Kim Wu with a bit of K-Pop

A good example is Orchid herself. I don’t how many times I have to say it, her pop them and many of the original themes of the characters were far and away anything common in a fighting game. It’s not hard to see that any type of music can be crafted to be in a fighting game when you look at the vast amount of music genres in fighting games like MvC, MK, SF, and KI. Kpop is just pop but Korean, there isn’t much of a difference besides the language and denying Kpop would be denying pop and orchids theme.

Again as for the links for her college talk with Adam it was a long time ago. You think he just brought up recently out of no where but he has talked about it before. Just look at the Kim Wuu forums, people on there also talk about her college background and her being a fashion major. Adam has talked about the subject before and these guys are proof just look at the date of the posts. It’s old news dude. She is posed to be a very free and forward looking student which is why Kpop doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for someone like her who is all deep into fashion trends.

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