Kim Wu Guessing Game

Hello everybody!

With Kim Wu confirmed, we have to wait a reveal to see her new design and moveset, but that is not going to remove the fun for us!

In the past forums this was a common practice with new characters, so let’s keep it with S3 too.

These are my suggestions to guess about Kim:

-Stage and stage ultra
-Combo trait
-Trailer end teaser


My bet:

-Apparence: Kim retains her redhead hair and purple clothes, yet more contemporary, along her trademark nunchucks. She it’s the younger of the cast(Older than Hisako when she was alive, not currently), around hers 20. She is smaller than Sadira and Orchid, but taller than Hisako. Her taunt consists in moving really fast her nunchucks around her.

-Stage: A modern city, partially destroyed and with portals of the upcoming Gargos invasion. Forces of Ultratech are firing against the portals(similar to Riptor’s). In the stage ultra, the character gets knocked in front of a portal, and an artillery missile destroys a nearby statue, collapsing over the portal and smashing under it the character.

-Combo trait: Speedy doubles: Each time Kim performs any linker, her next double will be performed faster. After 3 links, her heavy auto dobles goes as fast as a medium, her medium as a light, and her light as a light manual.

-Dragon kicks: Kim jumps and performs a barrage of kicks in the air. Acts as a DP. Can be used in the air with three angles(forward, down forward, stops in the air). Damage ender, airborne version can work as opener
-Dragon rekkas: Kim performs a serie of rekkas with her nunchucks. Can act as opener. Carry linker-wall splat ender. Deals a lot chip during instinct
-Dragon breath: Kim smashes her nunchucks, creating a big flame. Destroys fireballs, absorbing them and increasing Kim’s instinct. Short range, but very positive on block, combo opener/battery ender.

Her walkspeed and dashes are very fast, making her a good footsies character, but has shorter range than orchid in most of her attacks.

-Instinct: The spirit of the Dragon infuses Kim. Her nunchuck now deals fire damage, gaining range and chip damage in her punch normals, dragon rekkas and dragon breath. Well timed normals nullifies projectiles and refills instinct a bit

-Lore: As a young student, Kim Wu never expected to be the chosen of the Spirit of the Dragon, one of ancient Earth spirits, along the Eagle, the Tiger and the Jaguar, among others. The threat of Gargos awakens her powers, and now she must fight against the forces of evil.

-Trailer teaser: It’s soon to see already Tusk, Gargos or Eyedol, my bet it’s a new character

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Hard to disappoint you then :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a given. If Kim Wu didn’t have red hair, the govt would probably shut down for a day from the riots lol!


Aww yeah, another one of the classic guessing game threads :sunglasses:
I’ll throw in my 2 cents.

Appearance: The redhead returns! Our fiery Korean warrior girl is back, with hints at both traditional garb and more modern aesthetics. A classic martial arts uniform somewhere in between a training gi and Bruce Lee/Kill Bill style attire, albeit far more decorative. I also expect her to be short and lean, but really well toned.
Taunt should be Bruce Lee style. Juggling her nunchaku before dropping into stance and making a finger motion to “come get some”…preferably with an occasional Duke Nukem voice over :stuck_out_tongue:

Fighting Style: Somewhere between Jago and Orchid. A balanced moveset with a lot of flexibility, but leaning more towards rushdown. Her combos are fast and easy to open, with unrelenting pressure. Kimu Wu’s strategy? Don’t stop pushing.

Ultra/Ender: Twirling nunchucks and spinning kicks abound, ending in a massive, explosive fire flower filled with vibrant colors. Rhythm may emulate the beat of her classic theme.

Theme/Stage: I have a few ideas for this one…
-A martial arts studio overlooking a distinctly Asian landscape, of either urban or natural setting.
-Classic stage. Tower in the bamboo laden hills.
As for her theme? Classic all the way, especially based on her teaser. I’m guessing that it will receive a similar treatment to Jago, but with more of a techno edge instead of metal. A mix between the sound of classic Korean music and modern K-Pop with that distinct Killer Instinct edge.

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  • Appearance
    • No idea.
  • Stage and stage ultra
    • No stage ultra. I’m guessing her stage will be like Jago’s with dragons so no stage ultra.
  • Combo trait
    • Air Combos
      • Everything from Air Doubles, to Air Linkers, to Air Enders. No Air Manuals.
  • Moveset
    • She’ll still have a roll that lets her go through the opponent.
    • She’ll need a launcher if she is to have Air Combos.
    • Better nunchucks move. I don’t know what. Just something better than what she had in KI2.
    • Good walkspeed. Something akin to Orchid.
  • Instinct
    • The ability to double, or triple jump and jump cancel any air attack with those jumps. Something akin to Sadira Instinct cancels only in the air. This could be used for things like double cross-ups and maybe extending Air Doubles like Sadira does.
  • Lore
    • As Gargos draws near, Kim Wu can hear the calling of her ancestors telling her to fight back as their guardian. One of them could be the old Kim Wu as the guardian before this Kim Wu which would be really cool IMO. It would be like the Kung Lao scenario.
  • Trailer end teaser
    • New character

How can it be that people with such imagination as @GalacticGeek or @OlafBludhaven, and Kim Wu fans as @KIFANATIC8488, @Hotsumari, @RTA07 or @WandaMaximoff haven’t posted their ideas!!



It’s simple really - when I played KI way back in the day, Kim Wu wasn’t in it, so I know next to nothing about her to really add something. At best, I only know she wields the same weapons as 1 of the TMNT and has red hair - beyond that… Meh…

More than anything, I’m just waiting to see what IG does with her.


I’d say that makes you the perfect candidate for an outside perspective. Since you don’t have a lot of prior connection with the character, you can look at it as if it were a brand new character and throw in ideas that might not get thrown around by her fans. :0


Sorry @dayv0 just seen this ill be back with comments shortly <3


…and in doing so, I may end up looking like a fool or crazy to those who are fans of the girl. No thanks. Frankly, as long as she does really, really cool stuff with her weapons, I’ll be satisfied.


[quote=“swordman09, post:7, topic:1324, full:true”]

I do like the idea of her still wearing some sort of garb that is reminiscent of her training in an old temple or something like that. But maybe that could be her classic skin…maybe the modern Kim could wear something more like college student or like the business suits for women that they wear in Japan/Korea (sorry don’t know too much about Korean dress styles).

Stage and stage ultra:

I think a stage that has her Dojo in the background or even fight inside the Dojo would be better. We really don’t have a stage like that yet. Something simular to the Dojo stage from Tekken 5, all wood interior with the Dragon Spirit statues in each corner and a big one in the middle. For a stage ultra, have the dragon spirit statue in the middle “come to life” and eat the opponent then fly away(obviously, the dragon just swallows the other player, no biting in half or anything like that) Maybe the character can try to hold off the dragon as it’s trying to eat them and then tosses them in the air and swallows them.

Combo trait:

By utilizing her roll, she can use it to delay hits changing the timing of auto-doubles and being able mid combo to adjust sides without dropping the combo. This could be done with her grab motion or by hitting all three punches, and then all three kicks could have her do the roll animation but stay on the same side, but still delaying the auto-double timing (something tells me people will think this is pretty weak…sorry I really don’t have a good idea on this one)


I think that she’ll have a heavy influence of kicks and attacks with her nun-chukkas. I could see her getting a rekka because like fei-long in SF, he had them as well I believe. I could see her style being simlar to his with a flip kick to get over projectiles. I think maybe she could have a move where if she doesn’t have a fireball, that she could use her nun-chukkas to absorb or even reflect projectiles back at her opponent. I also like the idea of her having her roll which could then be special cancelled into a DP.

Instinct: I don’t think anyone has gained a shadow as of yet. So for kim, the Dragon Spirit creates a doppleganger that follows behind Kim and mimics all her moves. So doubling all her hits. While in combo, all her doubles hit twice, but the animations stay the same, but they can do extra hit stun there by making manuals much easier while in instinct mode.

Lore: Kim has been trained since she could remember for taking over for her Dojo master for taking on Gargos when that day comes. When the portals open, Omen sensing his masters return and knowing that the purpose of the Dojo’s history was the same group that sealed his master in the past, goes on a preemptive attack and kills all those who train in the Dragon Spirit Dojo. Kim being away at college, was spared but comes back to see all her family killed. Her Dojo masters last words tell her that Gargos’ forces were behind this and that she is the last line of defense. With that, she takes her Masters Dragon spirit Nun-Chukkas (which I think have three parts to it based on the Rash Trailer) and sets off on a quest to stop Gargos.

Trailer end teaser: Trailer might be a super teaser of all those who are to come in S3 with silhouettes of all the cast members to come if one hasn’t been done before. Otherwise I’d agree, it will probably be a new character, BUT I think that IG will not release them one month at a time and more like S1 where there were a bunch at once, since S3 doesn’t drop until March, so they might do something totally new that we haven’t seen before.


@Dayv0 ive done my home work (sorry again) lol


Red hair but longer than the original not too much longer but tied back in a pony tail that comes to the base of her spine. Her hair should look like fire or a red dragon circling her, giving her move drama and flow. It should be fully animated or physics based.

Her cloths should remain similar to original colours but be slightly darker in tone to fit into a more real and gritty world.

This costume would resemble what i think but the top part and dress would be much more classic Kim wu. The front Ghun Li esk part would come down more at the front giving her a more femininity but belts, shoulder, boots, plates and hand straps would be added to create a more functional practical outfit. She will of course adorn emblems of the dragon some will be golden.

For me Kim is the ultimate warrior. Kim wu can use any weapon to a top standard this should be reflected in what she wears. Even if she only uses a nun-chuck in the game she should have functional dress to wield bows, swords, spears etc.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/7/7064bf14e6834697bc72512496b78779eb7ebddb.png" width=“346”

Stage and stage ultra

Kims stage is closely linked to her story. Her village street or mountain temple is hidden far far away from a technologically rich world thats filled will consumerism, war and status. Unlike Jagos this temple isn’t desolate and abandoned. Its a thriving city full of ancient blood lines, customs and martial arts based around the power of the dragon.

Kims hidden village is tucked away upon the highest mounting and is protected with the spirit of the daragon. Surrounded in fog a Bermuda triangle if you will and one of the most unexplored places on earth. The city is untouched pure and spiritual but fully aware of the modern world.

Parts of the city is destroyed left in ruin from a battle with ancients titans 1000s of years ago. Kept as memorial to the dead and the great warriors who defeated the evil that wished to destroy the dragon clan many years ago.

Her stage during a ultra combo should change seasons, from summer to autumn or form autumn to winter. Kims land is surrounded by energy and sprit powers so the effects of the fight and Chi used could even turn the trees red like the scene from Hero. It should be evident that although Kims world looks like what we know from ancient china that there is more than what meets the eyes. This is a magical specially civilisation that has gone the opposite direction to technology.

Combo trait

I agree with the above air combos would be amazing! But possibly the ability to combo from fireballs. So chain 2 multi hits (like sadiras mk in the air) in the air into a air fireball downwards to a ground bounce into another combo.

So in essence the ability to take the opponent out the air and into a full combo on the ground. Possibly the ability to knock someone up in the air mid combo and then bring them back down. Possibly using Medium splits kick.

So ground to air and air to ground like a dragon powerful in both situations.

Move set

Keep her original move set:

Tornado Kick: double hit

Firecracker: triple with a high and low variation like Orchid

Split Kick: avoids fireballs

Fireflower: battery ender

Air Fire: high medium low. think jago but in the air (low Damage) hard version should stun for possible role combo.

Air Torpedo: should be able to combo from with an ground bounce think Sadiras widows bite but a full on floor combo.
Roll: forward only the reverse of cinders.

Reverse Throw: should be able to propel the oponent into the air for an air to ground combo.


Dragon sight: Id like her to be able to slow down time but stay at the same speed allowing for moment of unblock-able combos or ways to get in. So you could hold the instinct for a few seconds of Bayonetta witch time. it could last 7 seconds of your choice so you would be allowed to slow your opponent down at certain parts of the combos allowing you go lock them out.

id also like her taunt to be a continuous kung fu dance and meditation giving her more power the long its held. obviously the power would only stay with her if she isnt hit more than 3 times. Dragon sight would allow her to meditate and gain extra straight rather than just open combos.


Kim Wu is the decedent of the elder worrier who lead an army into battle with Gargous and his Omen and Demon army. Kim’s Direct decent sacrificed himself to defeat Gargous and pull them both into limbo saving the world from a rule but Titans and demons.

As the blood line has been passed down so has the enchanted weapons and techniques taught and learnt by them. Each guardian were given the same responsibility, project the City, Destroy Omens the dark sprits aligned to the old king and train to harness the dragons power stronger than the last.

After the first world war with the titans only some civilisations survived but over the 1000s of years that passed humanity grew in its place and with their growing instinct to survive against evil and conquer over each other to become stronger they chose technology rather than push their physical mental and spiritual powers.

Kim Wus Dragon clan shunned world exploration for a life of isolation only branching out to lands within the dragons temples sight and energy.

The dragon temple:

Respecting sprit, soul and chi these ancients segregated themselves from the rest of the world in order to meditate and evolve spiritually. They have become in essence the most pure and deadly warriors that ever existed capable of things otherwise not possible by normal humans.

Undefeated and skilled with every weapon Kim has trained her whole life the same as each of her decedents that have passed but the burden lies with her Gargous has returned and has not forgotten those who banished him.

Kim must fulfil her duty to her homeland and destroy him forever. Limbo is not an option this time around this cycle must end one way or another.


Well here is my pathetic attempt at drawing my own image of Kim Wu.

Short hair, different color red but with a ponytail of some sort which may have a weapon attached to the end.

She not only cuts you with her nunchakus but also with her hair as she spins in circular moves.


looks very much like kitana/mileena/jade with the mask on, and makes her look more like a ninja. Not sure if that was the look you were going for.

I think they’ll give her black hair, but with red highlights. She’ll have the same Korean fighter garb, but with more street/K-Pop/teenager accessories.

Her backstory would be something like a young girl, with a warrior lineage; thats suddenly thrown into a situation where she has to grow up fast & save the world.

Idea for the stage of Kim Wu …
A huge garden with big trees in the background, trees with red leaves, (we’re at) emerge from behind the trees barely peaked roofs of typical Chinese architecture, during the match fall leaves as snowing, at the end of the match and after 'ultra, a strong wind completely bare trees revealing the temple behind, a large building with a golden dragon chained around the structure, and from inside the structure comes out a magical light.


7.8/10 Too much red - IGN

-Appearance: Honestly, I can’t imagine them changing her look too much. I think they’ll modernize her hair style, which looks a wee bit 90’s. Perhaps she’ll have a long braid with some sort of ornate hair tie at the end, so her hair is combed back. No bangs lol. Maaaaaybe they change her hair color from electric Dorito orange to something a bit more natural looking, but maybe not. I think it’d look fine either way.

My guess is that her top looks similar in style, her midriff still bared, but the bottom will likely be more conservative, leaning between a balance of ornate and functional versus what she has now. I can see her with more of a ninja look or an ornate warrior outfit so I suppose they could go either way with this.

Either way, both the top and bottom will be more detailed and textured so that it actually looks like fabric or some sort of armor/fabric hybrid. Maybe she gets some ornate looking items like jewelry for her neck and arms. I could maybe see her having a mask, though that might be more of an alt outfit kind of thing.

-Stage and stage ultra: I’d like to see a variation / modernization of her old arena. The outer balcony of a pagoda with lit fires and rich colors on the floors and a warm, neutral hue for the thin walls. Behind that, would be snowy mountains (much like her last stage), and the sky at sunset, casting pink and purple on the mountains. As the fight goes on, the mountains rumble and a massive avalanche begins falling in the background directly behind the balcony.

Her stage ultra has the opponent knocked off of the balcony, sailing over the edge and down in to the snow. They’re buried up to their shoulders and we get a camera view from behind their head as a large avalanche races toward them. They scream and try to move as the camera pans up above and the snow covers them.

Combo trait: Nunchucks: She can take her nunchucks out by pressing all three punch buttons at once. She has completely different LP-MP-FP.LK-MK-FK autos with her nunchucks out then when they’re not out as well as access to different special moves. Styles can be changed at any time, including in-combo, as LP/MP/LP acts an auto.

Move set:

Unique Moves:

Rolling kick: T-FK, she rolls low on the ground and strikes with a low kick. Opener.

Nunchucks Out: LP-MP-FP at once: Takes out her nunchucks. Same thing puts them away.

Nunchuck Uppercut (Nunchucks Out): B-FP (she smacks the opponent up in to the air with a double back spinning strike of her nunchucks.

Special Moves:

With Nunchucks Out:

-Nunchuck Spin: D/DT/T-K: She spirals through the air at a diagonal angle toward the opponent, smashing them with her nunchucks out. (Opener/Linker-LK/MK, Ender-FK)
—Shadow Nunchuck Spin: Same move, except that her nunchucks are spinning and she jumps twice. (Opener/Linker)
-Nunchuck Throw: LP/LK with nunchucks out: Wraps her nunchucks around opponents neck, flips over them and then flips her opponent over her (forward). Or she wraps her nunchucks around opponents neck and throws them back over her shoulder (back).

Without nunchucks out:
-Firecracker: D/DB/B-P: A burst of light that flashes in front of her. Can be done in mid air. On ground is an opener/linker.
—Shadow Firecracker: Ender-hits low and high multiple times.

  • Fire Flower: D/DF/F-P: A bright blue fireball. Ender.
    —Shadow Fire Flower: A larger fireball that causes more hits. Ender.
    -Counter Punch-Throw: B-B-P: Catches a high punch, kicks next to opponents head, wraps her leg around opponents neck, spins around opponent and pulls their head hard to the ground.

Instinct: Warrior’s Way: Her nunchucks are always out, but she has access to her non-nunchuck specials as well. She also gains a new throw that takes off the combined amount of her normal regular and nunchuck throws.

Gotta run, so no time for full backround, but I’d have her be an assassin from a clan that rivals Sadira, and I’d have her be a good guy, and Sadira’s main rival. She’s joining forces with the good guys, but has alterior motives aimed toward Sadira. I’ll just leave it at that. :grin:

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