KI's future

Now I understand that KI has always been half horror/serious and half comedic but is KI headed towards the wrong direction?

Season 1 - More seriousness, some horror and little to no comedy.

Season 2 - A lot more comedy and little to no seriousness or horror. (I.E. some stage ultras like kan-ra’s and aria’s, stage ultra win poses, taunts like kan-ra’s, aganos’s, glacius and thunder… the latter 2 which are completely out of character, riptor’s cheerleader outfit and so on)

Season 3 - ???

Has KI been ruined in terms of overall atmosphere/ambiance? In which direction should season 3 head towards? In my opinion, it should be more like classic KI, a balanced mix of seriousness, horror and comedy… not more of one and less of the other.


I dont think the atmosphere has been ruined. The KI universe its bigger and more diverse than ever

I can only be happier when Gargos and Eyedol are playable

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I do not think KI 2013 is any more cartoony than KI2. In fact I think in some aspects this new KI is more of a spiritual successor to KI2 than of the oiginal KI.

However, the original KI1 remains unique and while I have come to love the visuals of the new KI and feel like it’s a worthy sequel, I’d still like someday to see a KI sequel with the dark, cyberpunk, crude lightning visuals the first one had. You know, Red, purple, steel, stormy, gloomy and all those things we nostalgics always say.

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Man, we have become THAT people.

“In the old good times, we had no tv or videogames and we never get bored!!”
“In the old good times, you were scared when playing resident evil!!”
“In the old good times, KI was more dark!!”

Dude, I feel old now xD


I dont see where anything has changed except the addition of Rash.
The win poses, taunts, ect… are all the same from S1 to S2…I dont see a difference in the two.

The only comedic difference to me is Rash, and maybe Cinders personality. But if you read the comics then he is acting exactly how he does in the comics…hell they all act like that in the comics.

I wish it was straight up serious and horror themed…but that’s not for everyone, and this game must be accessible to everyone, other wise it would be like Norwegian Black Metal…an acquired taste and very underground. ANd if that happened…well, we wouldn’t have a game to play.


This is approximately the millionth thread on this subject, counting all the iterations of the forum. I doubt we will get any new opinions.

My opinion is unchanged. I don’t see how people can look at the original KI and not see the humor. I think a lot of the perceived difference in tone has more to do with the difference in the age of the players at the time of release than real differences in the game.

The game is not currently overly goofy or filled with comedy. It is not ruined, nor is it likely to be ruined by any future updates that are not grim or dark enough.


Agreed! I think the game is near perfect as is.

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“KI1 was darker”

Jago’s car and every character jawdropping and getting their eyes out when orchid “shows her true self” says hi

Not gonna speak about spinal or eyedol endings…


I don’t know about anyone else, but I have always found Jago’s hair to be goofy.

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it has to be a tension in the air since Gargos will be wiping humanity from the world.
The “we are doomed” feeling must prevail.

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One thing to keep in mind is that we don’t really look at KI through a seasons lens when it comes to things like this, we tend to look at it holistically.

So S1+S2+S3 (to this point) should present you a nice mix when taken together – some elements serious, some dark, some silly.

There are certainly characters that easily lend themselves to a specific aspect, so we tend to put more emphasis on that aspect for that character when the opportunity arises.


Man it must be something to go home at the end of the day and know you are the creative director of Killer instinct… brag to your family and friends…“yeah, ahhh I make Killer Instinct…thats what I do!”

I bet you can barely sleep at night thinking of all the things that can be done, need to be done, and things to keep us crazy fans happy.

Its got to be a tough job somewhat…but also really satisfying and enjoyable.

Keep it going man… I know for myself…its all I do, work, play KI, sleep… all around taking care of my family anyways. KI 4LIFE!!

This again…

KI is a mixture of the dark/serious stuff and the humor. It was in the classic games, it was in season one, it was in season two, and it will in season three as well.

Have to disagree with OP on season one though. Season one had voltron Jago. It had tree Glacius. Cowgirl Orchid and so on and so on. There will always be some humorous aspects, even if they change where you’ll find them from one game or one season to the next.


Pretty sure he has other games to look after as well. I think his twitter account has Recore as the banner.

I don’t think any of you understood what I said. I never said that KI didn’t have humor, I said original KI had a perfect mix of seriousness and comedy. As for the accessories of season 1, they weren’t really comedic compared to the S2 accessories. The stage ultra win poses for glacius and thunder are out of character.

I was talking specifically about their stage ultra win poses, not taunts.

KI shouldn’t be completely serious and horror themed, it should be a mix of those two and humor, read my OP again.

Then you haven’t been playing KI.

Yes it was darker, but it was mixed with humor. Read my OP again carefully.

Those aren’t really comedic.

And neither am I saying that about the seasons.

+1 this is what I’m talking about. At least you understood my point Adam and that’s what matters.

You’re right. Anyone with a different opinion than you clearly has not been playing the game. This is the kind of obnoxious ■■■■-wad comment that really improves the community. Congratulations.


Go troll somewhere else, I already reported you.

This topic has been done to death but I know you recently just re-joined so maybe you missed it Idk…

I like Ki the way it is now. It’s pretty much the perfect game. Any further changes are welcome too me of course. But they have to be within reason… Making it too gritty would be weird but unheard of. Making it too silly is in the same boat.

A Balance example is Rash’s inclusion in Ki. He fits right in like jason fits in MK. I think it’s his smile IDK.

Silly design but he is from a killer action game.

Idk what they have in store I just want tusk to have beard Like Ultra Odinson from ultra arcade.