KoF 14 - Discussion thread


I couldn’t agree with this more, and it’s kind of been lost over time. The original SC that was released for Dreamcast was an incomparably beautiful game and it still holds up much better than most 3D games from that time period. The animations are so smooth and fluid and the effects on the weapon arks etc. just make the game outstanding to look at. The series has lost it’s way a little bit, but I hope they can return to form with gameplay that is maybe a bit less cluttered with unnecessary things. I’m not sure that a super special move that knocks the characters clothes off is ultimately the right direction for the series. It also distorts the gameplay because instead of just trying to fight you are trying to get the conditions right to do this move the whole time…

On topic… uh… something about KOFXIV.


You have a point about buying fighter to support the industry, showing interest in BC titles may make developers think about sequels.

I always thought the Fatal Fury series compared pretty badly to Street Fighter games, but had my fun with them, especially with Geese Howard, I annoyed my brother to no end with his counter move.
Aparently he’s dead in Garou though. And the art style was made to be more like King of Fighters (wiki). Also the last in the Fatal Fury series, so I assume the series got assimilated in King of Fighters. Also just discovered the Art of Fighting games where connected to the Fatal Fury series, so I guess SNK has everything happen in the same world…

Think I’m going to get Garou, might get King of Fighters 98 later on, not to big on the three on three but seeing all the characters from way back might be nice…and your right, they are not that expensive.

Edit: this thread has just made me realise how much I use to love fighting games and how much KI has awakened that fire again…


The “plot” such as it is in Garou makes it seem like sequels/updates were planned but never happened. After you beat the boss it sort of implies that you will need to wait to meet the “true” boss. Unless this is some sort of hidden or unblockable that I’m missing.

Geese Howard’s son, adopted by Terry, is sort of the “star” of Garou.


Ok, so maybe he will have his dad’s fighting style.

And yeah, read on wiki there were rumors about a sequel for a while around 2002 or something, I’m guessing it didnt pan out…


He (Rock Howard) fights a lot like Terry (who apparently raised him). He doesn’t have Geese’s counters but I’m sure there’s some Geese flavor in there somewhere.


I’m starting it up now :grin:


I think guilty gear had the best style.


KOF 14 visual is absolutely ok.

But they patched the game on day one, it’s really harder now.

The game is faster, inputs and timings are strict to be like KOF 13.

You really have a hard time to make a big damage and stylish combo now, in comparison with the demo where it was so easy !


I don’t like the Asian anime crap in KOF 14 I prefer Ki and MKXL the graphics is fine in KOF 14 but the cutie crap is bad, but ultimately if I was putin and had his 70 billion in the bank account I would give $4 million to capcom to make SF3 3rd strike HD remake in all its glorious 3000 frames of animation sprites per character.


After playing Garou I remember why I always thought Street Fighter was the better game, the SNK games feel less ‘tight’ in their control. And simply harder to play, more chaotic because of it…

Still a fun game though :grin:



SF3 3rd strike is the gold standard of fighting games its the second highest played online FG game on Fightcade after King Of Fighters aswell. These games stand the test of time, look how street fighter 4 is dead yet SF3 a game 1 decade older is alive and kicking as hell? thats the beauty of a masterpiece from the gameplay deep deep gameplay to its glorious artwork it never ages, to stand the test of time is hard its really had. There was an interview with the them producer who left capcom in 2004 he spoke of how they set out to create the greatest game visually and gameplay wise the world had ever seen and he needed to wait until 1996 for Capcom to develop the CPS3 technology to make SF3 a possibility.

He said he created the game where we didn’t have to sacrifice graphics or gameplay for the other. And he did it. They poured all the money they could find into SF3

If you look at the animations in SF3 how smooth and fluid even the clothes, its probably around 3000 frames of animations on just 1 character it puts Guilty Gear and Blaz Blue to shame. BUT modern LCD is bad at rendering these low res sprites, CRT screens have the unique ability to render them at any size without loss in quality.

The beauty of SF3 is lost in LCD screens, if I was Putin or Trump I would give Capcom their $4 million to recreate SF3 3rd Strike in 4K Sprites and even let them sell it for whatever they wanted to


SF3 is the only SF game I never played, for some reason it just completely past me by, I hear a lot of people say it was one of the greatest though. Maybe I didnt notice much because it wasnt the most commercially succesful, or because after buying SF2, SF2 Championship Edition (Turbo) and Super Street Fighter 2 I was kind of burned out on the games…

Hmmm, for some reason I missed it being on xbox360, hoping for backward compatibility…


this is why its the gold standard


Looks awesome, might see if I can find it on pc sometime, probably wont play it much there, its in the attic and either super hot or cold there…


SF3 really is the pinnacle of Sprite based animated fighting games to me. It was so impressive when it showed up at the student union at my college and I was certain they would never have a whole version of it. Eventually I got it on the Dreamcast and was amazed that they got the whole thing in there. Unfortunately online was basically unplayable so I never really got good at the game. But it’s still pretty impressive.

Garou is obviously a different game. SNK uses some different control conventions and the combo flow etc are different. Like you I’ve always favored Capcom but I would say give it a chance. Different isn’t always wrong and the game can be a lot of fun.


Sorry but for me KOF has always been > SF

just look at this :


And listen to this :


and i think KOF has probably the best waifus than any fighting games…


I got KoF today. It’s for want of a better word ‘quaint’.
The 3d models are OK, nothing spectacular but the stages are the main strength of the game
They’re wonderful.
The moves are fluid and it seems better than sfv.
Think this shall be my main fighting game until shadow lords and injustice 2 comes out


How hard is KOF14 compared to 13? I hear KOF 13 is the hardest game in the world to play online

The graphics are fine if you ask me, my issue with KOF 14 is the korean anime cutie crap its repulsive.


rock has counters, they’re just on a different input and he counters with Terry’s crack shoot instead of Geese’s throw
he also has a bunch of geese’s other moves including his supers