Kim Wu with a bit of K-Pop

I’m new here.

Kim Wu coming back is great, including with her new updated nunchucks and all.

Is there a way to give Kim Wu a k-pop vibe?

Revengeance… Long Time no see… :confused:


the “kawaii Asian girl is Kawaii” trope is borderline racist.

Just make her a ninja/kung fu style and it will be all fine.

Noooooooo!!! Why K-pop?? Maybe for accessories, but for the main design NOOOOO!!

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Please DO NOT! That is much too far from the essence of her character.


First day of the new forums and we already have the return of people asking for universally hated ideas.

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Kim Wu = “Female Bruce Lee” Girl
Kim Wu = Cute Pretty Innocent K-POP Girl


I’d rather see her be a badass konuochi or something along those lines, but that’s just me.

Once again, K-pop would go well as an alt since it makes sense that she’s from Korea. Just don’t see her wearing it as a default costume… ^^;


If by K-pop you mean similar to chloe off tekken 7 then NO! sexy ninja > K-pop

K-Pop, huh. Maybe as an alternate outfit, but I kinda cringe at the idea of seeing Kim Wu doing a parapara dance or whatever they call those weird coreographed dances in Korea.

This thread and topic pops up way too often. It’s kinda like beating a dead horse. You can only ask the same people so many times about giving Kim Wu a K-pop vibe. Aside from that, it also seems that K-pop is being confused with J-pop. It’s not the cutesy/bubble gum look you all seem to think it is. Some of it can be a lil extravagant, but it is just fashion close to our own. I think this all stemmed from them saying she will be in college for fashion design, and that she is Korean. Some put it together as K-pop and ran with it, like wanting her to be a K-pop star. None of that for me. I like that she is in college for fashion design though. She could incorporate some K-pop fashion into her design is what I agreed with before. Not over the top or an extravagant design, just incorporate some fashion, as she is a fashion designer. I like the dynamic this could bring up. Kim Wu trying to juggle her love for fashion and being a normal girl, and the responsibility of keeping the dragon spirit. Just because she likes fashion and being a girl doesn’t mean she couldn’t be bad-■■■ and take her training and exercise seriously.

Hmmm personally Im not big on the whole College student who studies fashion design thing imo since I feel it completely throws off who Kim is… :confused: Now that she’s confirmed, there’s a pretty good chance her profile can change completely since Adam did mention it’s a very very early concept while her early profile was combined/suggested from different folks on the forum (me included). I’m pretty sure they’ve came up with a much better concept for her in the long run :smile:

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K-pop is not necessarily Kim. K-hop may be a bit more… accurate?

While that will likely send people off with their hair on fire, I’ll say that Kim has a bit more edge than bubblegum to her. K-pop goes all over the place (very broad category, really), but it leans towards bubblegum.


What does this mean, Kim Wu style is Hip Hop?


K hop eh? thinks Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

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K-hop is very Grunge’ish I like it :wink:

[quote=“TempusChaoti, post:15, topic:223, full:true”]
…I’ll say that Kim has a bit more edge than bubblegum to her. [/quote]

Thank goodness. I was just telling my wife the other day how much I had hoped you all weren’t going to make her a “bubblegum nightmare” (exact words). In my opinion, a member of 2NE1 with nunchaku just wouldn’t work on the KI level, and I think that Rash has injected a sufficient amount of levity into the franchise without having to carry any of it on Kim’s back.

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Well what I meant for Kim Wu giving her a k-pop vibe, don’t mean aegyo bubblegum and all. Not like that Lucky Chloe.

I mean look at 2NE1, they’re on edge.

Plus with Maya lookin’ Beyonce, Kim Wu would be modeled by one of K-pop’s famous female artists. Look’em up and see if they can fit her.

I wouldn’t mind her getting an alternate costume k-pop inspired. But if only her stage music can be mixed with that genre.