KI's future

Well, I’m not saying they’re laugh out loud hilarious, but they’re not serious either. They’re a bit more on the lighthearted side. I mean, do you think Jago with Voltron cats on his hands and feet is meant to be dark and serious? I see stuff like that in the same vein as cheerleader Riptor.

I’m not a huge fan of the humor in darker games but if, like Mortal Kombat, the devs feel like it’s something they want a little bit of in their game, then I have no problem with it. Nothing wrong with some breaks in tone if its in moderation. I think KI’s fine in that regard.

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I think Killer Instinct will keep going to sequels! The 3 seasons are just the beginning. Right?

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Man I sure hope so! I never want KI to end…ever!

your right… I did misread your last sentence. My bad… I dont think the Ultra poses are any different than the rest of the games poses or skins. They all have a mixture of everything.
Fulgore is a great example: Great normal skins that are serious, Retro skins that are little of everything… Toy robot, Evil skull bone predator looking skin, and the Spiked toy Go-bot looking skin.

I prefer the default and the Skull predator skin…my 5 year old son prefers the toy robot and the Military skins.
A little bit of fun for everyone…but by far ruined. Not saying you said it was ruined…just saying in my opinion its definitely not ruined. Its just accessible to all ages and preferences.

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KI IS a mixture between humor and dark.

I was pointing about the humor of KI1, the same you pointed the humor of the current game. You said that Jago’s voltron accesories arent really comedic, while I find them to be very comedic.

Its perspective.

And there are 3 possibles perspectives here:
1-Our opinions. I find comical or dark diferent things than you (or anybody)
2-Our own change of perspective. KI1 seemed adult and gore when I played it for the first time… But I was 9 years old!! Now Im 29, and game looks far less darker. Speaking about that…
3-The society: back in KI1 days, dark games were… rare. Even by graphics limitations, games were less dark, gore and bloody. Compare GTA and GTA 5. Now we have better graphics, and violence its everywhere.
I worked almost 7 years for Gamestop, and I saw hundreds of parents buying Gta, mk, cod, splatterhouse… to their 8-9 year old kids, knowing what they were doing!!!
Children are insensible to violence, at least in the same way we were. The problem is that you cant make darker games so easily. Hatred was unconcebible 20 years ago.

Ki is enough dark, is a mix of dark and humor, and its better than the original in that balance

IMO, of course. Cause this are only opinions. Respect!

None of these are serious to me. Sadira as Rosie the Riveter? Cowboy Orchid with cattle prods? Whatever’s going on there with Fulgore? Cheerleader Riptor might be a bit up there on the absurdity scale, but Jago with the ability to use a keytar as a weapon and have voltron cats for hands and feet is high up there as well. I don’t see how you look at those and say that they were totally serious and that season one had little to no comedy, but that’s just my opinion.

Kan Ra and Hisako weren’t horror enough for you? Really? To me, fighting Hisako on Hisako’s stage is more “horror” than most anything in season one. Maybe Spinal’s stage? Either way, I feel like the tone in both seasons is rather consistent in this regard.

A few characters like Kan Ra and Aganos have somewhat humorous taunts in season 2. Fulgore flipping someone off, Spinal laughing, Jago shaking his head… These are serious to you?

Little to no seriousness or horror in season 2? Maya and the Night Guard? Aganos and Kan Ra battling through the centuries? Where’s the humor in Hisako or Kan Ra as characters? All of the characters are serious and so is the story. Even though Cinder and TJ talk trash, that’s part of their characters. There’s some levity, but it’s certainly not like the whole season is a clown college compared to season one.

I’d need to see a good deal more examples in order to come to the conclusion that season one was serious, with little to no comedy, while season two had a lot more comedy and little to no seriousness. I feel like both seasons are rather consistent.

“Has KI been ruined in terms of overall atmosphere?” Well, if you’re trying to make that case, I still think you have a ways to go. If you’re simply asking the question, I’d say no. I’d say the atmosphere is consistent. Personally, I kinda wish that they ditched the comedy entirely, but if they feel like adding that in for a break in the tone or that they don’t want to take themselves too seriously, I can respect that.

If anything, I think that the 2013 iteration keeps a better balance than some of the goofy stuff that they had in the old KI’s. There’s no humiliations, no Orchid shocking people to death with her bewbs. No silly story endings like Spinals or Eyedols, etc.

Disagree on classic KI having “the perfect mix.” I think that they went too hard on the comedy, while newer KI reigns that in a little, without doing away with it entirely.

Season one accessories weren’t comedic? See above. Again, they’re not laugh out loud funny, but they’re not “serious” either. That’s the key word. Maybe Season 2 takes it a little further in a few specific instances, but even that’s debatable.

Also disagree on Thunder and Glacius stage ultra poses. On TJ’s stage, I see that Thunder puffs his chest out a little with a stern look on his face and then raises an arm and looks off in to the distance. How is that out of character? He can’t be respectful of the opponent and show his strength as well? From Aganos’ stage, Glacius breaks a ball of ice in his hand. That’s out of character? I really don’t see how.

Do you have any more examples that really show season one’s very serious while season two is not? I know the flailing animations for Kan Ra’s and ARIA’s stage ultras could use some touching up, but I don’t know if that was intended to be funny. That’s really all I can think of.

I know you’re just stating your opinion, so no hard feelings. I’m just not seeing how the tone has changed at all, or has been ruined from season one to season two. I also think that classic KI had a lot more humor than new KI. Again though, just my opinion.


What exactly does Aganos and Glacius do on there Stage ultra animations? Ive never seen them.
I wish the stage ultra animations and time out animations could be used as alternate taunts.

that would be awesome!!! The time out win pose could be used as a respect taunt. the others could just be for fun.

I just wanted to pull this out to highlight it. Wish I could “like” it more than once. Hisako is FAR darker than anything previously seen in KI. Nothing funny about her. Her story and her character are scary, desperately tragic, sad and grotesque.


I’m not sure what Aganos does, I just meant that I saw Glacius’ stage ultra animation on Aganos’ stage. Glacius just crushes an ice ball in his hand. But if you’re asking in general what Aganos does independent of my post, I’m honestly not sure. I actually had to look them up on YouTube because I’m at work (and definitely not procrastinating). :smile:

The levels of humor are different. KI1 involved more funny animations, actions, and sounds. This game is more about suggestive humor. New KI is more politically correct vs. old KI. The flavors are different. The new KI has barely any gore if you consider “gore” to be blood on the ground. I would not consider the new KI to be gory. Also what people consider humorous someone else might consider to be just stupid.

I think he just smashes his chest like his taunt? Im going to check it out here in a min on my lunch break. i always play KI when i go home for lunch…and Im usually late getting back LOL

Didn’t S1 have that?

Aganos just does his taunt during Stage ultra animation…pounds his chest. Not sure what the OP is talking about as out of character.

I agree completely with the point of your post. I just have to point out that KI 2013 has TONS of blood on the ground. It’s not all gloppy like the original but it is flying everywhere in the game. We are just all desensitized to the point where we ignore it. But go play a match against Riptor with her purple blood and look on the ground. It’s a mess.

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Oh, maybe I misunderstood him. I thought he said that Thunder and Glacius were out of character in terms of stage ultra win poses. I thought I brought up Aganos’ stage because that’s where I saw Glacius do his stage ultra win pose, but if I’m completely misunderstanding here, and he said something specifically about Aganos, then my bad.

yeah he listed all 3…But honestly I was never replying to what you had said , I was replying to what he had said…prob just came after your initial post. Im pretty much in agreement with you.

But anyway…here it is…

(stage ultra win poses, taunts like kan-ra’s, aganos’s, glacius and thunder)

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Not for me, no. I love the new KI’s visuals, but it’s not what “I” expected. YMMV.

The stage ultras aren’t “comedy” they’re just poorly animated. It looks funny because they weren’t done all that well, not because they’re infusing the season with jokes. Season one had its fair share of stupid goofy stuff as well, Jazzersize Orchid and Jago’s Voltron outfit are both goofy as hell. To me the entire game is still the same tone, there’s no big difference. Season one was never a dark brooding horror game, at least in my opinion.

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Well Aria’s is fine and referenced the old games.

I didn’t mean it’s exactly the same as the original KI; however, it seems to me that ever since S2 came along, the entire game has gotten brighter.

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