KoF 14 - Discussion thread


I can’t buy it as PS4 is out of my range but tell me, how’s the OST? Any good rock or classical remix that just about every KoF final boss has?


this looks terrible… why didn’t they make 25 characters that looked good!

lol this looks like old PC graphics.

im sure it plays lovely but for me it has no character


I’m thinking about picking this up tomorrow to a lay my fighting game itch. Is it any good? Decent net code and story mode?


here you go. A good initial review of the netcode:

I am the exact opposite.


so at the mo going by everything it’s ok but nothing stellar. Hopefully patches can sort that.

Thx @BoJima404 for the vid


Really? Lol

For me it looks empty. I mean rumble rose looked better than this… and this is SNK


I think it’s better than SFV and i have all the fighting games.

But everything falls subject to opinion, I’m very glad in my purchase- I was skeptical as I’m very into graphical presentation( check my post history here) but after playing it’s a turnaround for me. I actually preferred the 2d sprites for KOF but this game trumps it all. It’s simply fun and engaging.

But it’s not for everyone


I tend to agree with @WandaMaximoff about the way the game looks. There is an art style, which is one aspect. I think that’s pretty subjective. But the animations look pretty poor compared to something like SFV and to KI and even janky MKX. I recognize that everything isn’t about bleeding edge graphics, but maybe KOF XIV looks better in person? I am not a console war proponent, but I can just imagine if an Xbox exclusive fighter looked like this what the reaction would be…


AMEN!!! I’m with Andy here this is SNK it was know for looking beautiful.

This game could run on an ipad


Well that’s what I was trying to say

I felt as you and Wanda did about the graphics

Until I downloaded and played it.

I don’t know what else to say
There is a demo available if you have ps4


I played a bunch with @BHswordsman09 at CEO, and I didn’t have a problem with it. I’m wondering if it got improved graphics?


It looked like as you would expect from the videos. I think the animation is ok for a KOF game. It’s just something most people won’t be used to since KOF was done in sprites for the most part.

One thing I can say though is that the cutscenes look BEAUTIFUL! Even from just watching videos I can see how good they look.

I can’t say anything about the netcode since I don’t have the game but I heard that it’s off and on right now. But then I hear that there’s a bug that’s making it that way and that they’re fixing it so yeah.


Great I agree.
Maybe it’s cause I’m close to a 50"?
It’s really slicker than SFV clay-like clipping


Looking beautiful?! LOL!!!
KOF has had these graphics for 10 years:

King of Fighters was never known for looking beautiful! However, they were known for being functional and awesome gameplay that was responsive, smooth and on point! Which the new game still is!

The graphics are indeed dated, but SNK games have always looked dated.


Really I would say the only fighting games that are considered ‘beautiful’ are remarkably still soul calibur and MKX.

KI has a lot of graphical issues yet it’s still fun to play- I’d say the beautiful thing about KI are the stages you can’t tell me orchids teeth and tusk face are ‘elegant’

Blazblue/ guilty gear have their own style

Eww I sound like im trying to make someone buy it.

Lol! I respect those opinions who do not like it, but given the gameplay over visual shortcomings of KI it’s just hard to understand the uproar of expectations of this game

I just feel a lot of people are quick to poo poo something they don’t actually experience. I’m not missing my $60! It’s a great addition to the fighting game industry


I was watching Max’s YouTube of story mode last night and I’ve tempered my opinion of the animations a bit. All the SNK games have always had quick moves, so it’s sort of like you hit the button and the character just sticks a limb out instantly- there isn’t much windup. And the specials are just sort of a still frame moving across the screen (see Terry’s straight fist punch). The effects, like flames and auras from the moves look penciled in over the top like they did in Capcom Vs SNK 2. On lower quality streams etc. all of this makes it look really janky, but the animation is there. It’s just being done deliberately to emulate the way the hand drawn games look, so I can’t fault them for that. I still think the models and the amount (or lack of) detail on them and the backgrounds look like a high quality PS360 indie game - but graphics aren’t everything.

To be fair, I’ve never enjoyed SNK games a lot. I’ve played a few but not seriously. I have never had much enjoyment with KOF but I picked up Garou as a BC game and came away impressed so it piqued my interest just a bit in this. But I won’t run out and get a PS4 just to try it. Incidentally, I haven’t seen this at retail anywhere. Is it limited distribution?


So would you recommend Garou over KoF 98?
Also, isnt Garou a Fatal Fury game (just popped into my mind that I heard it somehwere…)


I personally think KI looks gorgeous in motion. Up close you can see the errors, but in motion, it is beautiful. And I feel the same about Guilty Gear Xrd. Not to mention the stages in these games are absolutely fantastic! I do like games that are rich in colour.

Which is why I don’t think MKX is THAT beautiful, though I do see how it is superiour graphically, it still has that dusty filter over it to make it seem more “realistic”. Remove that though, and the game would be as beautiful as Soul Calibur, which is indeed one of the most beautiful fighting game series out there.


I’m probably not the right person to ask about this. Garou has Terry from Fatal Fury in it, but I don’t know if that makes it a Fatal Fury game. It’s a 1v1 fighter with a relatively small roster (10-12 characters I think?) and animation that to me, at least, looks better than other SNK games. I have heard someone say it’s the SF3 of SNK games, and I would buy that at least from a visual standpoint. The small roster and 1 v 1 style make it a lot less intimidating to pick up. I’ve only played casually against my brother but I had a lot of fun with it.

I haven’t played much KOF 98 (I have it on BC), but I was not impressed with the way the characters look in motion. Somehow these sprites look way more dated than the Garou sprites, although I’m not sure I could explain exactly why I feel this way. The roster is enormous and it has the same team based gameplay that KOF is known for. So you have to learn three different characters just to kind of pick up and play the game. To me that’s a lot more daunting.

So, yeah, if I was picking one or the other I would definitely go with Garou: MOW. But your preferences should tell you which you would like better. At this point in life I recommend buying every fighter out there because these are relatively inexpensive ($10-15 each I think) and because I want to generally support the genre.


Garou is supposed to be a Fatal Fury spin-off, yes.