very significant way. Their styles are indeed different, but balancing seems to be more concentric from center as opposed to being a delicate balance of stark differences in the characters and their tools/mechanics, a la SF or KI.

Several videos on his YouTube explain this in far greater detail.


KOF it’s too good can’t wait !

I hope the netcode is great…


I will see if I can find the videos, because admittedly I don’t understand this. I keep thinking of MK where all the characters have basically the same normals and then a small number of specials - but I wouldn’t say that meant matchups weren’t important. Clearly what you’re talking about is something different.


A lot of it has to do with the universal mechanics. Roll and hyperhop mean everyone can get through projectiles. Short hop means nearly everyone has a good jump in. Run means everyone has a chance to get in etc. etc. Even comboing into super is pretty universal because of how supers work in KOF.

There are definitely some shared normals, like their cr.LK, but it’s nowhere near the level of MK.

Basically it’s one of those games where you learn to play KOF, not how to play the character.



Really hope a PC release is coming this year…


Any reviews on the game are welcome. Please let me know your comments as I don’t own a ps4 and cannot play it myself.


Isn’t it coming to PC?

Edit: Oh I guess not huh…



Im downloading right now!!!

nothing beats a fresh new fighting game especially with 50 characters and lush new environments and tech to explore!


It’s still downloading OMG

It allows you to train while the game downloads. Only with KOF’ Ryu: Jago in the form of Kyo vs Iori

So far, I like how you can create a ‘shadow’ that performs whatever you like for as long as duration up to almost 2 mins? And this KOF has almost 3 super specials as it loads up to 5 meter bars? So you may choose whatever level special you see fit. I laugh at myself because I’m always trying to break combos in this game and funny enough as well haven’t found a taunt button yet
Certain inputs will give you a mini ‘ultra combo’

A lot of hidden moves only available with meter or certain inputs definitely a surprise so far

I love the particle effects and auto desk is where I hope KI will go next game iteration. What I’ve seen of the stages are beautiful

The specials are also what I hope KI would incorporate as it seems most games have them- it brings outthe uniqueness of each character

Can’t wait to try a lot of the 50 plus characters to see which ones I favor


Team Cutie

It literally JUST finished downloading. Time to check it out.

Edit: a f-in amazing. I haven’t had this much fun in solo mode in a while.


Team matches are insane.
Th stages are lush and cinematic without taking away from the fight.
Animations are superb. I first thought I’d be put off by the plasticy aesthetic of the characters, but in game is so fluid and remarkably this is worlds better than SFV and I absolutely have no idea what doing but I love finding my way around games like this I honestly am having fun. Making a surprise special like level 4 Enders in ki is awesome!!!

  • I love how the final ending blows either have slo mo or create a dazzling background display of effects.

I picked my first team (Team Cutie) of Joe, Nelson, and Bandeiras against Leona Muimui and Tung

Shout out to joe with his Orchid air buster! Hes great mix of Orchid and Rashid
Nelson is a great boxer awesome legs
bandeiras Ninja supreme! And this 3 of 50

Tung is no joke lol a lot of light humor with fantastic visuals in this game

I can’t choose out of these cause they are So fun!

I pray shadow lords will be like this!!! (the joy)

I want to learn muimui, she’s a dragon spirit like kim Wu, but I’m concerned about her thick tree trunk legs/ ankles lol,
the sleepy guy lol and leona & guy with ice and fire hand magic


Love the
night city, the bund
thunderstorm palace, geese tower (love the soundtrack) (Jago???) lol portions remind me of micks Jago theme!
wall of china,
aquarium &
derelict church stages
The Brazil stage is awesome waterfalls and the lively percussion heavy music is awesome
-Best thing about stages- you can select any stage to train on

Best $60 bucks I’ve spent in a while

I think I want the soundtrack! It’s a bit more jazz-oriented, but if you are a musician/ lover you appreciate the compositions some have rock / Brazilian / ethnic influences

ps getting to select your order of fighters /stage is a great option, didn’t think I’d appreciate that as much

Maybe orchid could have a Leona style skin(costume & hairstyle)???. :slight_smile:

Kan Ra lovers!
Yuri the sand guy is nice- very mysterious

Sadira Lovers!
Mian plays a lot like Sadira- very agile and airbased (without the kunai/ webs) but altogether aerial assault and the salticidae move! She has very mean air setups dashes and evadesshes a magical masterpiece
Mian also had a move similar to Psylocke from MvC the ninja teleport that you dash in air and any button propels you in a different direction NASTY

They seem to have multiple taunts that are automatic depending on which special/ combo you succeed interesting!


Added a link to Meitenkun walkthrough on Twitch to OP. The walkthrough is by Vesperarcade.


Added an article to OP on a “workaround” for better netcode.