KoF 14 - Discussion thread


Still waiting on that.


Don’t wait on it lol


NEWS: arcade version will be tested January 12 in a local Tokyo arcade.

Good to hear as it will increase tournaments.

Akso, this game will probably survive as there is a huge Chinese backing and of course EVO Japan is scheduled for early next year. All Japanese fighting games will likely be present including KOF. The addition of arcade releases helps for Japan.


Anyone talking about the 1.10 update bringing the trials percentage down? Someone completed all character trials 100% but after the update the percentage went down to 83%…

However ALL of his characters still showed 100% completion

Word on the street is that more characters are coming…

Turns out the rumours were true! Can you guess who they are?


Crazy Yamazaki joining as second of four dlc characters. Shall Blue Mary join us???




Whip is so cool. And she has a whip… so that’s always a plus. XD
About time we saw Vanessa return too, she’s a big favourite.



Are you ready to spread the wings?


I’m glad they showed Geese’s violent storm too. I’m probably not gonna buy him lol


Version 2 coming next week!!!


Anybody still playing this? This game is getting better and better, IMO.

Some hype matches featuring Max:


Yes I’m definitely still playing.


I play but mostly locally, a bunch of good KOF players are around my area. I’m a big fan of the new update, they did a good job making leona less obnoxious and my team was mostly left alone or buffed so everything’s aces for me~


I need to join the local scene too. Planning on joining Evo Japan in 2018. I’ll only do KOF and GG if all goes well.


That move at 4:26 seemed like total bs unless it needs some kind of requirement to perform. Anyhow, this game looks fun. How do the combos work?


It’s mostly just chaining moves together. You can only use EX moves by activating an EX mode kinda like Instinct. It’s a fun game


As swordsman said. A quick glimpse into how combos work in the video below…
Also, after the toned down combos in trial mode, Max shows off some better stuff in the same video. Enjoy.




Is this the official KOF 14 chat? if so, then i’ll be streaming kof 14 at 6:30 PM EST @ www.twitch.tv/itztymetodul


It is.