Kim Wu still a guardian?

Does anyone remember about Adam saying about Kim Wu being a “college student”?

Hope she can still be a “guardian”. Especially using the power of a dragon spirit.

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I think that was still an early story concept, hence why he mentioned it was a subject to change

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Why yes, but of course Kim Wu WILL STILL be the Dragon Guardian in KI Season 3 as it is clearly evident by her all-new dragon/dragon-style nunchaku that was teased/revealed at the end of Rash’s official trailer. And don’t you worry about that too :wink: :smile: :sunglasses:

It is likely that her entire backstory will be reworked.

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A guardian can’t go to college?


Guessing Kim Wu’s going to be more warrior and less school girl if that’s what people are worried about. More modern Nariko, less Ling Xiaoyu, but that’s just my guess.

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Having never played Heavenly Sword, I had to look up Nariko. I could see the comparison. My thought was based on Xingcai from Dynasty Warriors, but with nunchaku.

Wu the Lotus Blossom…?

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I still love the fashion design college student idea. Why cant a girl like what she likes and pursue her dreams, and still be a badass. The answer is, she can.

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Yes, in fact it’s so 90’s.

“Group of teenage students has mystic powers and has to save the world weekly while still being back in time for the History lesson”

Maya Fallegeros the latin girl
Kim Wu the asian computer nerd
Jago the karate obsessed american
Orchid the sassy elder sister
TJ Garrett the skateboarding afroamerican

The principal of the school is actually Kan-Ra in disguise.

Teenage guardians: Learn and combo ®



UGH hope this isnt as lazy as it sounds! college? How can Kim go form being undefeated master of all weapons to a college girl…

where are all the powerful women here lol.


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You know, @TempusChaoti didn’t specify WHAT college she is going to. For all we know, she could be going to a Kung Fu College, training her body and mind. Not just what our brain thinks of college.

Think outside the box guys. :slight_smile:


When was the college student idea referenced? I personally hope that doesn’t happen. Kim always had a great story behind her, being a descendant of the legendary Samurai responsible for bringing Gargos down, she was raised to be the peoples Guardian, which implies that not only does her skill and power run in her blood line, but that she lived and breathed combat since her childhood. She was empowered by those that did the impossible and put Gargos to rest. This implies that they would have passed not only traditional combat techniques but secret/advanced/even mystical powers throughout her life, and she respects the knowledge and power knowing that she one day would be the Guardian of her people properly.

This was always and still is an excellent backstory, its just plain bad ■■■!

Too many fighting games go down the stereotypical route of “Asian Schoolgirl” fighters.

With a lot of the characters stories/looks reworked in imaginative ways, it would be a shame to see her get such a generic and typical story arch. We all just want the same level of care/uniqueness put into her story arch as the rest of the cast (even better seeing how the story is becoming more and more a big part of the game.)


Right, and this is still possible, but can you really be The Descendant of The Guardians who locked Gargos away and not get tracked? Think about it. If Kim Wu seriously had all this power, she’d have to hide it from the public, and away from sight. If someone like ARIA found that out, she could have been used as a Mind-Controlled Puppet, like our Poor Rock Golem. So, hiding herself within society to mask who she truly is, makes for a good backstory no? So Posing as a college student would be a great cover up without anyone knowing who she is. The would just think of her as another student. Right? That in a way makes her more Badass!

(Speculation ftw)

IG has delivered in that department very well in S2, so I can only imagine it getting TONS better in S3. :slight_smile:


Isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Super traditional tibete/Buddhist monks with their traditional attire go to my college and I live in a city in southern California.

Having a great cover while wielding all that power is cool, but the point I am making is there many many many ways she could hide that part of her, however itd be a shame to see ANOTHER female Asian character take the easy way out as a school girl.

I totally agree with you that IG has delivered with S2, which is why I am voicing my concern, I mean look at the Maya redesign, they took her to another level! Just hope Kim gets the same amount of care!

Trust me, I am a die hard KI fan, I still play on an almost daily basis, I suppose that with news and footage around the corner, I am starting to get real excited again and just wanted to put my two cents in.


Oh cris you do make me feel better lol.

Im just being devils advocate.

I dont want kim to be a student i want her to SCHOOL the class when it comes to arts.

From the look of her nunchucks maybes shes still in training in her tribe… i could deal with that… but full on asian school girl id find hard to swallow.

Anyway its not up to me but thats ny point of view

I LOVE KIM soooo much and i loved how in the lore she was the one who was looked to as the undefeated champion


It would be ironic to take maya from a huge stereotype to then swap it with another (the asian school girl) lol thats just a bit more acceptable at this point in time.

I have full faith in kim and IG. I think this is all bluf… as her music is still “very kim” and her nunchuncks are also so traditional. This paints a similar picture of one before but maybe with more studying and less arrogance.

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In fact in the old forums, Kim was said to be a fashion designer by Tempuschaoti