Kim Wu still a guardian?

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So, it’s only cool if she pretends to go to college as a cover?

That sucks. She can still be a kick-■■■ guardian, as well as go to college. That is fleshing out her story, giving her a little more substance than just being a guardian. Some of you think that she is going to be like a japanese schoolgirl. She is going to college for fashion design, which we don’t even know where she is attending. It is just a facet of her character, it doesn’t revolve around it.

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Lol we could do all that…

Or we could just make kim part of a unfounded village somewhere. A race hidden from the world with the power of the dragon.

Bit like the inhimans or iron fists people. Up high somewhere in remove mountains a world uneffected by technology but saturated with the finest kung fu :blush:

She could have been studying her whole life how to defeat a titan (party due to her blood line). That kinda education id be great with.

I dont even mind if she skips out like a ninja and slays demons now and then.

But a full blow buffy the vampire slayer school girl might… WAAAHH i dunno!

Im sure she will be my favorite any how! It’s hard to reboot a character. Like drastically

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