Kim Wu's Face

looooll it seem like she eats too much Donuts ahahhahahahahha :joy::joy:

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Kim Wu looks great! :grinning:


shes great anyway but nope from all faces sides

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aww c’mon folks, this is an easy fix for ig to do.


I’m sorry, I thought this was a public forum and everyone was entitled to an opinion. Thank you for the enlightening and thought provoking response.

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Well, you can’t please everyone. Hopefully when Tusk is released, he has no face, so people can’t complain about his face…

That looks good. :grin:


we need Eyedol’s faceless and Gargos’s faceless!


There’s a lot of people on here dismissing face complainants saying it isn’t important but it really is for attracting gamers to play characters. A good example of that is Max, yesterday he said onstream he wasn’t interested enough to main Ken because he didn’t like his face even though that was one of his favorites in past games. It means a lot to players so don’t be quick to dismiss the issue.


I pretty sure they’re not saying that “faces don’t matter” rather they’re saying “you cant please every one”

Like I have always said, don’t underestimate the power of art direction and graphics. When it comes to fighting games, they might have a bigger impact than gameplay for many people.


Well, not to be too contrary, but he’s also claimed a number of times he also didn’t like how Ken has constantly had his gameplan nerfed into the ground while the rest of the cast around him seemed to only get stronger. Ken’s best tools, in Max’s opinion, were constantly getting worse, and at a certain point, the work you had to put in to win with Ken became too great, and the fun factor of playing the character was gone.

I’m inclined to believe art and graphics are a fairly big driving point, but they aren’t everything. It’s all about perspective. Some people will prefer function over aesthetics, while some will enjoy the opposite.

Agreed. Kan Ra is the best looking character in season 2 in my personal opinion but I hate how he plays so I don’t play him.

After seeing these pictures of Kim Wu’s face being different in almost all of them, she has the most inconsistent face I’ve ever seen lol

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This. Is. Genius!


Nah I thinknOrchid won that.

Did you ever see the picture of Orchid in the fIrst DH select ribbon Omg it was like a picture of the witch in Snow White cartoon.

Her weight was questionable in her first iteration
Her 2nd face had criticism in the redone victory animation
Her 3rd face got the lemonade sour lip expression
Her 4th face has an enlarged mouth in her intro
’ targeth schpottedthhh’

At least Orchid has a good-looking face now. ^^
I’m sure DH will make Kim Wu’s face look good too.


No, I was new at the time. I only joined the forums in late 2014 and even though I bought KI back in 2013, I didn’t noticed her constant change at the time.

She went through so many changes- at that time I questioned the animators ability to animate faces as all we saw were masks or creature ‘mouths’

I know the new designers are
On the right path.

Kim looks good- don’t know when the next human is coming… Wonder if the same person who designed and animated Maya is the person who is going to do Tusk?

IG!!! Not DH! XD
Sorry, that slipped. I meant Iron Galaxy, of course…

Huh, What a way to get back at the whiners of faces.

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