Feelings about Tusk's new face: Poll

Lol I love his new face, looks like Maximiliandood on steroids.

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I don’t thin it’s finished, however its still obvious how its supposed to look. I like the new look.

They need to make his eyes softer of disdain like a guy who has faced 10000 battles before and like just doesn’t care anymore not like he is struggling.

Can’t say it doesn’t need work. Though I will say I like the direction they took.

I think they’re just showing too much teeth. Maybe not open his mouth all the way?

Think the face still needs work.

1st pic before meth 2nd pic after meth lol.

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I’m not super happy with his face but I wasn’t in KI2 either. He looked way too ■■■■■■■ pretty for a barb.

Hope they’ll figure out something to make Tusk’s face like…



I’'m not disappointed, but had hoped they would put some more detail into his face since in KI2 he had those dark markings around his eyes and such. I would’ve liked that for his main as well in this one.

But other than that, I am pretty satisfied with how Tusk turned out.

Also, I always thought Tusk was considered a joke in the KI community, only known for his DAH and for being a Conan “rip-off”… so to see that many have chosen the “I’ve always loved Tusk” option is rather surprising.

I’m not sure what it is about his face. At first I thought his teeth were too dark around the edges. Then I thought it might be his eyes, they seemed too wide open during his intro.

After seeing the adjustments they made to Kim Wu’s outro animation, I think it could just be that what they showed us of Tusk didn’t have as many inbetween frames of animation as the finished product will have come 29th.

I would have expected some lines around his eyes and some rough texture to give off the leatheriness his skin should have IMO.

As for his voice, it seemed kind of fine to me. Quite He-Manish, I suppose heroic, rather than brutal and rough like what I was expecting. All in all, I don’t mind his voice. After a few hundred/thousand years you can go through a lot of changes, so he could be at a stage where he’s not all grim and rough.

Think of him as a swashbuckling hero now, rather than some head-hunting maniac. How else is he meant to woo Maya? Beat her over the head and drag her off? Nah, he’s got chat now.

why your options are so yolo?

I’d hate to say that I guessed the community wouldn’t like Tusk’s face, but…


No offense to Tusk fans but I didn’t like original design of Tusk. It wasn’t bland or anything wrong with the design, it just didn’t hit me of interest that’s all.

Despite looking like a typical Viking, I actually like it, I mean it fits him…for me anyways. Now the face obviously needs some work. The only problem I see is how massive and popped like his eyes are. He seriously look like a mad man…or maybe that on purpose…ILLUMINATE CONF-but seriously, that’s pretty much his only problem in terms of his design.



As we’ve seen, the character is still in production. The build at the Xbox event didn’t have the close up cutscene when he activated instinct so all we know is that he’s just playable and they’re still working on the character.

Kim’s look got better after the lighting was complete, so I think this is no different. Give it time.

While it’s a stretch, are you sure you guys are criticizing the animation of his winning sequence or is it actually his face? The former seem corny at first but that was subside with time.

I’m pleasantly surprised with how Tusk turned out. He’s much more impressive in my opinion than I’d imagined him.

Didn’t this same sort of thing happen any time a character’s redesign was different from the original? Cinder, Jago, Glacius, Orchid, Maya, Riptor, Spinal, Kim Wu… All of their standard outfits are quite different from the original design, but generally the retro is close enough to the old ones to hit the same note (some are even nearly exact, like Spinal and Cinder). I think it’s best to simply wait for the Retro costume before we start casting the “it’s different and therefore ruined” judgement.

I wonder if it’s the die hard fans of a given character who get bothered by redesign. I’ve loved KI since the 90s, and none of the redesigns you mentioned bothered me at all. I thought they were all well done. Tusk is the first one ever to upset me. He has always been my favorite KI character.

I didn’t have a specific idea of what new Tusk should look like. I was very open minded. A somewhat ugly, elderly dude completely blindsided me. And I’m not talking about the lack of polish. His aged and pale complexion are 100% what I have a problem with. Nothing more. The face doesn’t really match the body, in my opinion.