Kim Wu with a bit of K-Pop

I wouldn’t mind. It would give her some much needed personality.

As long as its not too airheadish & it doesn’t affect her moveset.

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Found this ref a few months back while I was working on some fan concepts since the first thing that came to mind was Kim. Guess this also has some edge in this pic as well I think. heh

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Chun-Li From The SF Movie? :no_mouth:

Never really want Kim to keep her Korean origins in the new game… traditional Chinese outfit is the best for her for my taste

I’d like her to be more traditional martial artist with a hint of assassin, I think K-pop can be an accessory though.

I think the fashion designer is pretty kool. Kpop accessories but not as default design.

Well Kpop is a big thing in Korea and I wouldnt mind seeing an alt costume like Ahri has. Kpop doesn’t have to be bubble gum if you watch some of that. Would be a nice homage to see modern Korean culture in Kim Wuu.

Well the problem here is that a lot of you are forgetting one crucial fact. Kim is not Korean, she’s half Korean half Chinese. So that’s why kpop won’t work, bubblegum or not, because it completely undermines and ignores her Chinese heritage. They need something that expresses both sides of her heritage equally which is why I’m in favor of the idea of her being a fashion designer. I can’t think of a better way to do so. Kpop having an influence on Korean fashion, of course it can be an accessory, but not her actual theme.

LOL! Not sure why but that made me laugh harder than it should have. XD

What is edge and bubblegum?

To me having an Edge is being a bit dark, gritty and having a bit of angst while Bubblegum is upbeat, colourful, cute and marketing it more for pre-teens and kids rather than adults.


Yep, he pretty much nailed it.


And those are really good definitions that he came up with too :wink:

I think i’m getting an idea what I would do for my final fan attempt.(Loving the results so far) Hope you fellas at MS/IG don’t mind tho haha


This is edgy

Go for it. Kim’s new look is already done / defined, so I can’t guarantee your version will look anything like what she now looks like, but you never know?

You’re certainly creative, so maybe you’ll hit along the lines that we did.


Where I come from, and in my opinion, tossing on some hot-topic style gear and making a sour face doesn’t qualify for edgy. But I can’t expect my experiences and perceptions to mirror any one elses, and I respect that this is what you perceive to be edgy.

In an unrelated note, I’d really like to see a female fighter that’s somewhere between “shady” and “street-wise”. Not that I’m saying it’s right for Ms. Wu, just saying I’d like to see it.


Oh shnap, can’t wait~!!

Big thanks too Adam :relaxed:

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Wow. Very Interesting…Now, I’m really perplexed at what Kim’s final design is. Edgy huh? Why can it not be March already? Lol


Can’t wait to see, I hope they did justice to her like how they made current Jago look really cool and not comical looking.

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