KoF 14 - Discussion thread


KOF 14 online is very good when you play in the same zone of the opponent.

Some combos and execution are kinda hard yes…


Tbh it’s not that hard once you get into it. The game teaches you everything you need to know from basics to super cancelling


I dunno if I can get over the Anime korean stuff it has KOF 13 on Steam but the online is dead.

A shame KOF 14 didn’t come with 2D Sprites


Well I got the game now. Anyone up to play? Still trying to find my full team but I got some names in mind now


My big brothers and me was watched KoF14 top 8 at Absolute Battle. It’s very great and hype! :smiley:


Game looks fun but all my friends locally are trashing it and we are a kof state literally kof everywhere


KOF 14 is coming to PC but the real question is if it will have cross play?

I wish they had done a 2D instead but what can you do, the cost is so high.


I thought so too but he really has personality and ended up being more awesome than I thought.

Other news

Netcode FIXED

And here’s…Verse


Its coming to pc?




The more i think about it more i wanna get a pc and sell the xbox only reason i dont is fifa and legends being only on xbox and me not being able to play on pc usinf the xbox version :frowning:


Added updated graphics comparison to the first post.


I still feel SFV and KoF have shot themselves in the foot for not releasing on the xbox one…unless they have gotten a hell of an amount from Sony…

Also, this question just popped in my head…why no backward compatible SF on xbox, I’m sure there will be people who would want to get them with the lack of SFV.


Agreed. They should be on Xbox wheater some like them or not. It gives Xbox owners more choices in fighting games.


SF got a deal with Sony that accelerated the game’s development by a couple of years. They could clearly sell copies in Xbox One but arguably they made a good deal. The fact that they screwed up the launch is a different issue.

I’m not sure if KoF actually has a deal with Sony. That’s a niche game even within fighting games and it’s not going to move a ton of copies in PS4 or Xbox One. Clearly the game is a budget title. If they have a deal with Sony it’s probably not a big one. If they don’t I wouldn’t be surprised to see a port in a year or two when the game is finished.


Yes, it’s dead :slight_smile: for real, people seem to be waiting forever to find opponents online.

Releasing a game just 75% complete with regular updates afterwards doesn’t work for everyone… honestly, with the updated graphics the character models look beautiful but it’s too late, I guess.


I tried playing online and yep it is dead which is sad when the game is good.


That’s too bad. I would rather see fighting games thriving even though I’m not a particular fan of KoF. Recognizing fully where KI is in comparison to SF and MK, we still have a good sized community of active players.


I just feel with a lack of fighting games on xbox, releasing KoF here it might actually sell a little…I would most likely buy it and I’m not even a big fan of the SNK games…

Still think we should also have at least a little more BC fighting games…

Didnt Phill Spencer say fighting game enthusiasts would have something to look forward to after Sony snatched SFV?


Yeah, I think Phil was pretty much referring to new KI content. I like Phil, especially his tendency to praise content on other platforms, but he has a marketing job to do too.